British Royals Attend Palace Garden Party

Queen Elizabeth hosted her second garden party of this summer season yesterday in the grounds of Buckingham Palace. For this event, she was vibrantly attired in her mauve square crowned, rolled brim hat with wide mint green hat band and brim edging. While I have always wanted to like the fuschia, pink and green feathered blooms adorning this piece, it just reads too costumey for me to embrace.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 30, 2015; June 12, 2014; June 19, 2013

The Duke of Edinburgh was his dapper self in an antique silk top hat, shown off to full effect with a dotted tie.

The Duchess of Cornwall topped her neutral coat dress with her cream straw hat with up-swept brim. The gentle curve in this design is shown off so well with this delicate windowpane straw and while it’s huge in scale, Camilla pulls it off. I think, however, I prefer this hat paired with a more colourful ensemble.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 13, 2015;  June 19, 2013; June 14, 2011; April 29, 2011; June 16, 2009

Princess Anne repeated the ecru straw hat she first wore to Ascot last year. With a double crown wrap in chocolate straw and ruched duponi silk, a chocolate straw underbrim and a mass of feathers at the side, there is a lot happening visually with this piece. I think, however, the muted colour palate and pairing with Anne’s simple ecru bouclé suit balances the hat and maybe even makes it work.

Princess Anne, May 20, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: June 19, 2015; November 19, 2007June 2006

The Duke of Kent wore a grey felt top hat while his sister, Princess Alexandra, surprised in a new design. In white straw, the picture hat features a wide, flat brim and domed crown with straight sides. Trimmed with Alexandra’s signature swath of tulle net, the hat is also decorated with what looks to be a striped green and white bloom on the side.

Duke of Kent, May 20, 2016 | Royal Hats

Princess Alexandra, May 20, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: likely Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

What hats stood out to you most at this event?

Photos from Getty as indicated and The British Monarchy

24 thoughts on “British Royals Attend Palace Garden Party

  1. I’m surprised this one has become a favourite. Its fourth outing, even some other stunners (or the Paris and Berlin tour wardrobes) remain in the closet. I do still think the flowers are beautiful, and I don’t hate the hat shape… Just a not together.

    Anne’s coat is from the 70s, I’ve seen it before! Many times!

  2. Dear HatQueen, from my memory, last year’s Ascot was not the 1st time that Princess Anne debuted her hat. I remember she first debuted it actually at Royal Ascot 2006. Please see the link below:

    The second time HRH wore this hat was in November 2007 for Thanksgiving Service of the Diamond Wedding of her parents at Westminster Abbey. On that occasion, she donned with the same coat as the Garden Party one I think:

    • Well spotted, Lex. I suspect there are a few other times that this hat has been worn but it’s difficult to track as Princess Anne is not always followed by the main photo sources. Thanks for this!

  3. Not a fan of this colour on HM. And she looks good in about every shade going. I am not fond of her hats with this sort of trim. It looks like marzipan. Princess Anne’s hat might look better from another angle. That is not a flattering angle. Anyway, I don’t mind it. Would love to see her in some jollier colours. Camilla’s hat is insanely big but love it. How about the height of the crown? Her dress however. Drab. Princess Alexandra’s hat is the only one that says garden party to me. And yes, Prince Philip is wearing a perfectly turned out topper.

  4. Oh dear. Usually there’s something about the Queen’s ‘not quite’ outfits that lift them up and so I can overlook the jarring detail. But from these photos nothing was working with anything else. The colour of the coat’s all right (although I’m never a fan of mint green), but the design isn’t. The print of the dress looks cheap and the hat, well the hat is a bit of a mess, if I’m honest. The proportions are wrong for her and the embellishment too large. Colourful? Yes. Stylish? Nowhere near it.

  5. Unfortunately Angela Kelly does not do the Queen justice with the hats and outfits she designs for her. She began as the dresser to the Queen and had never,as far as I know, had any training as can be clearly seen in this dreadful coat and hat. The coat would not look good on anyone and the hat looks like dressing up things! Bring back RTM for hats always and Stuart Parvin for coats. I hope this outfit it put away for good!

  6. MY LAWD this is bad. I hope the Brits are saving their best for the big gun events next month because these are just bad. Camilla’s hat is great but it’s terribly with that awful matronly dress-jacket thing she’s wearing. Princess Alexandra’s hat is fab but ruined with the circus scarf. Can’t believe I’m saying this but we needed the York princesses here for some decent fashion. Or Sophie. She’s become the best dressed of them all.

