Inventory: Queen Margrethe’s Green Hats

Queen Margrethe is one of the most colourful monarchs in terms of fashion and millinery. When it comes to green hats, however, she’s nearly as shy as the other monarchs we have looked at with just two green hats worn since 2000:

1.Queen Margrethe, July 9, 1999 | Royal Hats  2. Queen Margrethe, April 16, 2015 | Royal Hats

Designers: unknown
Introduced: July 8, 1999; April 16, 2016

The two styles couldn’t possibly be more different! Created nearly 20 years apart, the pieces both reflect the millinery trends of the time, tweaked with interesting embellishments. They are both interesting pieces that I think require a certain presence to carry off well- perhaps that’s what makes them fit for a queen. Hopefully, we won’t have to wait another decade or two before Margrethe adds another green piece to her inventory!

I have run out of time to complete an inventory of Queen Elizabeth’s green hats and beg your forgiveness. I’ll put this together later in April when I’m back. 

Photos from Tim Graham and UK Press via Getty

13 thoughts on “Inventory: Queen Margrethe’s Green Hats

  1. This Green Hat Parade from the Royal Closets is such a fresh, creative approach to Springtime! Thank you for your obvious hard work on such an enjoyable site! I love Queen Margrethe’s large green hat the most!

  2. Out of the two hats I prefer Queen Margrethe in the brimmed hat. She has the stature to carry off large hats. Both shades of green compliment her. The small mint green hat has interesting shapes on it which make it stand out from most of her other small hats. In the first photo, has she pinned a brooch across her pearls, or is the necklace constructed this way? i don’t recall seeing it before. It’s an interesting effect. Have a marvelous holiday HatQueen! Happy Easter HatQueen and to all the Royal Hats fandom!

  3. Daisy looks lovely in a hat with a larger brim. She should wear those more often. I love that hat. She’s wearing her pearls in an interesting way as well.

  4. Queen Margreath looks great in the larger hat and she looks great in green. HayQueen have a terrific break. As I have said many times but say again, thank you so very much for all your work.

  5. Both of these green hats on the Queen are lovely!! The Grass green hat with pink trim is one she should wear again, what a beautiful outfit!!

  6. Both hats are lovely. The picture hat, although dated now, is fantastic. The trim is such a interesting complement to the pink flowers in the dress.

  7. I love both of these and definitely think the first one should make a comeback! It’s time all the royals started wearing a little more green.

  8. I like both hats. She looks good in green. Would like to see a full shot of the picture hat and dress. I will see if I can find it.
    Hope you have a good time Hat Queen on your jaunt.

  9. Agreed that she looks great in a picture hat. The other one is a little too interesting, the mint green is a good color for her.

  10. I love a large hat on Queen Margrethe!!! She is tall in stature and certainly can carry a large hat..I say the bigger, the better! The smaller hat on her ages her, and leaves her unbalanced in stature. It doesn’t matter how old the first hat is…It is beautiful and she wears it so well!

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