Princess Michael Supports Fashion Launch

Princess Michael of Kent had a busy day yesterday, joining the Queen’s visit to the Honourable Artillery Company in the morning then taking in a fashion launch at the Kensington Palace Orangery in the afternoon. For the launch of British fashion brand Sienna Jones’ debut collection ‘The Marina Range’, Marie-Christine repeated a black fascinator made up of a straw twisting bow trimmed with a net veil. I’m often critical of fascinators but I really like this design and thought it looked marvellously chic with Marie-Christine’s black coat and trousers.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 8, 2013
What do you think of this glamorous fascinator on Princess Michael?
Photos from Getty as indicated

25 thoughts on “Princess Michael Supports Fashion Launch

  1. I’m not a fan of the netting veil, but if it were pulled up to be a swath around her hairline I might like it better. Still, it’s an elegant headpiece and Princess Michael wears it well. Very chic.

    • I missed the “Marina” connection- I’m not sure if the collection was named for the late Princess Marina or not! It seems like a likely connection.

  2. Very elegant !!
    Small remark – if veil done right it is not a problem to move it without distorting all headpiece,.
    This particular veil blocked to cover 2/3 of face ( someone worried about starvation at reception) sipping drink , smoking (like in old ads:), smiling should not cause any problem.
    P.s. In my book , this is headpiece- elegant, minimalist, modern , excellent executed, good placement!
    Whilst ,Fascinator – is a something ( bad shaped random feathers+ mixed millinery materials) glued together (sometimes at hen party) at last moment and pinned to hair …

    • Call it what you want but your definition is not correct. HQ where do I find your explanation on fascinators?

      • Definitions of different hat types are found at the top of the blog under the page “Glossary of Hat Types”. You’ll find the explanation on fascinators here. Technically, Princess Michael’s headpiece here is a fascinator as there is no visible base and it attaches directly (probably via a comb) to her head.

  3. Princess Michael loves drama in her hats – and this is no exception. A large fascinator with almost a full-face net. Shouldn’t work but I rather like it (although wouldn’t want to wear it). Freddy looks smart too.

    • One problem would be sipping the bubbles that were surely on offer (or tea) or nibbling on anything, but if one was worried about one’s figure it might be just the ticket!

  4. Very chic, and I definitely love this fascinator on Princess Michael. My only issue is since the whole ensemble is black, it does look a bit funereal (especially with the veil), but I think the trousers somehow help scale that feeling back.

  5. I am in 2 minds about this fascinator……………..the whole outfit looks very elegant and I wonder why she chose to wear one at all. I mean, she obviously doesn’t want anyone to kiss her! It’s unusual for a Royal to wear all black unless they’re in mourning. Her son, by the way, looks very dapper. Yes, the jury’s still out!

  6. I don’t like netting in general and especially not in front of the face. But I do applaud the minimalist nature of this topper with such a streamlined outfit. The large bow is about as minimal as this princess goes. She is nearly always dramatic and very glamorous.

  7. Some fascinators look like parts of a clown costume to me, but this one is very attractive, and it particularly suits Princess Michael. The overall look is polished and chic.

  8. She looks very chic. I am not usually a fan of fascinators either, but she looks very elegant and a larger hat might have been overpowering.

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