Dutch Royals Celebrate Koningsdag

Members of the Dutch Royal Family joined King Willem-Alexander in Zwolle today to celebrate his birthday. For this informal annual celebration, Queen Máxima wore a new hat in pale lilac straw with a rounded mushroom brim (see a short video of its creation here). I thought that the hat’s pairing today, with Máxima’s floral skirt and bright cardigan, was unexpected. Colour scheme aside, we seldom see hats worn with twin sets these days and this ensemble hit just the right notes of informality and nostalgia needed for this event while still feeling chic.

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne 
Previously Worn: This hat is new. While it looks very similar to the hat worn August 6, 2015, they are different
Queen Máxima’s fashion keeps us all on her toes and the styling of her ensemble today was a successful suprise. I can’t wait to hear you weigh in with your thoughts about this hat!
Photos from Getty as indicated

27 thoughts on “Dutch Royals Celebrate Koningsdag

  1. I really love this outfit altogether, lovely vibrant colours and carried through with all the accessories etc (really my only quibble would be that the gloves aren’t quite the right pink). I think the shape of the hat immediately sets the tone for the ensemble. If you imagine it with an upturned brim, it would still look great, but it would immediately lose that New Look vibe.

  2. Love Maxima’s outfit – it’s a little bit different for her in terms of colour and she looks very polished. Yes, I don’t like the gloves either looking at the last photos HQ has posted it looked as though it started out fairly cool (the girls are in coats) so the gloves may have been a ‘stand-by’ that were needed. It’s nice to see her wear a mid-sized hat that’s a new shape for her. The only quibble is that the shape hides her beautiful face just a bit.

    My bigger concern, as always, with Maxima’s hats are those darn hat pins. Please put a guard on the end of them ma’am! Your humble servant, etc.

  3. This was one glorious appearance! I am in awe each time I look at the pictures.
    Wonderful hat – even though the shape kinda hides the upper part of her smiling face, I don’t mind.
    And those shoes! Glorious in every way.

    Also, I need this skirt immediately. can anyone suggest where and how I could find something similar for my non-royal budget? Thanks!

  4. Overall this is a great outfit, especially for someone like Máxima! My only real complaint is skirt, which adds too many colors and patterns to the rest of the outfit. If she wasn’t wearing the hat (heaven forbid! haha), then I would have no problem, but with the hat I think a plain white skirt would work much better. In the end though, I declare this look a winner, especially with that brilliant smile of hers! And happy birthday Willem-Alexander!

  5. I love the hat, the skirt and the sweater set just not all together. I don’t know what needs to change to pull this all together exactly, maybe if the hat was the same color as the top, or the top the same color as the hat……I am not sure but it just seems too much or not enough of the same color scheme. And yes the gloves seem like over kill.

    • I feel the same. I love all the pieces but this combination is not doing it for me. Could be the color combination. The gloves aren’t helping in that case.

  6. I love it, everything about it. The hat is graceful and flattering. The hot pink warms up her glowing complexion and the skirt is delightful. I like it all, even the gloves.

  7. The hat balances the volume of what is practically a poodle skirt, but I do prefer Queen Maxima in an upturned brim. The outfit as a whole though is very pretty. It seemed to hit that mark where retro is modern.

  8. What an interesting but puzzling outfit! There’s a lot of color, and a lot of skirt.
    The pale lilac in the hat is, more or less, a color in the skirt, I guess, although not the lightest, the darkest, the brightest, the more prominent or one featured in any other element of the outfit. The pink shoes must have been chosen for the pink twinset. (The pink gloves seem to be a mismatch for the other pink, unfortunately.) The purse appears to match the skirt exactly.
    Since the skirt is the overwhelming element, I wonder whether less vibrant colors might have been chosen for the remainder of the outfit. Today’s combinations definitely are for someone with a vibrant personality, though, and Queen Máxima seems to fill the bill.

  9. Aw looks just like Princess Grace’s style. There is something about the gloves that I do not like. The bouquet colour clashes. I do like the skirt, hat , and the top. Nice.

  10. Love it! The hat is gorgeous although the hatpins are a little too obvious. Was going to say “Hooray! Twin sets are back,” until Beach Girl’s comment that it might be a top connected to the skirt with the cardigan as an addition.

    • It might not be a real twin set but it’s certainly styled to look like one and that’s what matters to me. The whole outfit has a 1950s feel to it that’s a little dowdy but OK. Max pulls it off.

      LOVE the video showing how the hat designer gets some of the fabric from the skirt and then matches the hat to it.

  11. A little busy, but she looks vibrant, smashing (except for the lethal hat pins!). The hat in itself is charming, and she is tall enough so that she doesn’t look overpowered by the brim–though perhaps her subjects would prefer a less impeded view of her.

  12. Love the hat (color and shape) on her. Not a fan of the big print on the skirt – my ‘read’ is that’s not a twin set – it looks maybe like the skirt has a bright pink top half and the sweater is a coordinating cover up.

    • I’m not really sure it’s a twin set either. The color seems to be different? Could it be that the cardigan was an afterthought because of the cold?

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