90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Princess Anne and Family

Royal Hats

Let’s continue our look at the marvellous royal hats worn today for the service of thanksgiving celebrating the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth. Her daughter, The Princess Royal repeated her tan straw hat with wide chocolate straw and duponi silk bands around the crown and chocolate straw underbrim. The extravagant feather trim on this piece ties in very nicely with the impressive embroidery on Princess Anne’s jacket and chocolate accessories tie the ensemble together into a very harmonious look. It’s not my favourite palate on Princess Anne but she wears it well.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 20, 2016; June 19, 2015; November 19, 2007June 2006

Anne’s daughter-in-law, Autumn Phillips, topped a lovely teal dress with a coordinating hat. The bespoke percher design features bumper shaped base wrapped in widely woven gold lace and a mass of gold, caramel and cream feathers at the back. The gold and teal colour scheme is unexpected and works beautifully with Autumn’s blonde hair.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Emily London
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Zara Tindall continued a string of beautiful percher hats with a this design in pale blue straw with an angular, sloped base, vertical navy feather trim and straw bow. On its own, the strong contrast between the hat’s straw and feather trim might not be to my liking but paired with Zara’s navy floral dress, it works well. She always looks amazing in blue.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Rosie Olivia
Previously Worn:This hat is new

Well, dearest readers, that’s three more hats in our review of today’s British royal celebration. What do you think of these three designs?

Photos from Getty as indicated

18 thoughts on “90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Princess Anne and Family

  1. Anne- if your going to wear an embroidered brown coat, this isn’t a bad hat to wear with it. But who is wearing brown coats these days? NO ONE.
    Autumn- I think I like the lace on the hat. Her hair is FANTASTIC and she looks great in green.
    Zara- LOVE her dress and the hat works with it. So good all around.

  2. A WOW for Anne in my opinion!! Very elegant, Edwardian and matronly in every good sense of the word. Zara looks fantastic as well but I agree with someone’s comment that the hat might have been more stunning in a darker shade of blue. Autumn is not my favorite in this group, very pretty, lovely hair, just not a home-run. The hat is too fussy, the dress too plain….something just not quite doing it for me.

  3. Anne looks simply marvelous here and this is definitely one of her best looks. I love this coat especially. My only complaint is the brown (which is one of my least favorite colors, so there’s my bias); I think someone else mentioned this, but if there was some paler rose pink color with her hat, I think that would liven up the brown for me more (not certain how to execute this without experimentation though haha).

    I think Autumn looks stunning and I love, love this cocktail percher hat! The colors are beautiful and the feathers are just enough crazy to keep it from being too boring. Autumn is really hit and miss with hats for me, and this is definitely a hit! My favorite in this group, and one of my favorites of the day.

    Zara looks great as she usually does in these cocktails hats, but I wish it was in one of the darker blues of her dress (preferably the cornflower blue) to make a bit more of a statement.

    A great showing by Anne and fam!

    • I agree with all that you wrote.
      Princess Anne gets my best repeat vote for June.
      The colors Autumn choose really highlight her lovely hair.
      Zara can really wear this style of hat. However the colors don’t mesh. (In my opinion.)

  4. I agree with HQ re the colour of Anne. Imagine this outfit with some rosy hues in it. Marvellous. I love the Edwardian feel to her hat, too.

  5. Go, Anne and her ‘girls’. How lovely, they all look. Anne looked terrific at ‘Oak Apple Day’ in her blue and follows that up with a second beautiful outfit (fingers crossed for such glamour from her at Ascot). I love all of this outfit.

    Autumn looks marvellous, the colours really suit her, as does the shape of the dress.

    I’m not wowed by the print of Zara’s dress, but the colours suit her and the hat is what she does best – fun and a little bit daring, great colour.

  6. I love Zara’s style, and I think she’s “properly edgy.” The dress is nice, but her hats are extremely stylish. I love the look.

    Autumn’s dress and hat look amazing in your photos. I saw some on a different site and they were in the church and I didn’t understand what she was wearing. I like the hat how the gold compliments the teal dress. I would take off the back feathers though. I think her hair looked lovely.

  7. For me, Princess Anne is the winner in this group, even if this is a repeated outfit. The coat with Jacobean-inspired embroidery is exquisite.

  8. Zara wears perchers so well, but I don’t like this as much as others she’s worn this year. The strong color contrast, bow, feathers, and squiggles (there’s probably a better term for them!) combined are too much.

  9. I like the decoration on Anne’s hat even if she did wear one of her’s that looks like her mom’s hat shape design. Sara gets a pass in my book – I’m just glad she didn’t wear any hat too much smaller – she needs a larger size hat in my book most of the time. Mrs. Phillips is just so so – the hat could use a trim in the decoration part and it might have worked better placed at a slight angle vs. the plumage all to the direct back.

  10. Zara looks FABULOUS, and I would really love Autumn’s ensemble if her hair were up. Princess Anne’s coat is exquisite, although I don’t care for the hat.

  11. The Princess Royal is herself, as always. No other comment necessary from me!
    Zara looks nice. I think her hat is a trifle busy but it works.
    Autumn’s hat and outfit work together well, but I do wish she had done something with her hair. From a distance, the feather ornament looks like her hair is exploding.

  12. Disappointed with Autumn’s outfit.
    Do not like Zara’s either.
    Ann gets an OK..the coat is so familiar of course.

  13. Autumn’s dress is just lovely! The hat is wretched, and made even worse by her uninspiring down hair. Zara Tindall is nice, not one of my fave looks ever, but the hat is great. For me, Princess Anne takes the cake. I love love love her coat and the hat works well with it! Definitely a winning look.

  14. I prefer Princess Anne’s repeated hat, basically because it goes so well with the fantastic coat, but Zara Tindall does such a good job at creating and maintaining a style and looks impressive. The materials for Autumn Phillips’s hat go beautifully with the outfit, but I wish they could be assembled or positioned differently.

  15. I’m sorry but I can’t like Autumn’s hat, it looks like a harvest explosion. Just weird. Anne is Anne. Rather elegant in a slightly dated way, but always true to herself. Zara wins this group.

  16. Annes hat is… alright-ish. I love her coat, but this hat feels more like it should be worn to some country pursiuts in the fall and not in church in the summer!

    While autumns dress is very pretty and the colours nice the hat is a solid no for me. I like alot of facinators and perchers BUT anything that looks bolted to the forehead like that is a no for me.

    Zara looks very nice and her hat is nice enough as well 🙂

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