Hats From the Past

Royal Hats to this day in 1969 which saw the Monaco royals visit their counterparts in Belgium. Host Queen Fabiola sported a spotted turban that stylishly references the fashion of the day while Princess Grace looked characteristically elegant in a black pillbox.

Photo from Getty as indicated

8 thoughts on “Hats From the Past

  1. As far as turbans go, I prefer the one on the lady in the background (at least I think that’s a turban, it’s very small on my phone). Fabiola’s is rather tall and ends up with the unfortunate shape of a ski hat.

  2. I have yet to see somebody looking good in a turban, it is just not flattering. It is a small wonder it fits Fabiola with her massive hair underneath, they both look very nice

  3. Queen Fabiola looks fabulous except for the spotted turban. if it was plain and not patterned, I think she could have pulled the look off. Princess Grace also was a lady who could pull off the right turban as well. Princess Grace’s pillbox is the better of the two Royal hats and this hat style suited her very well.

  4. Princess Grace gets my 3 ❤ award. Right hat for the outfit, the occasion and the right color. Fabiola knows she won by the look on her face. :-). Fabiola looks fab other than the turban!

  5. I always loved Queen Fabiola. However, the turban she is wearing, even for the 1960s, does not do much for me. Pillboxes remain one of my favourite hat styles.

  6. I never was a fan of the turbans some women wore in the 60s – they always looked funny to me and not classy at all. Not that many in the US wore them and I think I always associated them in that decade with older European women. Even for this 1969 date, I sure don’t recall many women still wearing pillbox hats other than some European royalty who needed day hats. We sure weren’t wearing pillbox hats still in the US by ’69 – if you wore a hat at all that is, other than sporty/casual hats. Dress hats were not that common to see by the late 60s in the US in my circles. I don’t think I even wore hats still to church on Easter by then!

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