    • Well, that’s the aristocracy for you. Their idea of what well-dressed means is probably quite different from you and I. They have been brought up differently and in a time when money didn’t equal bling, far from it. One would rather have died than been considered ‘flash’, don’t you know. I rather like seeing the eccentric touches of some of the true royals – Anne’s thriftiness and sometimes haphazard way of dressing is a sign of her blue blood. Marvellous.

  7. Only because I know all of you expect it, a couple of thoughts on the gentlemen’s top hats – God bless the Duke of Edinburgh. He always dresses so well and dapper, this garden party no different. To dress as well as he and Her Majesty do at their age is brilliant. As one other commenter said, it is nice to see him in a black topper rather than his usual gray hat. As for the Duke of Kent, his hat is so ill fitting as to be comical. I don’t quite understand the fit issue because I’m sure that hat is as old as I am (55). But the space between the hat and the top of your ear should be only about the width of your finger to be properly fit, and the DofK’s hat is sitting atop his head as if he borrowed the hat from someone. His clothes look borrowed as well – but I think much of that is he’s wearing a morning suit (rather than a morning coat with trousers and waistcoat) that is likely many years old and he’s lost so much weight as he’s aged that the suit simply doesn’t fit him any longer. As for the knot of the tie that someone else commented on, it is a Kent trait (the Duke and his brother, Prince Michael and their sons) to wear a very loosely tied full Windsor knot, which results in a huge and, in my opinion, ugly knotted tie.

    • You’re back Chuck! Missed you. Prince Philip looks so great- LOVE his hat and matching tie.

      Seems that the DofK could get a new suit that fits but aren’t the Brit aristocrat types a little crazy about these things and wear the same tweeds forever and ever? His head wouldn’t have changed size so that’s a fail on his hat. Ugly hat anyway.

  8. Much as I dislike the Queen’s hat, it’s the coat that ruins this outfit for me: devoid of style, it looks like a lab coat. The hat, while hopelessly overdone, would look better, I suspect, when worn just with the dress. Perhaps that flower on the hat could be reduced in size, or (even better) retire this outfit! But the umbrella matched nicely.
    Everyone else looked better yesterday. The Duchess of Cornwall’s enormous hat is so interesting when one can see through it. I think it was a good choice for her outfit. Princess Anne and Princess Alexandra look appropriate.

  9. The Queen’s hat is too small for the flower or the flower is too big for the hat. I’m leaning on the side of the hat is too small. And the color combination is not working for me.
    Camilla’s hat looks best in a rolling open carriage where it appears like the brim is swept up and the ribbons are streaming out in the wind.
    The other hats are too messy and old fashioned for me.

  10. This is one of the few hats for HM that I am just not a fan of at all. The shape isn’t so flattering for HM, and the trim just doesn’t work with the rolled-up brim. And this color combo doesn’t speak to me either; reminds me of the pastel Easter M&Ms. I do like the coat and brooch though.

    I’m so used to seeing Philip in a grey top hat, so this black one is a nice change.

    Surprised it’s been so long since Camilla has worn this hat (it’s been one of her staples for years!). I’ve always loved it, but I’m not a fan of the rest of her outfit. The buttons and coat attached to her coat (what?) are just odd, not to mention the boring color. Bring back the green coat she favors with this hat!

    I’ve actually always liked this hat for Anne; I think it’s much better than many she wears. Again, not feeling the outfit; I want to see that beautiful embroidered coat she wore with this hat at Ascot again!

    I really like the Duke of Kent’s grey ensemble and slight jaunty angle of his top hat, but it looks like his jacket was not tailored so well and is too roomy.

    Need more photos of Alexandra’s hat! It looks to be pretty awesome, especially with the bits of green added to it so it’s more interesting.

  11. HM: too much trim; dawdy coat; nice color combination.
    D of E: spot on; such a classy look!
    D of C: too big for my taste. (I KNOW I’m in the minority here!)
    P Anne: did a bird roost on her head? THIS one reads costumey to me.
    D of K: very nice. His signature tie knot is too big, IMO.
    P. Alexandra: too much “stuff” on her head. Hat size is nice for her.

  12. Her Majesty is a pop of color on a drab day! Not fond of the coat at all, but she brings the bling with the Cullinan V. I do like the hat on her…very much!

    I love Camilla from her head to her toes. It could be considered “blergh”, but I think she looks quite smart.

    Anne? Oh my. Her hat looks messy.

    Same with Alexandra. Too much.

    The gentlemen in their tophats get top marks from me.

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