Dutch Queen Christens Cruise Ship

HMS Koningsdam, the newest and largest ship in Holland America’s cruise fleet, was officially christened today in Rotterdam by Queen Máxima, who used the occasion to début a new hat.

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In navy blue straw (a nice nod to the Dutch company’s corporate colour, seen on their ship’s hulls), the large picture hat featured a rounded crown and wide brim that folded down around the perimeter. Simply trimmed with two intersecting hat bands wrapped around the base of the crown, this hat is all about scale and shape. With Máxima’s navy lace dress and nude accessories, it topped a lovely ensemble.

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Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
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Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: This hat is new
With this beautiful new design, Queen Máxima now has five pieces on the blue shelf in her millinery closet. I think this addition is a great one for her wardrobe- what do you think?
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21 thoughts on “Dutch Queen Christens Cruise Ship

  1. Did I miss the results from the two latest polls for Best New Hat and Best Repeated Hat? I keep checking every day because I’m always excited to see who won. Alas, can’t find.

  2. Large scale is good on Maxima, like Camilla she can really pull it off. And for a Queen on public duty, this navy hat is a better shape than her other recent large hat, since it still allows her to see out and people to see her face (the mushroom brimmed one was a lovely and imposing hat in itself, but she had to tilt her neck back to see people!)

  3. I loved the whole outfit. An elegant color, loved the size of the hat, loved the dress…lovely including the hat pins. If I had to find a detail to wonder about I would say the necklace seemed a bit long to me.

  4. I saw this ship on royal photographer Patrick van Katwijk’s Snapchat, and it is massive!

    As for the hat, I really like this one for Máxima, and am glad she adds another blue hat to her wardrobe (she should add a couple more, just for good measure haha). Her whole ensemble is wonderful (always love how she adds in leather gloves), and reflects her fun personality quite well. The only thing that perplexes me is the material of this hat. On some level it looks like milan straw, but I wonder if it actually is partially (if not all) synthetic (like a polybraid); if so, that would surprise me, and I also think this hat would look even better in a panama straw.

  5. Lovely! The proportions of the hat are just right and the textures of the dress and hat keep the navy from being boring.

  6. Altogether perfect! As ever Queen Maxima wears hers hats wonderfully well and FD knows what suits her.

  7. Love this hat! The size and shape is well balanced and doesn’t hide the face even though it is large. Perfect.

  8. Like the hat – wish the dress had a full lining on it that went down to the hem and didn’t have that illusion part on the lower 8 or 9 inches. Hope to see this hat again!

  9. Love the hat – the size, colour and shape suit her very well. In fact, a big thumbs up for the whole outfit (and boy, do I covet those pearls). Apart from the usual hat pin thing, my only other quibble is regarding the lining of her dress. I think it would look much better with the skirt fully lined; the lining seems rather immodest for a Queen.

  10. I am always excited when I see a post is about this stylish and fun royal lady. She looks absolutely fabulous and the hat is gorgeous, What a great look.

  11. What a fantastic hat and outfit. When she gets it right (which is quite often), Queen Maxima gets it really right.

  12. I love the hat (and the dress), but her necklace seems to me out of scale and out of keeping with the ensemble. (Not to mention the usual lethal hat pins. Otherwise a very lovely combination–and the elegant navy hat suits her well.

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