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As promised, here is the first of two weekly open posts (Mondays and Thursdays) for you to chat and share current royal hat happenings. Please post news, links and your thoughts about royal comings and goings (especially all those which involve hats!) in the comments below. Here is a wonderful yellow hat from the past to kick things off, worn on this day in 1985 by Queen Elizabeth to the School of Equestrian Art.

Photo from Getty as indicated

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    • Avery thanks for this link. The Japanese Imperial family are wearing some lovely, elegant hats in a good variety of colors. I am surprised that the Empress isn’t wearing any hat.

      • The Empress isn’t wearing a hat because the concert was held at the Imperial Palace, a.k.a. her home. Per traditional hat etiquette, hostesses never wear a hat in their own home, but female guests never remove their hats (these “rules” are easily seen in Downton Abbey).

    • Thank you for sharing with us. I really like the teal outfits and matching hats. All of the ladies look beautiful.

      • I especially liked the young princess with the bright yellow hat. It looked beautiful against her black hair.

  1. Since we weren’t able to get a post in about Queen Elizabeth II’s green hats for March, what about sharing some of our favorite green hats for HM? While there are many I thoroughly love, this one ( she debuted at her meeting with Martin McGuinness will always be one of my all-time favorite hats for HM for many reasons, especially since I’m a huge fan of HM and have a special place in my heart for Northern Ireland.

    • Just finished watching it. A great insight into HM’s 90 years. Especially hearing the voices of various members of the royal family.

  2. I like HM’s yellow hat, sans the netting. (The picture is not in reverse, since her coat is closed the proper way.)
    BTW, I thought she looked beautiful on Easter – lovely color for the sunny day.
    She clearly was the best dressed of the lot! The weather here was spot on, also.
    I’m very glad to see the 1979 fashions in my rear view mirror! Anyone game for 1980 millinery?

      • Embed from Getty Images

        Green Tam o shanter

  3. Fantastic photo – lots of memories for me. I met the Queen in Toronto and she was wearing this hat. 1984, I think.
    Love your blog! Just found it!

  4. The hat is typical of that era, as is the mohair coat; both are attractive on Her Majesty. I like the rarely-seen color of the outfit.

  5. There are some beautiful hats posted here. I wish the Queen would bring out some of these again or get some more styles of hats made. I am not a fan of most of Angela Kelly’s hats.

  6. Just watched Our Queen at 90 and their was lovely archival footage showing many striking hats. I particularly like the golden sweep-brimmed hat in the Malta footage.

  7. I thought this year’s Easter hat with a small slice brim was very pretty on Her Majesty. FYI, Hat Queen, I think the picture of HM from 1985 is flipped. The Frosted Sunflower Brooch is on her right and she wears brooches on her left, almost exclusively.

  8. Ascot 1979 also saw her sport some lovely hats including,

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    The second hat in particular is a lovely picture hat which suits the Queen well and it’s interesting to see her in so many different styles.

    This trip to 1979 is not complete without the beautiful hat worn on a foreign tour, does anyone else agree?

    Embed from Getty Images

  9. In the absence of our regular posts why don’t we all post and discuss our thoughts on some of Elizabeth II hats throughout the years, past and present?? She has worn many designs and this is in anticipation of her upcoming birthday.
    I will start with this one, quite appropriately from Easter, in 1991. Who else noticed her channelling her mothers style in this period with Halo hats?

    Embed from Getty Images

  10. I thought I was the only person in here who thought that. The Queen’s hats presently are not kind to her.
    I wonder how much say she actually has in the whole matter. I also do not like the tiny hats with heavy winter type coats. In my opinion they are totally unbalanced.

    • I agree with the hats often not being balanced with the clothes. I don’t like the small hats with winter coats and I especially dislike straw or sinamey with winter clothes or felt with summery things. The hat should complement not only the rest of the clothes; but the physical surroundings. I don’t want to see spring/summer hats against bare tree branches and wintery skies.

  11. I also agree. Some of her current hats veer a bit too much into the “Dr. Seuss” realm. I’m not sure Angela Kelly is the best hat designer……

  12. I love the shape of this hat. It is much “kinder” than the many hats she wears currently, with thir sharp brims and hard-edged crowns. I do wish she would wear softer, rounder hats….

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