Inventory: Queen Mathilde’s Green Hats

As we have seen during previous inventory tours, Queen Mathilde has numerous brightly hued hats in red, orange and blue. However, like her Dutch counterpart, there is just one green hat to be found in the Belgian queen’s  millinery wardrobe:

1.July 21 2008 in Christophe Coppens | Royal Hats

Designer: Christophe Coppens
Introduced: July 21, 2008

UPDATE: Since this post was published, the following green hats have been added to Queen Mathilde’s wardrobe:

2.     3.    4.

Designer: unknown; Fabienne Delvigne; Fabienne Delvigne
Introduced: March 16, 2018; October 24, 2018; September 6, 2019

This has always felt like a very fresh,youthful hat to me and I think the simple spiral shape is cheeky and fun. We don’t often see Mathilde in pecher cocktail hats and I’ve always thought the lightness of this piece was a great match for her. It also shows how great she looks in green, a colour I’d love to see her wear more.

Photo from RoyalPress Nieboer/dpa/Corbis; Benoit Doppagne via Belga Photo; Hans Punz and Olivier Matthys via Getty  

14 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Mathilde’s Green Hats

  1. Wonderful to see a third green hat added to Mathilde’s wardrobe. I really think it’s one of her best colours and I’m hopeful we will see some more green hats soon.

  2. Queen Mathilde looks good in green and this hat is an interesting minty shade. I think it is sitting too far forward. I like the hairstyle she put with it. Those earrings are beautiful and an unusual design. I hope the Belgian Royals stay safe during this dangerous time, and I hope there are no more attacks. RIP to the deceased and Best Wishes to the survivors for a speedy recovery.

  3. Reminds me of those little cream cheese mints ladies used to make for luncheons, teas, and showers…even so, Queen Mathilde always looks lovely.

  4. The Queen looks beautiful in this jaunty little hat..the color is nice for her! I don’t think there is a hat she cannot wear! America loves you Belgium…we stand beside you in every way during this horribly sad time your beautiful city of Brussels and country is prayers are with you. Please all stay safe. I hope one day to see your beautiful country!

  5. That is a cute hat, and the springtime green color is bright and fresh. Not crazy about it, but it works for her.

  6. As much as I love green and cocktail hats, I’ve never quite warmed to this one. I’m gonna blame the material as I’m not a huge fan of crinoline for hats (there are exceptions though!). But she should wear more green and bring back this hairstyle asap!

  7. The green is so nice but like others said the placement could be better. Our hearts go out to Belgium today after the terrorist attack. God bless.

  8. It’s quite cute and definitely springy. But the placement is a little too much on the forehead, almost obliterating her eye.
    Rebecca is right, it would be interesting to see it on the back of the head.

  9. It’s rather whimsical! But kind of pretty. I wonder though how it would look placed on the back of the head like a pillbox.

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