Queen And Prince of Wales Celebrate Prince’s Trust

Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales marked the the 40th anniversary of The Prince’s Trust this morning with a visit to The Prince’s Trust Centre in the Kennington neighbourhood of London. For this celebration, the Queen repeated her teardrop shaped hat in royal blue with feather trim around the brim. Today’s outing provided the best look we have seen of this piece- a look, unfortunately, that only deepens my dislike of it. The colour is beautiful on Her Majesty but I’m afraid that the odd hourglass teardrop shape of the too-tall crown is both awkward and unflattering, two things that a royal hat should never be.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: February 3, 2014; November 29, 2013March 28, 2013
So what do you think of this piece, dearest readers? Is my critique overly harsh or do you join me in wishing for this hat’s retirement?
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26 thoughts on “Queen And Prince of Wales Celebrate Prince’s Trust

  1. I find this hat shape quite ugly. For any-one to wear. Colour is fabulous on the Queen. When it comes to colour, except for apricot, E11R can wear the spectrum. I don’t recall her ever in olive green though. I think the morphing of the Queen’s body into an elderly lady’s shape perhaps makes it harder to fit, and I’m not sure a collar would improve the coat. The brooch is my absolute favourite.

  2. If the crown of the hat were shorter, I’d be all over this! I love the color and those incredible feathers, though! And it looks wonderful with the coat! I certainly can’t quibble with her choice of the Albert Sapphire Brooch – it’s a beauty!

  3. Love the colour & I love feathers on a hat. However I feel there’s too much going on with the feathers & distinctive shaped hat.

  4. This hat may not be perfect but it has style. While watching Downtown Abby I fell in love with all the hats created for the ladies and wished, more than once, that some of those designs would find their way to the heads of today’s royal ladies. At least those hats were unique/different.

  5. I don’t think your critique is overly harsh at all HatQueen and I want to join you in wishing for this hat’s retirement. It is just too Mad Hatter for me. The coat is an awkward shape too and the absence of a collar makes it look unfinished. It is a real shame about this because the colour looks so good on the Queen as many others have agreed.

  6. I’m afraid I really like this hat. Very much so. Its unique shape (which is, of course, a bit mad-hatterish – but in a nice way), the beautiful colour and the gorgeous feather-trim. Thumps up!

  7. It’s like a dressing up hat – with odd proportions, but a beautiful colour. I think Angela Kelly should leave the hats to the milliners. I agree about the collarless coats. The Queen looks so much better in coats with collars.

  8. Other than the color, there is no redeeming feature for this hat. It is too tall, too narrow, too weird a shape, and that center seam in the front is distracting. The feather is interestingly colored but too long. Everything about the hat is jarring.
    The Queen seems to have used this coat with a variety of other outfits, however:

  9. I really dislike the profile of this hat. Not a favorite, though it is a stupendous color. Agree with another commenter that the collarless coat does not do Her Majesty justice either.

  10. I looked back at my previous opinion and I haven’t changed my mind. I love the colour and the feather – it’s a bit tall for sure but I don’t mind the teardrop shape that much really.

  11. Too high! I fully agree.
    I have more and lore difficulties with A Kelly’s hat. Is she milliner? Otherwise she should better let the job to the real ones…

  12. I don’t know how I never noticed it before, but the seam at the very front of the crown is so obvious in these photos, and it makes me dislike this hat a lot more. I just don’t think the hats with tiny brims and towering crowns flatter HM at all. The color is gorgeous though and the feather is fun, but not over-the-top.

  13. I think this hat is fantastic!! Because it is so odd it totally grabs my attention and I couldn’t stop looking at it. I love the feather and the colour and the shape is just so perfectly odd its like an M.C. Escher picture but the hat version!

  14. I agree the the color cannot be beat. About the hat my first thought was variety is the spice of life. But on further reflection I think the hat would have looked better if it was either tear drop shaped or just hour glass shaped not both in one. What do you think? As far as the feather goes I did not realize it was not up to par until you readers mentioned it and when I looked again it did look ratty. I hope that was just an oversight.

  15. This is my favorite color of all time. Love the feather. The hat looks like it’s about to tip forward and off her head.

  16. Lovely colour, and I like the feathers. While I generally like the more adventurous shapes that Angela Kelly uses, I think this shape plus this feather trim somehow don’t create a harmonious whole.

  17. I love the color on the Queen and the brooch is magnificent. I don’t like the collarless coat, the too tall and odd-shaped crown of the hat, or the angle of the feathers, and I think the feathers look rather tatty.

  18. I agree. I don’t fnd this hat to be flattering to Her Majesty. The colour is lovely with her eyes. The feather is cheeky. But there is something a bit too “Dr. Seuss” about the shape and size of the hat.

  19. Not my favorite hat, for sure. But, as always HM carries it off nonetheless. That said, when she’s wearing the amazingly beautiful Prince Albert’s sapphire brooch – perfection!

  20. I don’t dislike the hat at all. Love the deep blue color. Is it a little tall, yes, but Her Majesty is so short that she needs a little extra height. What I don’t like is how tatty the feather looks. It should be possible to brush the feather back into shape — if it looks like that on purpose, then I would have to call that a mistake.

  21. I agree . . .great color and I like the sassy feather.
    The overall shape and height could be improved.
    I RARELY find fault with HM’s ensembles.
    She’s sporting a pretty nice rock today, also!

  22. Agree with you hat queen. The designers in general seem to have many harsh looking hats both for the Queen and the Duchess of Cambridge.
    The colour is good .

  23. I disagree. I think Elizabeth carries it off well. It doesn’t seem out of proportion to her face. I don’t love the odd curve of the feathers though.

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