British Royals Celebrate Easter

Happy Easter!  Members of the British royal family joined Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh for Easter Sunday service this morning  at St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle. For this long standing tradition, the Queen led her family in a new hat in yellow straw with a gently upturned brim on one side. The piece is finished with a small yellow bow and blue flowers which tie in with the vibrant print of Her Majesty’s silk dress. It’s a beautiful young shaped piece and the colour is perfect for a bright spring day such as this.

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Princess Beatrice chose this occasion to debut a  new saucer hat in copper straw trimmed with slim straw bows and curling pheasant feathers. The scale is wonderful on her and the colour suits her beautifully.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Princess Eugenie topped her navy coat in a pink percher hat. With a felt beret base in a teardrop shape, the piece is lavishly trimmed in interlaced felt ribbons and velvet blooms. It’s a lovely piece that looks wonderful against Eugenie’s dark hair.

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Designer: Juliette Botterill. It is the Velvet Rose Side Percher.
Previously Worn: this hat is new

The Countess of Wessex paired her eye catching red coat with a black beret based percher hat.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: this hat is new

Lady Louise Windsor looked chic and rather grown up in a Jane Taylor designed black wool beret worn with her cream coat.

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Princess Anne joined those in the ‘bright coat neutral hat’ uniform with a vibrant orange coat topped by a fanciful cream picture hat. Something about this hat’s lavish trim (note the different types of feathers, roses and a light, lattice straw net on the brim) surprises me as a choice for Anne, although we have seen her in other fussy pieces before.  The greatest surprise about this hat, however, is that despite going back in my archives to the 1960s, I can’t find any trace of this piece. Shockingly, I think it might be new!

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I think this hat is new

Autumn Phillips topped her bright pink coat in a gun metal grey silk percher hat with curling ribbon trim. It’s a a fun piece that balances her bright coat very well.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: this hat is new
Easter Sunday, a day filled with hope and spring flowers, is made all the more wonderful with this parade of lovely hats! I can’t wait to hear, dearest readers, which Easter bonnets here were your favourites.
With that note I am signing off for a few weeks- see you all when I get back.
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31 thoughts on “British Royals Celebrate Easter

  1. The Queen’s hat and outfit are lovely – egg yolk yellow? Maybe not quite, but certainly the colour of a yolk in a marshmallow egg! Lovely spring colours. I’m always madly pleased when she gets it so right. Almost 90, goodness.

    Beatrice yes, Eugenie, not so much. Eugenie’s hat just doesn’t go with anything else she’s wearing, not even the pattern on her dress. I don’t know why, but she often looks like she’s the victim of lost luggage. 🙂

    Sophie yes. It might just be my own advancing years but I’d like to see that hemline a bit longer. The red looks great on her.

    Louise, yes, but ditto the hemline. However, she gets away with it with her opaque tights.

    Autumn, yes and looks well put otgether, I personally just don’t like that colour. However, nice to see Peter’s tie chiming into the same colour range.

    Anne (looking at another site), yes. I daresay everything is recycled from past decades, but it all seems to go together quite well and she looks good in orange. (The handbag is definitely a recycle – it’s losing its shape!)

  2. Everyone looked so nice and put-together….Her Majesty is perfect as usual. BOTH sisters looked pretty; their hats suited them perfectly, and their coats so complimentary to their figures. Eugenie has such a problem putting her hats and outfits together..this was her best in a long time. Sophie looked fine as usual, her hat looked perfect on her-love it! But her skirt length was way too short; her shoes a tad bit too youthful, all the more reason for lengthening that skirt..then tres chic! What really put a smile on my face was seeing Louise…great hat on her, her coat adorable on her, (and yes, very age-appropriate), her whole look was just right…three cheers for her mother – well-done Sophie!

  3. The only 100% all around for me is the Queen. She’s always perfect.
    Otherwise I liked Bea’s coat and shoes the best and Autumn’s fascinator the best.

