90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Linleys and Chattos

While Princess Eugenie’s fashion was very 1950s today, Viscountess Linley jumped forward to the swinging 60s with her ensemble. Her hat is an eye catching rounded pillbox in textured cornflower blue straw, trimmed with a flat bow at the front. With her plaid coat from the same era, it’s a LOT of look but Serena carries off the exaggerated hat and I think it’s rather fun on her.

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Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Margarita Armstrong-Jones looked very grown up in a green silk covered percher cocktail hat trimmed with looped green bows and white silk flowers. This shade of green is lovely on Margarita and the scale is perfect for her. We have another budding royal hat wearer here, dear readers!

Margarita Armstrong-Jones, June 10, 2016 | Royal Hats

Designer: I suspect Rachel Trevor Morgan as well
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Lady Sarah Chatto topped her navy and white ensemble with a new saucer hat in the same colours. The white straw underbrim on this piece livens it up and while I’d love to see Sarah try out a few other shapes, I really like the colour contrast and sale of this piece on her. It looks like a hat most of us could integrate into our own wardrobes and this practicality makes me adore Sarah’s millinery choices all the more.

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Designer: Stephen Jones
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Another three new hats for the British royals today! What do you think of these three very different designs?

Photos from Getty as indicated and Rex Features

19 thoughts on “90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Linleys and Chattos

  1. Sorry, not a fan of these. Serena’s hat reminds me of crocheted toilet roll covers–also a “fashion” at one time.

  2. All three are winners! I like Viscountess Linley’s entire outfit, and I think that the colors probably go better in real life than they do on the computer. However, I do hope that this hat style doesn’t come back in vogue in a big way. Too extreme for me! I wasn’t a fan back then, and I only like it a little now.
    Margarita is wearing a hat that any contemporary woman would be pleased to own. Brava!
    Lady Sarah is one of my favorite royals, partly because she looks so accessible, so much like a ‘real’ person. I love her outfit! The hat is in her comfort zone, and why not, but I do wish she had angled it just a tad.
    Well done, Linley Chatto family!

  3. Serena- she looks like she’s on the set of a miniseries about the Kennedys. The hat is good from the front but from the back looks like a basketball stuck on her head. Love the shoes with it but I don’t get how it’s supposed to match with her turquoise and gold coat.
    Margarita- never seen her before but her hat is cute!
    Sarah- same old same old. I get how the hat is supposed to go with her skirt but that skirt is so ugly I don’t know why anyone would want to match a hat to it.

  4. There is no competition here with these ladies I think they all look fantastic. I love Serena’s whole look. This look stands out by going back to another era. I also love Sarah’s look for the simple elegance it exudes. I am loving this birthday celebration for the fact that I get to see all of the royals I don’t think I have seen before. Lady Margarita is a great example, she looks lovely and I quite agree with someone’s comment that her hat choice rivals some of the more seasoned royal hat choices.

  5. I love, love, love Viscountess Linley’s whole outfit! Her hat is fabulous. The shoes and the coat are perfect. What a look from the past. I feel she may be honoring Queen Elizabeth with a vintage look. My favorite pick for the month of June.

    Lady Sarah Chatto assemble also is spectacular. I like that her hat is a little bigger and I think she looks beautiful. She is always a delight to see.

    Hat Queen. You are fabulous. Thank you.

  6. I like the idea of trying this style of hat for Serena (channeling Audrey Hepburn!), but I don’t like it. It seems a little too bulbous, and I don’t care for the bow at all. The other annoying thing is I find the blue of the hat competing with the aqua of her coat. Her coat, and her shoes (!) are amazing though.

    Margarita, don’t worry, there’s no need to hide on one of your first hat outings! This one beats many of the hats the adults are wearing. The color is beautiful (my green bias is showing here haha) and the size and placement are perfect.

    I like that Sarah went for an oversized version of her typical disc hats, but I don’t like how flat this is sitting on her head; give it a bit more of a jaunty angle and it would be awesome!

  7. Serena’s whole look is just amazing – how fab does she look. This should tip over into looking like a costume, but she just brings it back. One of my absolute favourites of the whole day. Margarita will be one to watch, that’s for sure…

    Sarah is lovely. Yes, she could be a bit more polished, but she looks lovely and always seems such a warm person, as we saw during the recent documentary.

  8. Love Serena’s coat and shoes (my goodness, those shoes are gorgeous) but the hat … a bit too close to the ones my mum still had in her wardrobe. More of a copy than an homage, a fine line to be sure, but I think this one errs on the side of not enough imagination.

    Margarita’s hat looks lovely.

    Sarah always looks lovely, if in a low-key way, and this is pretty good for her. Not sure what’s going on at the front of her hair though as her do doesn’t look as sleek as usual. One of the things I loved most about the recent documentary featuring the Royals talking about the Queen was hearing the warmth and love Sarah has for her aunt.

  9. Thank you for posting these photos and comments. Sadly these members of the royal family are overlooked by others, but I truly think they are lovely.

  10. I always have had a soft sport for the Linley’s and Chattos, so I love whenever you blog about them.

    I think Lady Sarah looks great and proper, as she always does. I actually like Viscountess Linley’s hat and coat. It’s funky, but not over the top. She always pulls it off and looks beautiful.

    Margarita looks great and age appropriate. Love the color!

  11. I think all three ladies look lovely, each in her own way. My only wish is that dear Sarah would wear A little lipstick and perhaps some mascara. Then she would be even more elegant. I have found as we age, a little judiously applied maquillage doesn’t go amiss.

  12. Perhaps not my favourite hat of all time, but Viscountess Linley looks lovely. I like lady Sarah’s hat and is it a skirt and jacket?

  13. I really like the whole look Serena has today — the coat is just like something I had back in the 60s! Tho I probably would never have wore it with a giant pill-box going on turban hat, it looks good on her.

  14. HatQueen, I should have said earlier: THANK YOU for your comprehensive, discerning, well-informed, and diverting posts today! You have really outdone yourself, and that is saying a lot!

  15. I love Serena’ss outfit! Just think the hat is too blue – it might be the colours on the computer. I thought she looked great. Sarah wore what she always wears, and looks good too.

  16. Serena’s hat is ghastly, actually words fail me. Why? Too big, too far off her face, I t reminds me of those big hair nets that used to be put over curlers and from the photos the colour does not do-ordinate with the rest of her outfit. This a nomination for worst hat of the year. One big plus, is that she did try something different, not another percher over her eyebrows.

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