British Royals Visit Wales

Queen Elizabeth, the Duke of Edinburgh, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall took on joint engagements in Cardiff today, visiting the city and attending the Opening of the Fifth Session of the National Assembly for Wales at The Senedd. For this unusual joint event, the Queen and Camilla coordinated their ensembles in pale, summery green.

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Queen Elizabeth repeated her pale aqua hat in textured straw. This piece is beautifully trimmed with an untextured aqua straw hat band and edging around the brim, two pale grey silk flowers and a pair of grey arrow trimmed feathers. The textured straw gives much visual interest to this small piece and the colour is beautiful on Her Majesty.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: July 3, 2013June 13, 2012October 19, 2011 

The Duchess of Cornwall repeated her mint straw hat with ‘slice’ diagonal brim trimmed with wide jinsin ribbon curls. This trim gives such a sense of lightness and fun to the hat although I still wish Camilla would tilt it back slightly off her face.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images
Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: August 15, 2015; June 16, 2015
I’m always intrigued when royals coordinate their outfits (and wonder what kind of memos are exchanged between royal offices!) and can’t imagine that this pair of green hats in Cardiff today was a coincidence. What do you think of these green designs?
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17 thoughts on “British Royals Visit Wales

  1. To me, The Queen’s outfit looks more blue than green – I agree with the comments on the grey flowers on her hat, not a good choice but overall she looks fabulous. Love the fact she wore this brooch – given to her on the occasion of Prince Charles’s birth by her parents. As for The Duchess of Cornwall – lovely shade of green and love the hat but they are becoming a tad predictable. Is she doing a Queen Mother re her hats?? The Queen Mother’s hats in the last few years were virtually the same shape, just different materials and colours.

  2. Beautiful color, texture, and proportions on HM’s hat. The gray flower trim is unexpected. It looks more sophisticated than a color and accents her hair.

  3. I really like the Queen’s hat – but wish the beautiful flower trim wasn’t grey. It seems to negate the spring-iness of the green. The photo of her with her vibrant bouquets makes me want to pop one of those on the hat instead. It’s Wales, after all, she could have used yellow daffodil-type flowers and made the locals love her even more.

    Not loving Camilla’s hat. Nothing particularly wrong with it, she just seems to wear this (type of) hat quite a lot. Ditto the coat style.

    • I agree with what sandra says: June 7, 2016 at 9:55 pm. The grey flower trim on the Queen’s hat seems to detract from the lovely green colour of it. The Duchess’s green outfit is also a good colour but the hat is one we have seen before and I am not a big fan of these streamer-trimmed hats.

  4. I was so excited when I saw HM on the Royal Family’s social media earlier today. I had forgotten about this hat, and I’m so glad to see it return. It is absolutely beautiful, and the details are exquisite.

    Still love this hat for Camilla, but I agree that is should sit slightly farther back to make it look even better. After reviewing the previous times of her wearing this ensemble, I’ve decided the coat is what is really bothering me (in addition to her unhappy looks in these photos; so odd, but perhaps she’s having an off day); I prefer this hat with just the dress sans coat. But I suppose the coat formalizes the look, and that’s what was called for for today’s events.

  5. Both The Queen and The Duchess look superb. I wonder if the green is a sort of nod to “leek green”? The hats are spot on and the brooches – HM wearing the brooch given her by her parents for Prince Charles birth and HRH wearing the Prince of Wales brooch is a lovely touch.

  6. The Queen is repeating some stunners lately isn’t she (let’s just gloss over Saturday!) let’s hope it’s a sign for the week to come… I thought many of these were consigned to the back of the vault, so I’m happy to see this one out again. It’s a fabulous colour combo, and a beautifully executed hat and coat.

    Camilla’s hat still could do with a bit less fuss, but overall I still like it.

  7. The Queen and the Duchess both looks fabulous today. The Queen’s hat is perfectly executed, and the coat material is beautiful. I’ve wondered before about royals’ matching their outfit colors. Somewhere years ago I read something like “Oh, don’t worry about your outfit clashing with the Queen’s. She never notices what others are wearing.” But I doubt this is true. (The Queen’s brooch was a gift in honor of Prince Charles’s birth.)

  8. HM looks PERFECT – size, shape, color, texture. I only wish she would wear suits in the summer (remember the France trip?) more often.
    Isn’t the climate in Wales pleasant enough at this time of year to warrant lighter outerwear?
    Embed from Getty Images

    The 2nd picture is wonderful, showing her brooch and the flowers!
    As for Saturday, I say she’ll be wearing BLUE! I’ll toast her good health with my first gin that day.

  9. Both Ladies look wonderful, did you note the brooch Her Majesty is wearing, I just love it. It was a gift from her parents either on her 21st birthday or on the birth of Prince Charles, not sure which.

  10. I love the coordinating outfits. And I love Camilla’s Prince of Wales feathers brooch as a nod to being in Wales. As for the placement of her hat, perhaps her husband is like mine, always insisting I pull my hats forward….. The grey trim on the Queen’s hat is unexpected, but I like it.

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