Princess Beatrix Opens Roosevelt Centre

On April 20, Princess Beatrix was in Oud-Vossemeer to open the Roosevelt Information Centre (ancestors of US Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin Delano Roosevelt hailed from this area of Holland). For this event, she repeated her red straw hat with tall and boxy bumper brim, topped with navy trim around the perimeter of the rounded crown. While the shape is not my favourite, I love how Beatrix’s red hat, shoes and purse add hits of colour to her more neutral suit.

Princess Beatrix, April 20, 2016 in Suzanne Moulijn | Royal Hats  Princess Beatrix, April 20, 2016 in Suzanne Moulijn | Royal Hats

Princess Beatrix, April 20, 2016 in Suzanne Moulijn | Royal Hats  Princess Beatrix, April 20, 2016 in Suzanne Moulijn | Royal Hats

Designer: Suzanne Moulijn
Previously Worn: April 21, 2015May 22, 2013; March 9, 2011

We’ll undoubtedly see the princess tomorrow for annual Koningsdag celebrations, held this year in Amsterdam. Any thoughts to share about this hat until then?

Photos from Robin Utrecht, Robin Utrecht, Robin Utrecht and Robin Utrecht via ANP

11 thoughts on “Princess Beatrix Opens Roosevelt Centre

  1. I love this red for Beatrix and the way her entire outfit is coordinated so well without being super-matchy shows a great attention to detail. But something still seems a bit off for me, and I think it’s the hat shape. I think something with a more distinct crown and flatter brim (like this hat [] or this hat [×420]) would be more suitable for this color; the current wheel shape doesn’t do it justice in my opinion.

  2. That navy trim adds a much needed touch of distinction to that hat. Too bad you only see it in the bird’s eye view.

  3. I certainly appreciate the inclusion of dates when the hats were previously worn. Today’s substitution of the red shoes and purse instead of the previous black definitely improves this outfit. (I really like the shape and size of the red purse.)
    On the other hand, I think the two previous wearings of the hat with red and blue outfits makes more sense of the blue trim on the crown of the hat. In general, I think this hat looks best when viewed from below (photos #1 and #3 above).

  4. I love the color! And everyone else is right. There is beauty in the details– the quality of the fabric, the pretty shoes (not just plain pumps), etc. Nice that she is still active in her “retirement”.

  5. Princess Beatrix somehow does contrasting colors very well. In a sea of match_match I love her choices. Very well done.
    Welcome back HatQueen, You were missed. As always thanks

  6. Princess Beatrix is always beautifully dressed. We can all learn a lot by studying the details of her attire. Look at those sleeves! Very flattering for an older lady (like me!) Her outfits always fit well and are usually made of lovely fabrics. Apart from her hats, I think she is my style icon!

  7. She looks great. I am not a fan of the hat, but it adds another nice pop of color to the outfit. Love the purse. She reminds me of my mother- in- law, whom I love very much. I think it’s her smile and her boundless energy.

  8. Somehow Princess Beatrix pulls it off!

    Personally don’t care for the hat, however, I do like her overall look. She looks quite lovely and pulled together. The bits of red in her quite neutral suit are pulled out with her hat, gloves, bag and shoes. She made an effort and we ought appreciate it, yes?

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