British Royals Host Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh hosted the second Buckingham Palace garden party of the season (see the first one here, hosted by Princess Alexandra). The Queen repeated a vibrant hat I am always happy to see make a return. In bright pink straw, this piece features a squared crown, upturned brim on one side and is trimmed with a trio of silk peonies. Such shades of pink can easily read as childish but the crisp lines and restrained trim of this design make it work. I have always thought it to be a marvellous hat on Her Majesty and I adore that she matched her lipstick to it.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: May 28, 2014; July 4, 2012; October 25, 2011

The Countess of Wessex repeated a hat we first saw at Ascot last year. Today’s photo gives a better view of the piece, showing a cream straw beret base with striped crin brim folded up into flutes at the back. With grey and cream crin curls and a pair of black feathers for trim, the hat is a lavish piece that remains incredibly sophisticated thanks to a streamlined colour palate. Sophie has become such a force when it comes to royal millinery and this piece illustrates why.

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Designer: Jane Taylor
Previously Worn: June 17, 2015

Princess Alexandra repeated the turquoise suit and matching hat she first wore at the Epsom races last summer. With a gently upswept brim on one side, a swath of net tulle resting on the brim, dark blue feather trim and a lower crown than most of her other hats, this remains a fantastic design for Alexandra and she wears it beautifully.

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Designer: Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: June 6, 2015

The Duchess of Gloucester joined in today’s rainy festivities in her much loved navy straw beret. While I would love to see a few new pieces make their way into Brigitte’s closet, the streamlined design of this piece looks great on her and allows her jewellery to take centre stage.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 16, 2015; March 26, 2015; June 29, 2013June 17, 2013; June 4, 2013

Not to be outdone, the Duke of Edinburgh and Duke of Gloucester looked most handsome in grey felt top hats while the Duke of York looked to be braving the bad weather in a black silk design.

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The start of Buckingham Palace garden parties not only showcases wonderful hats, but indicates how close we are to the biggest of all royal hat events in mid June. What did you think of these repeated hats in London today?
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20 thoughts on “British Royals Host Garden Party

  1. Yes, agree with Jimbo too. Though HM looks great in an unbelievable array of hues she looks striking in this pink. I am in love with the Countess of Wessex’s hat and wish it were in my wardrobe!

  2. Wonderful selection of hats! HM looks fantastic. That is one of my favorite pink hats of hers. Sophie looks elegant and I think I like her hat better this time around. P Alexandra’s hat suits her perfectly, and the D of Gloucester’s hat, while small and understated, goes perfectly with her outfit.
    The gentlemen look wonderful in their top hats. Does it look like the Duke of Gloucester is wearing his at a rather jaunty angle? And not as far down on his forehead? I can’t imagine that there is much styling to be done with a top hat… but he seems to be trying!

  3. I really like Sophie’ s hat. The lines of the crin and the lines of the dress complement each other perfectly as do the colors. I would love to see a pop of color in her shoes and /or clutch!

    • I agree with what Intrigued by Royals says: May 10, 2016 at 11:07 pm. The Countess looks her best with some colour. I love her hat.

  4. I love how the Queen stands out with the pink in the rainy weather , she takes centre stage, I love Sofie’s hat

  5. Certainly a great showing of hats at this garden party!

    HM looks wonderful once again in an outfit and hat I’m glad to see back out once more. Also, what did she do before they made all those matching umbrellas for her? 😉

    Seeing Sophie’s hat closer up makes me appreciate the details much more. While I love this overall, this horsehair crinoline still looks a bit odd as a material to use here; I wonder what it would look like if the disc part of the hat was sinamay instead, set on this sisal beret base. Minor complaint thought.

    Glad to see Alexandra bring this fabulous hat back! Such a beautiful color for her, and I love her necklace too.

    I’m glad to see Birgitte bring it with some bling to help liven up this much-worn beret; her glasses also look great on her. (But seriously, can we give this hat a break?)

    And of course the top hats always look great!

  6. Well Done All!
    HM looks fabulous in this color, and the hat proportions and trim are so on the mark– this coat is a particularly lovely cut on her. MrFitzroy’s only quibble would be that the dress print had a bit more punch to balance the hat flowers, as it seems just a bit twee in comparison, but small quarrel indeed.
    Princess Alexandra is true to her style, which suits her so well, and her fondness for netting always makes one a bit nostalgic for the Queen Mum. Sophie Wessex has hit a lovely mature stride and is on quite a stunning run of hats lately.
    The Duchess of Gloucester may not be quite as dramatic, but she knows what suits her, and everyone should have at least one hat that is ever dependable.
    Not a sour note in the bunch, MrFitzroy does hope this portends well for Ascot.

  7. The Queen looks wonderful. The hat suits her perfectly and we get to see the dress beneath the coat once again! I like Sophie’s hat. Very sophisticated.

  8. I love all of these hats. It was fun to see the hats of some of the royals I rarely see. Princess Alexandra and the Duchess of Gloucester look wonderful and it was exciting to see the men looking very dapper in their top hats.

  9. Oh, I love, love, love this rigout on the Queen. It’s one of my favourites, and I thought it had been retired. It’s a classic Parvom/Trevor Morgan combo, and as much as I like AK’s work, this is masterful. She looks so chic and put together.

  10. They all look nice – HM’s hat is perfect for a garden party. Wish some of their rainy weather was here where I live — it’s going to be another dry year for us where I live in Calif.

  11. Everyone looks fantastic. The proportions of the Queen’s hat are excellent, and the silk peonies on the hat, while large, are not overpowering. The others’ hats are equally nice today.
    Wouldn’t it be amazing to see all the Queen’s pink hats arranged precisely by shade of pink? I find it somewhat hard to believe that the fabric used for some coats doesn’t match the fabric used for other coats exactly, someone’s having forgotten to the entire inventory, resulting in accidental duplicates.

  12. I love Sophie’s hat, very elegant. Looking back at the Ascot comments last year, I see the guest commentators thought perhaps it could have done without the curls, but given the great simplicity of the dress, I think the hat can afford to have that bit of extra embellishment. The Queen’s hat is lovely, and this colour will certainly have helped her stand out in the crowd, and as this is perhaps the biggest crowd she ever gets amongst, I guess it’s very appropriate.

  13. I have to say I love them all! Even the Duchess of Gloucester in her tried and true navy beret is a winner.

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