90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Kent Family Part 1

Royal Hats

Today’s service of service of thanksgiving to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday was attended by most members of the Kent family. While the Duchess of Kent did not appear (perhaps we’ll see her tomorrow?), the Countess of St. Andrews entered St. Paul’s Cathedral today with her father-in-law and husband in an interesting navy hat from French brand Celine Robert. The ruched straw turban encircled her head, fanning into two tails at the front around which was wrapped a cream lattice bubble of sorts. Forgive my description, dearest readers, but I truly don’t know what to call this (beyond a bubble turban). We’ve seen Sylvanna wear some interesting millinery in years past but this one might take the cake.

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Lady Marina Windsor, eldest daughter of the Earl and Countess of St. Andrews, topped her black and white check suit with a black headpiece also by Celine Robert.. The teardrop shaped piece is trimmed with transparent black lattice crim and a black bow. I want to like this piece but its open center makes it look, unfortunately, like a folded napkin.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Marina’s younger sister, Lady Amelia Windsor wore a white straw pyramid hat,  I want to like this design but the hat’s lavish trims- a black net veil wrap, white straw bows, and mass of black and white feathers-  feel like a classic case of millinery overtrimming. Combined with Lady Amelia’s black dress, the look is a little overdone.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Lady Helen Taylor topped her navy dress and coat with a matching hat. In navy straw, the hat follows a very simple shape with downward sloped brim. What’s far from simple here, however, is the elaborate silk ribbon trim that winds around it. Without additional photos it’s hard to cast a final opinion on this hat but I’m worried that it too, overwhelms its wearer’s fine features.

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Lady Nicholas Windsor joined several other guests in pale blue. Her hat features a beret style base covered in the same silk as her collarless coat dress and is trimmed with a massive cream silk flower, arrow trimmed feathers and net veil. I think the scale and colour of this piece are lovely on Paola and just wish we had a better view!

Lady Nicholas Windsor, June 10, 2016 | Royal Hats

What do you think of these five more neutral hued royal hats?

Photos from BBC TV1 and Getty as indicated

17 thoughts on “90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Kent Family Part 1

  1. It’s so after the fact, but I came across these hats and just had to comment. I love Lady Amelia’s ensemble from head to toe! What a beauty she is. The dress is exquisite! I think the hat is young and sweet and perfect with the dress. The shoes are young and fabulous… While Lady Marina’s outfit was a little less sofisticated, nevertheless it was perfect for her, the hat and shoes (a bit edgy) were beautiful, and just right with the suit. Their mother looked elegant and pretty, I love her hat and suit. Lady Helen Taylor…so elegant and beautiful. These women have style!

  2. I love all the softer shades of pastel pinks, creams, a softer black not to black, my favorite has were worn by Zara Tindall and Lady Nicholas Windsor.

  3. Here’s a side view of the Countess of St. Andrews, where we see that her hat was an open bandage-style turban.

    And I second the thanks to Hat Queen for all the coverage during these busy two days!

      • Thanks for this! It’s not a turban after all but a blue ruched head wrap with the white lattice printed crin woven through. This piece just gets more interesting!

      • In several looks through SS2016 designs to ID hats this weekend and during Ascot, I noticed that both Philip Treacy and Jane Taylor’s collections included designs with this distinctive diamond check crin. I suspect this is still a bespoke design but perhaps it came from one of these milliners.

  4. Where is the drone when you need it?!? Just kidding, of course, but I would LOVE to get some better views of all of these hats! Based on the limited evidence, I am going with the Countess of St Andrews ‘interesting’ looking headpiece.

  5. Countess Andrews- SO fab. It might be a bubble turban (LOL!) but it’s fantastic. Probably the most interesting hat (in a good way) so far this year.
    Marina- meh
    Amelia- that hat could be cute with a different dress but it looks really cheap next to Chanel. LOVE her dress.
    Helen- boring.
    Lady Nick- cute

  6. Like many others, I wish we had more views of Sylvana’s hat, but at this point I’m definitely loving it for something completely different.

    Marina’s whole ensemble is perhaps my least favorite of the day (such a shame since she has worn some of my favorite looks in the past). I don’t like this hat, and the look is quite funereal.

    I personally love Amelia’s hat. I don’t think it’s too mature for her, but I do blame her outfit for making us think so.

    I wish we also had more view of Helen’s hat. I think it has potential, but this one I really must reserve full judgment for more views. Overall I think her look is also quite funereal with how dark it all is (even if it is navy).

    Paola looked quite nice, but her look was pretty standard for her and in general, so it doesn’t stand out to me.

  7. I’m surprised at how much I like the Countess’s hat! It looks like wearable sculpture.

    Good to know that I’m not the only one who finds Lady Amelia’s hat and suit too mature for her.

  8. Lady Amelia apparently works for Chanel and is dressed in Chanel, but the whole outfit just seems a bit old for her and while Beatrice work black and white, her outfit was bright, while this is very sombre for the occasion.

    Lady Marina’s outfit is a non-event for me. Fussy hat, bland clothing.

    I’d like to see more of the Countess of St Andrew’s look. The teal pleating looks exquisite, but without being able to read the shape and get a handle on what the heck that coarse netting is doing, I’ll refrain from saying more.

    I always Lady Helen to match Lady Sarah Chatto in her simple, but exquisite formal dressing – but she so often doesn’t. This seems very ‘heavy’ on her, the colour, size and design.

    Lady Nicholas looks nice and her hat appears fun, but appropriate.

  9. Thank you so much for such a wonderful photos and review of all the royal hats worn at the Thanksgiving Service HatQueen. Well done.

  10. I actually really like the Countessof St Sndrews’ hat. I wish we had more angles on it.

    Lady Nicholas is lovely but unremarkable.

    Lady Amelia and Lady Marina are my two least favorite for this whole event (so far). In addition to the over trimming, I feel like the whole shape of Lady Amelias’s hat is way too old for her.

    Thanks so much for taking time to share some of these less frequently seen family members!

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