Day 2 of Jordanian State Visit to Belgium

The Jordanian state visit to Belgium continued today with a tour of Brugge which included stops at a chocolate shop, a secondary school and the Town Hall.

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Queen Mathilde chose another new hat for these events, a pale pink calot trimmed in rows of coordinating lace trim and a mass of bows on the side. The lace stripes are my favourite part of the hat as they add lovely dimension and movement to the piece while visually separating it Mathilde’s dress- it’s a great visual trick that makes these two pieces, which are the same colour, not look overly matched.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Head-to-toe ensembles in the same colour can be tricky but this combination of dress and hat make it look effortless and Mathilde looks really pretty and elegant in it. What do you think of this new calot hat?
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13 thoughts on “Day 2 of Jordanian State Visit to Belgium

  1. Like the hat … detest the dress. What was the designer thinking? Two clashing shades of pink, two clashing types of fabric – that was always going to work, not! I’d love to see this hat again, but paired with something that’s more sympathetic.

  2. I’m not usually a fan of “frilly” but this hat is enormously successful, especially paired with the simple lines of the dress.

  3. I really like these pink colors for Mathilde, and I think this hat is really well-done, but as a calot, you can’t see and appreciate it unless you’re looking directly at the back of Mathilde’s head, which is not something we normally can, or want, to do. I think it would’ve been more successful as a cocktail hat.

    Now, if we could just get Rania on board the hat train . . .

  4. I think it must be the colours on my computer, but in all the pictures of Queen M her dress seems to be made of twoo fabrics that really do not go together?? I like her hat.

    • I’m having the same experience. In picture 3 the top of Queen Matilde’s dress looks like it’s her skin; in the last picture the two pinks clash. I very much like the calot, though, especially from the back or from the side.

  5. I thought Queen Mathilde looked splendid. Everything appeared to be in proportion with the overall look – her hat was perfect, the dress was simple, and her clutch purse was in sync with her whole outfit.

  6. It seems as though a combination of lace, bows, and pink would be a frilly nightmare. I’m surprised at how fresh and sophisticated it looks paired with the simple dress.

  7. What a lovely overall look for Queen Mathilde and a lovely colour on her, very delicate. The placement of the hat is very good with a nicely coiffed do to set it off nicely. Winner. Thanks.

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