Queen And Duke Distribute Maundy Money

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh attended Maundy Thursday service today at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. For this service, the Queen, who distributed traditional Royal Maundy money, repeated her turquoise straw hat with navy lace trim. The boater hat shape of this piece is a nice change from the Queen’s usual millinery shapes and the colour is perfect on her (and perfect for Easter!). While I still have some reservations about the coat, I have completely warmed to the hat and think it looks great on Her Majesty.

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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: February 19, 2015July 4, 2014
Photos from Getty as indicated

16 thoughts on “Queen And Duke Distribute Maundy Money

  1. The color looks gorgeous on the Queen. I’m not a fan of her coat, however; looks very busy. Being Holy Week, maybe it’s my personal beliefs, but I would have preferred the Queen to be dressed in something more somber – black or navy blue.

  2. The Queen looks great as usual. However the lace trim takes this outfit from something custom made to something homemade looking in my opinion. I would prefer the outfit without the lace. The hat is a good shape and could have been embellished with something like a band of coat fabric and/or a spray of artificial snowdrops for the season.

  3. I think the boater hat shape is perhaps my favourite style of hat on Her Majesty. The proportions suit her so well and it’s simplicity allows her to shine (but it can also be trimmed). I was my first thought when I saw her in the primrose yellow ensemble for the Royal Wedding back in 2011: how amazing she looked in her hat!

    Although I do agree, the coat is far to busy for the hat. BUT on it’s own it is a really nice coat.

  4. I really like this hat on Her Majesty. As I’m looking at her coat I do think the coat’s trim is needed despite the fact it looks a bit busy. It certainly stands out! She and her Prince look happy.

  5. The turquoise color looks great on the Queen. I don’t like the navy lace trim. The boater hat shape is a good one for her. The fit on this coat is way off.

  6. I too have grown more fond of this hat over time, and think it’s the best one in this exaggerated boater style. I actually quite like this coat, although I don’t think it’s perfect. Hoping for some good hattery this Easter! I’m looking forward to wearing a new panama fedora!

  7. I like the trademark AK hat shape, although this certainly is not the best example of the block. Perhaps the navy trim could be shorter. It looks three times as tall as the trim on the coat is wide. Perhaps two times thicker would have been better.
    The coat, however, remains an absolute disaster. As always, it bunches the dress, and the navy trim really clashes with what otherwise would be pretty fabric. The fact that the front pieces of the coat are cut on the bias (for a barber pole effect) while the side pieces and sleeves are cut horizontally, and then not matched, gives the impression of an optical migraine; then that blue trim on top of that just pushes the coat into the realm of the unattractive.

  8. I still quite like this one – the trim on he hat is restrained, which is good as there’s a lot going on elsewhere. It’s a busy outfit for sure, but I think Angela K has pulled the theme together nicely.

  9. I do like the color. Perhaps, because it’s still March, it is a little chilly and warrants a warm coat.
    Is this the first time the Queen has distributed Maundy money at Windsor? She and Prince Philip usually travel far and wide to do it.

    • Went to Royalmint.com and answered my own question! 1959 was the last time at St. George’s Chapel. The service has been held at Westminster Abbey several times.

  10. I love the color and size/shape of this hat. However, i think if the lace trim was not quite as wide or tall, it would be better balanced.
    Cut the navy trim in half, and it’ll be perfect.
    (I’m holding my breath, waiting to see HM’s green hats.)

  11. I adore that hat- the lightness of the straw but still structured for HM, the navy trim, the change from her usual hat silhouette. But I don’t know about the coat. It feels too heavy and tweedy to go with such a springy light hat. And I love her brooches, but I think Glitter Girl’s right about too much….

  12. I am sorry. Try as I like I think this is one of those ensembles that looks better on paper. It’s just too busy. Add a brooch and a bouquet of flowers and it’s eye watering.

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