Swedish Monarchs Support Art Fund

The Swedish King and Queen attended an annual Association of Friends of the Artists event yesterday at Waldemarsudde, home of the late Prince Eugene. Prince Eugene,  an accomplished landscape painter in his own right, created a Swedish Artists’ Support Fund Foundation in 1937 and Monday’s festivities were in support of this fund. Queen Silvia wore a new hat in cherry red felt with a rounded crown and flat brim. Trimmed with a large white silk rose, a slim black hat band and a swath of black net tulle around the brim, the hat follows a very classic design. While it has a 1980s feel to it, this piece is a good scale and colour for Silvia and I think she wears it well.

Queen Silvia, May 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Silvia, May 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Queen Silvia, May 30, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: I believe this hat is new

What do you think of Queen Silvia’s new red hat?

Photo from  Pelle Nilsson T / Stella Pictures via The Swedish Royal Court and Dana Press

13 thoughts on “Swedish Monarchs Support Art Fund

  1. Wow, I am surprised at the comments so far! I love the hat and am glad the netting does not come over the eyes. The red color is just perfect to add a pop of color to her black and white dress. Since it is summer I do wish it was made of straw.

  2. This is a miss for me. I don’t like the shape, the materials or the color combo. The Queen’s outfit otherwise is lovely. I think a small calot on the order of Queen Mathilde’s would have been nice with this outfit.

  3. I like the idea behind this hat (which is felt, not straw), but the execution is not done so well. If this is a vintage hat, then I could understand it a bit more (I have one in my collection similar to this), but if it’s new, then it just looks messy, and definitely with too high of a dome crown.

  4. Joan Collins called and she wants her hat back. This is SO 1980s Dynasty. Don’t get me wrong it’s cute in a retro way but it looks pretty old.

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