British Royals Visit Artillery Company

Yesterday morning, Queen Elizabeth paid a visit to the Honourable Artillery Company, one of the oldest military organizations in the world. The Queen is the longest serving Captain-General of the Company and today’s visit included unveiling a bust in her honour.

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For this honour, the Queen repeated one of my favourite hats in cornflower blue straw with a squared crown and slightly raised brim on one side. Since wearing it first during the Diamond Jubilee, this hat has become an iconic piece for the Queen and one I never tire of seeing her wear (and I see it several times a day!). The colour is brilliant on Her Majesty and the subtle brim curve and crown shape give an interesting spin on the classic style. The trim is Rachel Trevor Morgan at her refined best and I adore how the black and white feather alstroemeria blossoms tie so perfectly with the floral print on the Queen’s dress.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: April 19, 2015; May 18, 2014July 28, 2012; June 2, 2012
Prince and Princess Michael of Kent were also in attendance for this event- the Prince in his Irish Guards uniform and the Princess in her rounded cream pillbox hat. This pillbox is a large one (only Princess Beatrix’s pillboxes beat it for size) but as Princess Michael has a natural flair for the dramatic, she carries it well.


Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: unknown. Possibly John Boyd
Previously Worn: June 15, 2013; June 11, 2011; June 20, 2008
We’re barely into June but the Queen’s blue hat gets my nomination for favourite repeated design this month- what do you think?
Photos from Getty as indicated

14 thoughts on “British Royals Visit Artillery Company

  1. Looks like a chilly day! The Queen’s hat is gorgeous – as is her high-wattage smile. I don’t care for the print of the dress fabric, though.

    Princess Michael looks nice.

    The bust looks … underwhelming. Must be hard to get personality into metal (or marble or wood), specially of a very well-known figure.

  2. HM looks simply fantastic here! This hat is one of the best for her in terms of shape and detailing.

    Princess Michael’s hat isn’t that exciting (especially since we know she can carry off something much crazier), but I love that she paired it with this red coat and shoes rather than the usual creams and whites she has favored in the past.

  3. I like the Queen’s hat a lot. The flowers are pretty and that slight curve on the brim really does make a difference.
    Princess Michael’s hat is ok but rather blah. I do think a regular size pillbox is better than an oversized one, but maybe she wanted to get all her hair under it. You are right, she does carry it well.

  4. The Queen’s hat is fabulous but remains the only part of this outfit that I really like. I still don’t think the flowers in the dress look the cornflower blue of the hat and coat; the flowers look much more turquoise. I would like to see the dress alone with the hat. I suspect it would clash.

  5. Yep – still lovely, and pleased to see it getting continued wear.

    Ooh – did someone say let’s have a bet on hats we think will be repeated for Ascot?! I’ll play!!

  6. I love this hat. I love the shape and the scale and the color. Superb. Her Majesty looks splendid.
    Princess Michael can wear a huge hat, it’s true, and I’m more accustomed to seeing her in large picture hats. This oversize pillbox is ok. Doesn’t really sing, in my opinion.
    I like the bust. I don’t think she looks severe, I think it represents her fairly well. She has a small smile, and she is wearing some fabulous jewels… I like it!

  7. Beautiful hat. The black and white trim with the blue is a little unexpected.

    But how is the bust being received? I appreciate the rare depiction of a mature woman, but she looks so severe.

  8. Her Majesty always looks amazing. If I look as beautiful and serene as she does at 90, I will be a very happy woman. The hat is very becoming, and I always love seeing it.

    • Personally, I think HM gets lovelier with age. This blue hat is perfect for her. Any “bets” on her chapeau choices for Ascot?

      • I’m back with two more comments:
        1. Picture #4 is wonderful with all the dots of light above HM. A remarkable photo for sure.
        2. Princess Michael’s white hat looks about to fall off . . . I don’t care for it.

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