Day 1 of Cheltenham Festival

The annual races at Cheltenham kicked off today with Zara Phillips Tindall in attendance. Zara often uses this event to debut new hats and today, she chose a percher cocktail piece in the most beautiful shade of aubergine. Described by milliner Bridget Robbins as a “plum velour teardrop percher with silk rose and plum pheasant feather”, this hat is a stylishly dramatic piece that I thought looked fantastic on Zara. Monochrome ensembles can be tough to pull off and I love how she matched the hat’s floral embellishment to her burgundy coat, leaving the purple hat base to stand on its own in subtle contrast.

Designer: The Cotswold Milliner (Bridget Robbins)
Previously Worn: this hat is new
We’ll likely see a few more new British royal hats at this event before the week is out. What did you think of Zara’s new hat today?
Photos from Getty as indicated

19 thoughts on “Day 1 of Cheltenham Festival

  1. The hat is pretty and the color is beautiful, but it is too dressy for the casualness of the zippered dress, and heavy shoes, and large handbag. Zara is too large a woman for the small percher hats she wears. Here, her hair is messy. Also, she has gained too much weight for the clothes she wears. By the way, check out a very chic outfit Prince Albert’s wife Charlene wore some weeks ago…all monotone and sleek from head (cloche) to toe (beautiful unadorned high pumps) all the color of eggplant. Zara’s outfit is reminiscent of that outfit. Zara is a pretty woman, but unfortunately has not taken good care of herself. She would benefit greatly by hiring a stylist.

  2. Love the hat! I’m not even a big fan of perchers, but this one looks wonderful on Zara! She looks like a million bucks today!

  3. This whole look is great on Zara. I think when a small hat like this is shaped to the head it improves the look tremendously, over simply being “perched”.

  4. Very nice, and I have to say I enjoy the contest between what LadyLou calls the brutalism of the zipper and the uncluttered feminine qualities of the hat. Wonderful colors.

  5. The colour is so gorgeous on her! She looks great! Some elements of the outfit I don’t like but altogether the look is very true to Zara’s style.

  6. Nice. I do not think a small hat ever goes with a heavy coat.. This coat is closed right up to the neck. The coat says Winter. The hat does not. I do like the colour and I do like the coat.

  7. Zara looks wonderful. Love the style and color of her hat. Also love the cut of her coat. She definitely hit all the style boxes with this outfit.

  8. Like the hat, LOVE the color – especially on Zara. So flattering. Hate the weird zipper which is so out place with this pretty girly girl hat. All these exposed are a kind of couture Brutalism; you might as well turn the hem outside and sew it up if you’re intent on showing the construction.

    • I agree with what LadyLou says: March 15, 2016 at 9:21 pm. I adore the hat and clothes except for that exposed zipper. This is one of her best hats yet and the colours are perfect on her fair colouring.

    • “Couture Brutlalism” is the perfect term for those exposed zippers, LadyLou! Not too loud — some designer might run with your exposed hem idea and throw in the seams as well!

      Zara wears perchers well, but sometimes they look too small on her. The proportion of this one is just right, and the color is beautiful.

      • I’m remembering the ‘inside out’ darts on a dress the Duchess of Cambridge wore — possibly Stella McCartney? I couldn’t help thinking — Why?

  9. Cheltenham is one of my favorite hat events of the year because we get to see all the fancy winter-style hats on display! So excited for this new cocktail hat from Zara, and the color is simply divine for her! It looks like a Rosie Olivia piece to me; I think Rosie Olivia has wonderful winter millinery. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the week holds.

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