Swedish Royals Celebrate National Day

Swedish Royal Family, June 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

The Swedish Royal Family kicked off National Day celebrations earlier this morning with the release of two photos of Princess Estelle taken at Haga Palace. In the first, she is dressed in national costume, cuddling her little brother and in the second, she and Crown Princess Victoria are both sporting summery hats in natural straw.

Princess Estelle and Prince Oscar, June 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

Crrown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle, June 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

The King and Queen spent the first part of today visiting Sofiero Castle which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. For their tour of the castle and recently completed commemorative gardens and an outdoor concert, Queen Silvia wore a new hat in what can only be described as Swedish blue! Made of lightly woven straw, the design features a rounded crown, and side sweeping brim. 

Queen Silvia, June 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

The hat is trimmed in a pleated silk hatband and a side spray of blue silk flowers (irises maybe?) that reveal peeks of yellow and white at their centre, giving a wonderful but very subtle nod to Swedish national colours.

 Queen Silvia, June 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

Head-to-toe outfits in strong colours such as this blue can be difficult to balance but the transparent straw used for this hat design gives a beautiful lightness to the ensemble. It’s a beautiful colour on Queen Silvia and I think she wears this hat, beautifully.

Queen Silvia, June 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The family congregated in Stockholm in the evening for their annual carriage procession from the Royal Palace to Skansen for an outdoor concert. Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine and Princess Sofia all wore Swedish National Dress completed with the white folded linen headpieces (traditionally worn only by married women). Princess Estelle wore a sweet royal blue and yellow braided folk headband.

Queen Silvia, June 6, 2016 | Royal Hats

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What do you think about Queen Silvia’s new hat for National Day today?

Photos from Kate Gabor via the Swedish Monarchy; Stella Pictures; and Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “Swedish Royals Celebrate National Day

  1. This is slightly OT but I was just wondering if the SRF have a loan arrangement with Philip Treacy?
    I feel fairly sure we’ll see this blue hat on Silvia again but there are some beautiful hats that we only see once. For example, pretty much anything Madeleine wears and any of Victoria’s big hats. The only things they have in common is that their from Philip Treacy and they’re never seen again. So, unless there’s a forgotten room of beautiful hats at the palace, do you think it’s possible that they are borrowed as opposed to brought?

  2. I love this new cobalt blue sinamay hat for Silvia! The color is beautiful, and the shape is fantastic! (bows down and thanks the hat gods it’s not another calot/pillbox for her) Silvia definitely can pull off these saturated colors amazingly. Interesting how the men never seem to wear traditional outfits from Sweden for the national day (or any other time).

  3. QSilvia looked great in her blue hat and a great nod to the national colors with the bit of yellow. I love the color and the open weave of the straw made it very summery looking. Victoria and Estelle look lovely in their straw hats and I especially like the blue and yellow headband on Estelle. All look great but I must agree Madeline is stunning!

  4. I love the national costumes, but am perplexed as to how the white linen headpieces are put on. Can someone please explain it? Sylvia was born to wear jewel tones and sapphire blue is no exception.

    • My mum has one of these – it’s a square piece of starched linen (plenty! of starch, or one looks like a floppy eared bunny) folded round a circular base of plastic. Basically napkin folding turned millinery.

  5. Queen Sylvia’s new blue hat is a refreshing change from her normal pillbox or similar. The transparent straw is an excellent idea.

  6. Great new hat for Queen Silvia. Beautiful color, shape and lightness. And I love the two straw hats as well- very practical for the sun.

  7. Love Syl’ s blue hat! It is so airy and summery! I wish it had a touch more yellow for a little contrast. The pics of Oscar with his sister and Mom are adorbs! I love Estelle’ s straw hat. Isn’t this the first time we have seen her in a proper hat? Great debut! I am not sure about the belt on Vickan’ s hat. At least it is very thin and it is unique and original. I love that Madeleine wears high heals with her National Costume. A true fashionista!

  8. Queen Silvia’s new hat struck just the right chord! Very pretty and appropriate. If I could, I would change the angle just a smidgen so that it isn’t sitting straight across her face.
    I love the pair of straw hats worn by Crown Princess Victoria and Princess Estelle! Adorable!
    And, I do love the national dress occasions. Everyone wears the headscarf a little different, and that is interesting. So nice to see them upholding traditions. I wish the men would wear whatever the traditional Swedish outfit is for them. The Norwegian men look quite handsome and dashing in theirs!

  9. Queen Silvia’s hat is lovely–what a wonderful color for her, and the transparent straw is perfectly in tune with her ensemble and the day. The whole family looked relaxed and happy. Princess Madeleine outshone almost everyone: Princess Estelle in her beautiful straw hat was the picture of summer.

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