90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Yorks and Wessexes

We continue our look at today’s service of thanksgiving in celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday (and the 95th birthday of the Duke of Edinburgh) with a look at a quartet of brand new hats worn by more members of their immediate family. Princess Beatrice certainly stood out in the crowd, topping her graphic black and white coat with a hat described by the designer as “an ivory parasisal straw disk trimmed with a rippled black bow”. In a world of plentiful percher cocktail hats, this design stands apart with its larger scale base and architectural bow that gives it a sense of movement and playfulness. This is bold but wonderfully balanced ensemble that looked marvellous on Beatrice.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Sarah Cant SS 2014
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Princess Eugenie also looked beautiful in a headpiece that hearkened back to the 1950s. Described by the designer as wide natural straw aliceband trimmed with half-bow, the headpiece worked wonderfully with Eugenie’s 1950s silhouette dress. The red and navy colour scheme was appropriately patriotic and the hat was shown off to perfection with  Eugenie’s waved hairstyle. I think this is a such a great look for her.

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Designer: Sarah Cant 
Previously Worn: This hat is new

The Countess of Wessex looked  stunning in a pale blue-grey percher hat in swirled straw. The design is beautifully trimmed in curling grey feather spines and bell shaped blossoms in blue-grey crin which provide an ethereal lightness and delicacy to it. With her streamlined swing coat, the hat made for a very sophisticated ensemble.

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Lady Louise  Windsor wore a headpiece made of handmade silk rosebuds with rolled organdie ribbon. It’s a very pretty piece that went very well with Louise’s pink coat and floral dress. Don’t you agree that the scale is just right for this budding young royal hat wearer?

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Lady Louise Windsor, June 10, 2016 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats  Lady Louise Windsor, June 10, 2016 in Jane Taylor | Royal Hats

Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the Trio Rosebud Twist headband
Previously Worn: This piece is new

We have lots more British royal hats to get through today but I’m curious, dearest readers- what do you think of these four new designs?

Photos from Getty as indicated

24 thoughts on “90th Birthday Service of Thanksgiving: Yorks and Wessexes

  1. Agree that Eugenie never looked better. Not a fan of Beatrice’s look.
    I like the swirl and light decoration on Sophie’s hat. At first I thought the base of her hat was too tall and heavy, but when seen from top to toe, the hat is a good balance to the large bottom of her coat. Altogether quite an elegant outfit.

  2. Sophie looked ravishing! I loved the longer hemline in the back, very elegant! Eugenie looked great, as with Serena I like it when somebody harkens back to a earlier style. Beatrice makes for mixed thoughts yet given her many earlier choices this seems in keeping with her style. As I have been looking through these posts most of the ladies seem to be choosing pastel or understated colors. Makes me wonder if they are making an effort not to upstage the queen on this occasion.

  3. I adore Beatrice’s hat and I think it is absolutely wonderful for her. Unfortunately her coat is competing with it rather than complimenting it. If there was one less pattern on the coat, then I think it would work much better. But overall an excellent choice!

    I first saw Eugenie’s hat on my phone, and on the small screen I was not such a fan since it looked like an oversized headband, but now seeing it on a larger screen, I love it a lot more. This is not my preferred hat style, but the color and shape are beautiful on Eugenie and her dress is stunning. One of her best looks ever, and certainly one of the best dressed at this event (which is something considering how much competition there is!).

    Sophie looks lovely, but I think the color leaves me slightly underwhelmed. Not feeling this trend of pale and pastel colors recently. I also wish her hair was in a side chignon a la Máxima.

    Louise also looks good for her first springtime hat debut, but I would like to clip off those two pieces of ribbon hanging over the top of her head; they look a little messy.

  4. Sophie is gorgeous, as ever. Lady Louise looks lovely, just wish they’d dropped her hemlines to the knee.

    Beatrice looks stunning. WOW. Great choices by her.

    Eugenie’s outfit puzzles me. Why would an auburn red-head wear a tomato-red dress? (I may be being old-fashioned so will now read other comments and may change my mind.) If the dress was in green / blue I think it would have suited her more. Like the dress on her, very much. Hat, meh, but fine.

  5. I am with the reader who said that Princess Beatrice’s Burberry Coat does not go with the style of hat she chose. The bow is way too twee for this statement graphic/geometric coat. But her sister on the other hand…..wow, just divine, best she has EVER looked. That first photo of Eugenie shows what a beautiful looking girl she is and that hat was just heaven- simple design, great placement and integration with the hairdo and totally suited to the outfit of choice. Such a great look for Eugenie today….WELL DONE THAT GIRL.
    Thankyou HQ, this is way too much fun.

    • I agree. She is definitely best dressed. I think she’s finding her sartorial flair.

