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Happy Monday, dearest readers!  Here is a new open post for you to continue your conversation about all things royal hats.  Here is another hat from the past to inspire you today, worn by a young Empress Michiko in April 1960.  Her hat, made up of a circle of overlapping organdie leaves, is nearly as sweet as wee Prince Naruhito.

Princess Michiko, April 1960

Photo from Sankei Archive via Getty

16 thoughts on “Open Post

  1. A sweet photo of an always-elegant empress. I wish I could see more detail since it’s hard to tell what is her hair and what is her hat.

    And thanks to Jimbo! The Queen Mother was so fun to see in action.

  2. What a beautiful picture of such a lovely lady and her baby. I would imagine this would be a family favorite and might even be displayed in their home! In my mind, the dress and hat are a soft shade of blue…

  3. Empress Michiko always looks elegant. She and her baby look like they are doing some great bonding. The Empress has always provided us with lots of Royal hats to discuss!

  4. Empress Michiko wore a lot more variety of hats, and more interesting hats, in her younger days. I know she has neck problems, but there are still many smaller, lighter hats, aside from her beloved saucers, that she could wear. I guess she has found a style she prefers and just wants to stick with it.

  5. Very beautiful picture of a lovely person.
    Speaking of which . . . the Queen Mum died on March 30, 2002 (14 years ago last Wednesday).
    I found some wonderful pictures of her, right around and on her 100th birthday.
    Nothing new here, but still a wonderful bygone era vision. Thanks for the memory!

    • Thank you for sharing. Those are wonderful pictures of the Queen Mum. Both of her hats look like ones that the Duchess of Cornwall would wear today. And Queen Elizabeth’s hat has a very interesting embellishment. Oh, wouldn’t it be nice if we could see these hats in use again.

  6. Such an elegant and dignified woman, whatever she wears looks good. I understand she has neck issues (as do I for that matter) but wonder why she does wear small hats when on many public duties but then doesn’t when so many other family members do – such as at concerts and at other formal indoor events. Not that I am criticizing. I am just curious. Does anyone know why this is?

    • I agree, such an elegant and regal woman Michiko is! The reason we often see her without a hat while all other family members are wearing one is because she’s hosting them at the Imperial Palace, her home. One doesn’t wear a hat in one’s own home, but guests would keep their hats on. So it’s not necessarily for comfort that she’s not wearing a hat, but moreso because of traditional etiquette. If anyone watches Downton Abbey, this is seen many, many times, such as for lunch or afternoon tea.

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