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As you all continue chatting about royal hats in the news this week, here is a look back at Queen Sonja, Queen Sofia, the late Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte and Queen Beatrix celebrating Queen Margrethe’s 60th birthday back in 2000. It seems that chic grey hats never go out of style!

The Danish royal family is scheduled to make their annual appearance on the balcony of Christian IX’s Palace for Queen Margrethe’s birthday on Wednesday- keep watch for her to début a new hat!
Photo from Getty as indicated

22 thoughts on “Open Post

  1. I definitely think Josephine-Charlotte (once again looking like Tilda Swinton) won this hat round. Unfortunately Beatrix has one too many layers on her hat. And I like Sonja’s hat, but the completely matching skirt suit was a little too much, even though it is a subtle color and pattern; would’ve been better if the pattern had been an accent on a black or grey suit.

    Also, was glad to see this grey and blue outfit again on Máxima, especially since I find this particular coat so fascinating! My only complaint is her brooch on her dress is gold, while everything else is silver.

    • I believe that isn’t a brooch, but a medal of a German order. Here’s is a pic of Maxima’s brooch:

      Embed from Getty Images

  2. Queen Maxima in Nuremberg, Germany on April 14:

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

    Embed from Getty Images

  3. Barbara and Jumbo: I do like both of those hats on QE II. I see what you mean about a softer shape, Barbara. It is a little retro, but I wouldn’t mind her bringing that back.

    As far as today’s post goes I give the late Grand Duchess the win! It is a classic shape and color. It is understated but elegant!

    Hatqueen, enjoy your break , but I am really looking forward to your return! Thankfully, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’ s tour has helped tide me over this week till you are back to your daily posts.

  4. I particularly like the Grand Duchess’ hat. Why is Queen Sofia NOT wearing a hat, I wonder? Trying to sort out relatives: Margrethe, Sofia, and Anne-Marie of Greece are sisters, aren’t they?

  5. On another topic, we were talking about the style of Queen Elizabeth ll hats – and I said I thought heer hats today were too harsh and square. Well here is the sort of hat that I wish she would wear… Embed from Getty Images

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