Hat From the Past

Royal Hats to twenty-one yeas ago to this day in 1995 which saw Princess Alexandra in a puffy, velvet hat on a visit to a care facility in Wiltshire.

Photos from Getty as indicated

12 thoughts on “Hat From the Past

  1. I don’t like Princess Alexandra of Kent’s very loud, shapeless outfit. Paddington Bear called and he wants his hat back! I am intrigued by the brooch, which looks like a tortoise.

  2. Oh dear, I think I’m really outnumbered but I like her hat and her coat. It appears that it was a rather wet day, and probably cold, which may be why I appreciate her outfit. Also, I am quite short so the big patterned coat Princes Alexandra is wearing would take over my short stature, and I don’t look good in hats, although I would love to wear them. She looks very nice.

  3. Princess Alexandra usually looks so elegant, that I am surprised to see her wearing this large, rather ugly hat and a bulky outfit that looks like it was made out of a blanket! Maybe it was very cold and she wanted something thick, even if that meant bulky? She rarely gets it wrong but this hat and outfit was a miss.

  4. Worn with a black (or possibly a bright blue) skirt, the coat and hat might actually be quite stunning. (Maybe.)

  5. Oh dear! She looks as though she’s wearing a blanket.
    On a totally different matter, your daily posts, HQ, remind me to vote for last month’s hats!

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