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For a little dose of glamour this Thursday, I thought you might enjoy this marvellous velvet and feather creation worn by Princess Margaret on a visit to Hertfordshire on April 6, 1961. The feather fringe adds a whole other level of razzle-dazzle, don’t you agree?!

Please continue to share royal hat news and happenings here in this open post (keep watch for a possible new percher on the Duchess of Cambridge on Saturday when she and the Duke arrive in India). Enjoy the conversation!
Photo from Getty as indicated

25 thoughts on “Open Post

  1. Does anyone know what kind of fabric Queen Sonia’s suit and hat are made of? It looks like an unusual bumpy texture or is it just spotted? The hat has a nice woven design on the top. I think the hat is just the right size and fit for her. Not sure it needs the added flowers but they’re okay.

    • It is hard to tell but I think it may be a Swiss cotton fabric called plumetis that is woven with raised dots or figures on a plain background producing an embroidered effect. It is made from high quality cotton using long threads to give a smooth finish on which the embroidered pattern is laid.

  2. So many feathers make for such an interesting hat and look. Princess Margaret and Queen Elizabeth sure were/are beautiful women.

  3. Princess Margaret was a trend-setter in her day, but I don’t think this hat was ever really likely to catch on, because it looks too much like part of a costume. I could imagine it would fit in better if you wore it to the ballet for a performance of Swan Lake. RIP HRH.

  4. My, the similarities with her older sister . . . both beauties, to be sure.
    HM on Maundy Thursday, April 15, 1965. What do you think of her feathers?

    • I think an all feather hat is hard to pull off but the Queen just about gets away with it here. I think a smaller brooch would have sufficed. The look is a bit busy.

  5. Yes, the princess was indeed a beautiful woman! But I like neither the hat nor the coat, though I will say the feathers align beautifully with the princess’s pixie-ish hair style of the day. And it might be easier to judge the coat if one could see the whole thing–as it is, the angle of its velvet bands with the cut of the shoulders and the style of the hat create a sort of odd triangle with Princess Margaret’s face at the apex. But judged with a contemporary eye, this might not have looked so ill. (And women did break out “hatching jackets” rather early in their pregnancies then–perhaps Gransgirl is right!)

  6. I agree with other commenters that this highlights her eyes beautifully. It looks like two hats put together, though. I would have preferred the velvet only for a daytime outing, saving the feathers for an evening at the ballet. As for the coat, I noticed the year of 1961 and was hoping to give her the benefit of the doubt that this was maternity wear. Alas, it was not to be – Viscount Linley was not born until November of that year.

  7. I once saw Princess Margaret when I was a teenager, and was smitten with her. Her skin was porcelain and her eyes were as incredible as they appear on photographs. She was a very beautiful woman. My father met her when a bridge named for her was built under his direction and I was very jealous.

  8. I agree with Suzanne; the hat certainly suits Princess Margaret — her personality and lovely eyes. Her clothes were another matter entirely!

  9. Love the hat! Suits her personality, and highlights her eyes. Princess Margaret was a beautiful woman but I don’t think her clothes were the best styles on her.

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