Inventory: Queen Máxima’s Green Hats

While we found a whopping seventeen red hats in Queen Máxima’s hat closet, she is much less prolific when it comes to all things green. So far, this vibrant queen has added just two green hats into her wardrobe:

1. 2.

Designer: both are Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: April 19, 2005; October 25, 2006

UPDATE: Queen Máxima has added several additional green hats since this post was published:

3.Embed from Getty Images   4.Embed from Getty Images   5.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: all are Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: June 26, 2017;  Jan 17, 2018May 23, 2018

6. Embed from Getty Images  7.2019-06-12 Day 1 State visit to Ireland 1 250
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne; unknown
Introduced: June 5, 2018; June 12, 2019

Photos from Patrick van Katwijk via Corbis; Kristian Dowling and Paul Faith/AFP via Getty; Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Máxima’s Green Hats

  1. I like the large hat in a tropical or more casual setting. The “banana leaf” hat seems a bit blah in spite of its dramatic shape. I don’t like the “claw” at all.

  2. Very nice hat!
    I was just wondering how large could be the room In which all Her Majesty’s hats are stored… 😉

  3. Beautiful hat on a beautiful queen. I just cannot stand those Christmas wreaths she is calling earrings.

  4. Queen Máxima rocks green and even looks good in this acid green, which is very hard to wear! The brimmed hat and the vibrant color worked on this trip to the Caribbean but would have looked out of place in the Netherlands. Horses for courses, as they say. There are other times that she has worn green well. I just wish she would wear more green hats.

    • I agree exactly with what TiarasRUs says: March 8, 2016 at 12:18 pm. I was surprised that Queen Máxima has only 2 green hats, when she suits this colour very well.

  5. What about that leaf shaped hat she has worn? Wasn’t that green? It was a fantastic shape, like a large banana leaf as I recall… I could have sworn it was green, but maybe yellow?

    • Good memory! The leaf hat is in pinky-beige straw but Maxima wore it with a vibrant green dress.

      Embed from Getty Images

  6. Queen Máxima wore this light green ensemble on a visit to Australia on the 25th of October 2006.
    I don’t know if you count this as a green hat as wel, it has some green accents on it and it was worn with a light green outfit.

      • What an exquisite dress and coat; the embroidery is phenomenal. The “hat” if it can be called such is definitely not green!

    • On my monitor the basic structure of the headpiece looks white, with green beads on it. So I think I would have to call it a white headpiece. It looks too much like a claw for me to like it. I do like the outfit, with its intricate embroidery. The green color suits this Queen well.

  7. She can really wear almost any colour, including this green, which looks to me in the picture what I’d describe as lime green. Lovely. Bring on more green.

  8. I am biased as green is my favorite color, but it’s such a shame green hats are not really a thing (and not just for royals, but in general). I understand a color like Kelly green can be seen as a bit cartoonish (a.k.a. St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the U.S.), but there are so many other wonderful shades that can be put into hats and outfits. I like this one on Máxima, but I fear green is probably not her favorite color as I don’t recall her wearing much of it at all, and not just in her hats.

  9. I’m surprised too. You’d think Max would have a lot more in this vibrant shade. Shame really, she wears it quite well – I don’t mind these unstructured hats for tropical engagements.

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