    We’ve seen Lady Louise in that beret before…I have a feeling that she really likes the way it looks + they don’t feel its appropriate to spend mega bucks on a fancy lady’s hat for a tween. Her coat was cute, age appropriate and I love the horse charm, lol.

  4. Love all the hats!

    But for outfit paired with hat, I like the Queen & Countess.

    P. Beatrice’s hat doesnt match her outfit but I love her jacket & P. Eugene too.

    I cannot wait to see lady Louise’s future outfits!

  5. Collectively this is one of the best outings by the royal family in quite a while!

    HM looked absolutely splendid in this lemon yellow, and the addition of the electric blue flowers was an unexpected surprise; I would never have thought to combine those two colors. HM wins the day for me. I also think it looks like a RTM hat.

    Beatrice and Eugenie (both in Juliette Botterill, confirmed by her Instagram) looked wonderful, but I prefer Eugenie’s hat. The mauve is a perfect color for her and the occasion.

    Brightly colored coats and neutrals hats obviously was a popular choice for today. Sophie looked fantastic in her ensemble of cherry tomato red and black, although I’m not thrilled about the polka-dotted neckline and hem. Louise again proves the versatility and chicness of a beret; I do hope we see her in some other hat styles soon though (maybe a fascinator for Trouping the Colour?).

    Autumn’s combo of taupe grey and pink is a great choice for her. Her cocktail hat this time looks much more effortless than at other events, where it seems she tries too hard. And I loved Anne’s cream picture hat, especially combined with that burnt orange coat.

    Brava! And Happy Easter everyone!

  6. This is an extraordinary collection of Royal hats! Happy Easter HatQueen, and all the Royal Hats fandom and to our Royals! Queen Elizabeth is the winner here, in her bright yellow straw hat. She looks great in yellow and it is, after all, the color of egg yolks! The Countess of Wessex comes a close second, and this is a hat and coat I would buy for myself. I am a sucker for red and black worn together, especially on a blonde like her and me. Princess Beatrice’s saucer hat in copper straw looks fantastic with her red hair, but I don’t like the way it looks like it is about to fall off, and it doesn’t go with her light blue coat at all. Princess Eugenie made a better overall choice than her sister topping her classic navy coat with a decorated pink percher hat, that looked so well in her dark auburn mane. How do those girls walk in those very high stiletto shoes? Autumn Phillips chose a beautiful bright pink coat with a gun metal grey silk percher hat with unique curling ribbon trim. I would buy these myself. I do wish that her hair was neater to seal the deal! I don’t usually like to comment on Royal children, who may or may not have chosen their own kit, but I have to say that Lady Louise Windsor looked chic indeed in her black wool beret, which stood out well in her blonde hair, and which paired so well with her cream coat. I liked the Princess Royal’s brimmed cream hat and orange coat as well. Where were the Duchesses of Cambridge and Cornwall, and Zara Phillips? I missed you ladies!

  7. The Queen’s bright yellow hat with the vibrant blue is absolutely striking. The trim makes me think it’s an RTM hat. It will be interesting to see who takes credit for it. This bright yellow outfit is somewhat reminiscent of the bright yellow (new hat and coat) and print dress (though totally different colors) worn at last year’s Royal Ascot.
    The Countess of Wessex looked spectacular at Easter too, as did Autumn Phillips.

  8. Did you mention who made the Queen’s hat, HatQueen? I do like it. I think the shallower crown is much better on her than some of the high crowns she wears.

  9. A good show by the hat wearing Windsors! First place to the Queen whose whole look says spring. Second to Sophie. The side ribbon on Sophie’s hat seems to anchor it to her head which I like. Of the rest of the perchers I prefer Eugenie’s. Her hat is a good compromise for a cool March in that the felt and velvet fabrics read warm for cold weather while the pastel pink and flower read spring.