      Princess Beatrice’s coat was amazing. Just beautiful.

      And the Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise looked lovely.

  6. I’ve looked through these photos several times and haven’t changed my first impression. Beatrice’s coat is too “loud” for my taste if that makes sense, and it detracts from the hat. Eugenia looks attractive in the red dress and navy hair band. Sophie is so elegant – great look. And Louise is on her way to being a pretty young woman.

  7. This was the rare occasion when the Yorks looked coordinated from head to toe. They often wear spectacular hats which don’t quite work with the rest of the ensembles. But I agree with the many who suggested that Beatrice’s hat would work better with her hair up.

    Lady Louise’s headpiece is just right — very age-appropriate. Can’t wait until she graduates to real hats, selected with the guidance of her elegant mother.

  8. I know Bea likes these statement looks, but I think over all the entire outfit reads too editorial and is better suited for a magazine layout vs. real life (on her at least). Princess E gets a pass – nothing shocking which is good for this occasion especially. We want the queen to shine above all. Sophie looks terrific

  9. Princess Beatrice’s hat was nice. Coat was all wrong.
    Princess Eugenie’s hat was unexpected but nice. Dress was fab.
    Countess of Wessex’s hat was divine!
    Lady Louise’s headpiece was sweet and appropriate.

  10. Princess Beatrice looks spectacular. I would be certain, however, that the belt was designed to be symmetrical if adjusted properly. Its design being off center today makes the coat stand out a little more than intentioned, I suspect. I think the hat is a good complement.
    The Countess of Wessex looks absolutely wonderful.

  11. Princess B coat seemed too strong in pattern and design and did not fit in with what other people wore. Princess Ann also had colour and design in her coat but far more subtle.
    Princess E outfit was far more simplistic and sophisticated. Lady Louise looked fine.
    Autumn dressed in her traditional Autumn colouring and her hair would have been better pulled back. I was disappointed …she looks good in a more simplistic colouring and style.
    Duchess of Cambridge outfit was very expensive and outstanding. Duchess of Wessex also was a winner.
    The Queen is outstanding . Duchess of Cornwall hat was wonderful.
    Guess I covered more people than in this post.
    I watched most of the TV coverage.

  12. All of these are great, my only quibble is the same as many others- I wish Beatrice’s hair was up with that fabulous hat. Also, while I fall with the people who love the coat (there seems to be a lot of controversy about it), I’m not sure that the modern print coat is best served by the traditional bow- type hat.

  13. I think Beatrice’s hat is very handsome in a simple style. I don’t think it’s the best hat for this outfit, because the shape of the coat needs some breadth above to balance it, so a proper brimmed hat would have made the proportions better, I feel. (Also, it would have been much better with Beatrice’s hair pulled back or up – it just looks too unbalanced having it flowing out under this hat.)

    Eugenie’s hat-headband is not exciting in itself, but is the perfect complement to the dress, and the outfit altogether is great.

    Sophie’s hat is lovely, a restrained and sophisticated piece that goes perfectly with her coat. And Louise’s head band is pretty and suitable.

  14. They all looked wonderful, and it is nice to see Lady Louise transitioning to grown up so stylishly. I liked Beatrice’s graphic black and white coat, even though I thought it a little strong in contrast to her hat and to the styles of the other ladies.

  15. Lady Louise looks lovely – it must be hard to be a tween with so many glamourous relatives! I think Princess Eugenie looks the prettiest I’ve seen her in ages.

  16. Eugenie has never looked better than this. That dress is amazing for her curvy figure, she often adds bulk, this accentuates how great her figure is and the hat is a whimsical addition. I really like Bea’s bold coat and the hat is fab too.

    Sophie is so elegant in this outfit. She just gets better and better. And Louise looks nice, she is at that awkward age, but this works.

  17. York sisters hit it out of the park today. STUNNING for both of them. I like their hats a lot better than Sophie’s. That color is so bland on her. Louise looks cute but the headband looks a bit flower girl.

    • Agreed–the York princesses looked at their best (especially liked Princess Beatrice’s hat). However, I loved the countess’s hat (almost summoning the 19th century) and coat.

  18. Huh… Beatrices hat is actually nice! Who knew?! I didnt notice it over the coat 😛

    Euginies hat isn’t necessarily “pretty” per se… but I love it! I love the feeling it gives, how retro it is and how well it fits her. It’s a perfect example of a hat not actually needing to be very pretty to work perfectly!

    I kind of like Sophies hat. But I wish it was a more of a normal percher. Because this shape reminds me of a child potty and that is not a thing I want to accossiate a hat to 😛

    Louises fascinator is very pretty and perfect for this “in between” stage!! 🙂

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