Duchess of Cornwall Supports Military Charities

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall attended a service and tea party in London today in support of the Victoria Cross and George Cross Association, an organization that supports recipients of these military honours. For this event, Camilla finally ended her six-month streak of black hats with one in navy and cream. The repeated piece features a wide cream straw brim and high, moulded crown around which is wrapped a folded sash in navy straw. The hat is trimmed in a slim stripe of cream around the brim, a multi looped knot and a soaring, curved feather. It’s a beautifully balanced hat that Camilla carries so well, especially in combination with her dress and coat.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 2, 2015;  May 22, 2013; July 11, 2009;  May 8, 2009June 8, 2007July 14, 2006; July 20, 2005; and June 28, 2005
While my archives show this hat to be more than ten years old, the classic navy and cream scheme prevent its ageing and the great proportion on Camilla makes us focus on the whole instead of small details that, on their own, might begin to date it. I continue to love this hat and while we’ve seen it a lot, am not ready to see it retired. What do you think of this piece?
Photos from Getty as indicated

27 thoughts on “Duchess of Cornwall Supports Military Charities

  1. Not only do I love this hat, but I really NEED this hat! I have a navy with white polka dots dress to wear to my parents’ 60th wedding anniversary party on a little cruise boat in June. That hat would make the outfit! If Camilla would like to send it to me I would even pay the postage! I would wear it without the remaining feather. ❤ 🙂

  2. This woman can really wear a hat. Classic and beautiful. Single feather now looks random; the feather must go.

  3. I like the hat very much, but I think the feather is gilding the lily. The hat doesn’t need it! The looped knot is enough. Funny, when I first saw it I thought: The crown and the navy sash are veering into Princess Beatrix territory!

  4. I think that it’s a lovely hat and looks great on her, but I do prefer the hat with two feathers instead of one.

  5. Nice. My first thought was it is covering her face a bit. Going through a couple of the previous wears it appears she has repeated the entire outfit.no problem with that.

  6. It’s a pity the hat no longer has two feathers. In my opinion it was more balanced before. Now the duchess had better remove the remaining feather, it adds nothing to the hat.

  7. I have always loved this hat on Camilla, and glad it has not been retired yet (nor should it be!). Looking back at previous appearances, I had forgotten how low this hat sometimes sat over her face, and this time it looks like they turned the brim up more to help with this; disappointed though they removed the second feather, since I think the feathers make this hat more fun, but not too crazy. Brava!

  8. The Duchess looks lovely in this hat and outfit. The color really compliments her eyes. One of my favorite repeats for the month.

  9. It looks like at one point there were two feathers, one curving up and one curving down. I can’t decide if that helped or if it just looked like two errant feathers. It’s a great hat in any case and looks quite striking at the many nautical appearances.

  10. This is a beautiful hat, beautifully executed, and the whole ensemble is exceptionally elegant. It’s had a long life, but seeing it only once a year on average means I haven’t tired of it.

  11. I love the hat and in fact the whole outfit. I think Camilla is one of the most accomplished royal hat wearers of all time.but why a brown handbag??

  12. Yes, love this hat, although it looks more white than cream in the photos. My Grandmother always said you can’t go wrong with navy and white and the Royal ladies have proved this over and over again. Don’t think it needs the wayward feather, though, but that would be my only gripe.

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