Day 3 of Cheltenham Festival

The third day of the Cheltenham Festival saw bright skies and attendance by two of the Queen’s grandchildren and their spouses. Zara Phillips Tindall wore her third new hat in as many days, this time a grey velour felt percher with round base and soaring feather trim. While I would have preferred a flatter base on this design and the omission of the awkward felt leaf on the side, the pairing of this grey hat with Zara’s orange coat is brilliant.

Designer: The Cotswold Milliner (Bridget Robbins)
Previously Worn: This hat is new (and different than this very similar Jane Taylor design)

Zara and her husband Mike Tindall were joined by her brother and sister-in-law, Peter and Autumn Phillips. Peter wore a khaki brown fedora while Autumn wore what was described by the designer as a “velour felt beret with pheasant feather trim.” The feather detail on this hat is beautifully done and the piece works well with Autumn’s camel coat.

Designer: Gina Foster. It is the Les Arcs design
Previously Worn:This hat is new
Tomorrow will see the Cheltenham Festival draw to a close for this year. In the meantime, what do you think of this pair of new percher hats?

UPDATE: Princess Anne joined her children at the races today in a brimless black faux fur cap. While not my favourite style, it works very well with her punchy red coat and graphic scarf.

Designer: I belief it is Yvette Jelfs
Previously Worn: December 25, 2014
Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “Day 3 of Cheltenham Festival

  1. The grey and orange is very fresh! I agree the base is a bit tall on Zara’s percher.

    Question: is the woman in the cape and striking green feathered hat pictured with Zara Viscountess Linley?

    • Answer: I think not. Getty has not given her a name in its captions and neither has the Daily Mail (although they often put the *wrong* name in and may be using Getty images anyway.)

  2. The entire family looks great, imo. Zara has really brought her game this time at Cheltenham! I love the gray hat, including the ridiculous feathers. Fun! Autumn’s look is very, ahem, autumnal, but still quite stylish. Love her beret with pheasant feathers. A brown overcoat, maybe, for Peter? I do like his fedora, though. Such a nice hat.

    Well done, Phillips Family!

  3. Clearly feathers day at Cheltenham! I love Zara’s pairing of grey and orange, but have a couple of observations: The feather is just tooooo long and why not grey boots? Could have been stunning, but she gets a thumbs up from me anyway.

    Autumn, meh. Peter looks like a real country boy wearing a jersey under his suit jacket. If he’s worried about the cold, why not wear astylish overcoat?

  4. I think Zara needs a less severe hat when she wears her hair so slicked back as she usually does. These looks make her head look tiny in comparison to her body – her coat is WAY too short. Autum’s outfit is nice and her hat is stunning.

  5. The grey and red/orange are an excellent colour combination. The hat is fine had the feather half been the height.
    Autumn Phillips fur collar throws me off completely and I hardly notice the hat!

  6. Zara looks off to me. The high neck on the coat seems to squeeze her then the shortness of the coat looks the opposite and so off balance . The feather is something she is just having fun with and draws attention to her. I like the outfit on the woman walking with her.
    Autumn please ditch the fur. The hat is fine but not anything original. Peter looks Hollywood in his gangster outfit minus the sweater.
    I think they are all just having fun and are not too serious about fashion.

  7. I love this colour combo on Zara, it’s fantastic. She’s looked pretty good this Cheltenham, sometimes her looks are more than a little bit cobbled together. I wondered if the hat might be the previous one reworked, still not convinced it isn’t, though they greys look a slightly different shade.

    I really like Autumn’s more casual outfit, the coat and hat combo looks quite funky.

  8. I love Zara’s gray hat and orange coat. This is a really good pairing. I like the dramatic soaring feather. I agree with HatQueen that the felt leaf on the side was not needed. I think it over-egged the pudding somewhat. I liked Peter’s khaki brown fedora. It’s good to see the Royal blokes in a hat! Autumn’s felt beret with pheasant feather trim was eye-catching and suited her perfectly. It was just the trick to pair with her camel coat. Well-played Phillips family!

  9. MI used to have a coat like Autumn’s back in 1968…
    I think Zara’s light grey Percher (if she must) would look better with the same coat in a longer, darker red color, and nice dark grey pumps, same color stockings, and same color kid or suede gloves. The boots, at some time or other, have got to go!

  10. I agree most wholeheartedly that this dove grey cocktail hat colorwise goes perfectly with Zara’s red-orange coat. Such a beautiful color combo. Not certain if it’s the height or the placement (and possibly it’s both), but I’m not loving the feathers; I think something half the size would be much more balanced. Overall though, another win for Zara this week.

    I LOVE Autumn’s cocktail beret! The feathers are great and the size is perfect for her, especially with this easy hairstyle. Something about the rest of her outfit seems a bit off, and I think it’s the oxblood color of her skirt and handbag; if they had been more brown or taupe, I think everything would’ve come together perfectly.

    Also, Peter really needs to visit a tailor; his clothes are much too baggy for him, although he looks great in that chestnut brown fedora.

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