Cambridge Family Enjoy Ski Holiday

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge spent the weekend in the French Alps on a skiing holiday with their children. They released a number of wonderful photographs this morning that show Prince George and Princess Charlotte in darling knit wool hats.

7 thoughts on “Cambridge Family Enjoy Ski Holiday

  1. Cute tuques. Puzzled by the goggles as accessory though. Surely the hats come off and the helmets on before they start to ski.

  2. I hope the Cambridge family had a terrific holiday and thanks for sharing these delightful photos. The children look too cute in their knitted hats and ski clothes.

  3. Wow! Prince George resembles his Uncle Harry…and Princess Charlotte looks like her Aunt Pippa! They all look so happy and well; beautiful family.

  4. Be still my beating heart! How utterly adorable! This is the first place I saw this picture and I was so happy to see the Cambridges looking so wonderful together! Thank you!

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