This Week’s Extras

Royal Hats

Casual hats for Princess Anne and her granddaughters last weekend at the Badminton Horse trials where Zara Phillips Tindall successfully qualified for the Rio Olympics (Daily Mail)

Infanta Elena donned a chocolate straw fedora to take in a bullfight with her father, King Juan Carlos  (Belga Images)

You’ve just got until Monday to cast your vote in polls for the best new and best repeated royal hats worn in April

Royal Hats

The Swedish Monarchy released beautiful new photos of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia with wee Prince Alexander

The Imperial Household Agency announced plans to scale back official duties of the Emperor and Empress (Japan Times)

During the official launch of her foundation in California, Princess Charlene jumped in the pool with some kids to teach water safety- something that put her SO in her element (Daily Mail)

The Invictus Games were inspiring and Prince Harry was unapologetically their number one fan.

He sat down with Michelle Obama earlier in the week to talk about the games. The interview gives a peek behind the scenes to their recent mic drops and Harry’s approach to unclehood. It’s charming.

One thought on “This Week’s Extras

  1. Prince Harry, Michelle Obama, and the Invictus Games are a winning combination!! I am thankful the veterans have such good spokespeople. God bless our veterans!

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