  10. The hats are all pretty enough, but I just do not like perchers. Why would any one want to wear a hat that looks like it is falling into your face? I prefer a hat that sits on your head and so I give the win today to the queen.

  11. I have to disagree with the others on Princess Beatrice’s hat. Lovely color but the angle is too extreme for my taste. I think it shouts “LOOK AT ME!” (and, hence, is reminiscent of her and her sister’s hats at the Cambridge wedding). This event is Easter Sunday church with her grandmother, the Queen, not a contest to see who can be the most noticeable.

  12. The Queen wins for me! The blue and yellow are my absolute favorite colors, as my house would attest, and especially perfect for Spring! The York princesses look great, I think, they’re young, they’re wealthy, I wish I had been able to dress like that when I was their age! Lady Louise, oh dear, I think Sophie is trying to keep her a child and she is growing up.


    This Daily Mail article has a picture of Princess Anne – she’s in a car but you can still see her large brimmed cream hat with what looks like a trim of perhaps feathers. It does look good with her orange coat.

    Yes the Royals have all done very well this Easter – and Her Majesty’s new hat is particularly lovely.

  14. The Queen is amazing. Yellow is such a great colour on her and the blue flowers just lift it up to the fabulous level. I wish Beatrice and Eugenie had tied their hair up or back. The messy hair just distracts. Sophie is lovely as always and Louise has made the difficult transition to almost grown up, but still appropriate for her age. Autumn looks lovely. All in all a tremendous show. My greatest sorrow is that at Easter, as a choir member I cannot wear a festive hat.

    • You’re very lucky to make this small sacrifice and be able to exercise what must be your lovely voice in such a holy atmosphere. I would be a wreck! I get quaky just getting ready for a Russian ball in NYC. Am I the only one to think that Lady Louise carries a bit of Queen Mary on her face. The Queen never disappoints at any age.

  15. God Bless the Queen and her colors. So good to see Pr Phillip on his feet. He will never desert her –it’s in his DNA. Sophie Wessex –in good colors — and Lady Louise — both neat and trim as always(although I don’t love the modern trend toward multi-zippers). Autumn Phillips doesn’t look as happy as her coat color should make one feel; heartening to see her husband supports her, hand-in-hand. Copper hat a good color (if a little boring) for Prcsse Beatrice. Somehow I can’t help but wonder that the Queen doesn’t try to shake a little aristo-style into those two galumphs (as my ballet master called us) of York. Beatrice always look a little too much like her mother on the lookout for something while Prcsse Eugenie, hopefully enjoying her New York life(if I have it right), never looks smashing while more neat than her sister. Maybe only Catherine DOC can pull off the long hair blowing in the wind with perchers which seem perched and not in danger of sliding away..

  16. Do you know, for once I think they all look fabulous!

    The Queen’s new titfer is a winner, though I had hoped to see the Berlin yellow hat repeated. And the grandchildren all look splendid, Beatrice in particular looks very chic.

    And Sophie looks very glam. I love that outfit. Bravo!

  17. Princess Beatrice looks so much like her Mother in the last picture. I think her hat is one of her best ever. Princess Eugenie hat is fine too and her outfit is tied together by the shoes. Autumns hat seems to be too similar to the one Zara wore lately and Kate wore sometime ago. Pass on that one. Lady Louise is going to be into fashion on a serious note soon. Her Mother looks lovely. I saw a picture of Princess Anne being driven to the church. The article did not say why.

    The Queen looked so nice in yellow. The pattern in the dress tied into the hat nicely. I actually liked the hat.

  18. A splendid showing by all, but HM’s is my favorite. It’s also the most Easter-y of the bunch. Sophie’s percher and Beatrice’s saucer are both lovely, but not very seasonal…then again, it’s a very early Easter this year.

  19. Queen Elizabeth’s new hat wins hands down for me. Her entire — the yellow and then the blue trim on her lovely hat to match her dress. It says “Happy Easter!”

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