Inventory: Duchess of Cambridge’s Green Hats

While the Duchess of Cambridge is a newcomer to the royal scene and has not had time to build up as extensive a millinery wardrobe as many of the other royals we follow, she has added two two green designs to her collection so far:

1.Embed from Getty Images  2.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Gina Foster; Lock & Co.
Introduced: December 25, 2013; December 25, 2015

Update: Since this this post was published, Kate has added the following green hats:

3.Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Lock & Co.
Introduced: March 17,2019

It’s no surprise that both these hats made their début as Christmas hats- the shade is perfect for the holidays and Kate wears it very well. I would love to see her try out more springtime shades like this one from Rachel Trevor Morgan’s SS 2016 collection (or this more daring design from RTM SS 2014) as I think they would be fantastic. Thankfully, Kate has many years of royal life ahead to experiment with her millinery fashions.

Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Inventory: Duchess of Cambridge’s Green Hats

  1. This deep, forest shade of green is a colour the Duchess of Cambridge wears well. It would be interesting to see how well she wears the colour in a larger, brimmed hat (like that for the Commonwealth Service).

    Lack of green hats amongst royals seems to be a pattern – something I would like to change as it’s my favourite colour!

  2. I like both the Duchess of Cambridge’s green hats, and I think green suits her green eyes and brown hair quite well. I hope that she invests in more green hats.

  3. I love them both! While I happen to love the Duchess’s lovely hair free flowing, I do agree that a hat atop loose hair sonetimes looks like an afterthought. I love when she wears her hair half-up with her pretty chapeau. I also really like both of the suggested hats! Oh why have hats gone out of favor in America?!

  4. Nice hats! Radiant smile! Hair up is obviously better on a windy day and perhaps for more formal occasions. Otherwise I do enjoy seeing her long thick glossy curls. Her hair is lovely and there’s no need to hide it or cut it. She has plenty of styling options.

  5. I agree with the comments regarding her hair – the Duchess should wear it up when she wears hats – it’s just overwhelmes her face and the hat when it is loose and detracts from the whole look.

  6. I love both of these, but #1 is my favorite because I think Gina Foster does an excellent job with cocktail hats, and the slightly brighter green hue appeals to me more. I agree with your spring/summer choices @HatQueen, although unfortunately I think we’re more likely to see Beatrice and/or Eugenie wear these before Kate.

  7. Agree and have mentioned before it is time for a makeover. Green Is an excellent colour for her. I like hat #1 the best.

  8. Both are very nice! And that deep green colour fits her hair really nicely. I think I like the newest one most but both are very good and wearable 🙂

  9. I agree – she looks well and good in forest green. I wish she would more frequently branch out on her hat styles however. I also think she needs to wear her hair up more often. I would LOVE to see her get her hair cut to a just below ear length soon. She needs a new look and her hair is SO massive and heavy.

  10. Both fine. Neither massively exciting though. I did like number 1 with the tartan coat at Christmas that year. Let’s hope we’ll see some hat variety added into the mix now that she’s whetted our appetites!

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