Crown Princess Mary Launches Ship

Crown Princess Mary was in Copenhagen’s harbour today to christen the Stena Line’s newest tanker, “Stenaweco Impulse”. For this event, she repeated her cream picture hat with waved brim.

 Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Yes- I did say “repeated”. I’ll explain more about that in a minute. For this outing, Mary embellished the hat with a large, pale pink straw stylized flower. The shape of the flower works well with the waved brim and the two pieces create a wonderfully romantic look with a slight modern edge.

Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Crown Princess Mary,  June 13, 2016 in Susanne Juul | Royal Hats

Designer: Susanne Juul
Previously Worn: April 16, 2010

Now about the bit about this piece being “repeated”- I have to sheepishly admit that I completely forgot about this hat. Mary has this very same hat in purple and when she wore a new, black version of it (with slightly modified brim) to Prince Oscar’s christening last month, I paired the purple and black hats up as ‘hat twins’ in my mind and completely missed this cream version in my too-quick glance back through the archives. In my defence, Mary has only worn this hat once before, which is curious in its own right. It’s such a beautiful design and with removeable embellishment, able to pair well with almost any summer ensemble. To see it along side its purple and black twins, jump over to this updated comparison post.
As noted in the previous post, the newest black version of this hat captured your pick for favourite new hat last month. Are you equally enamoured with this repeated cream version on Crown Princess Mary today?

14 thoughts on “Crown Princess Mary Launches Ship

  1. I think this is a great hat and Mary looked lovely (ha, I first typed “loverly” somehow), but I wish there was some lilac elsewhere in her outfit to tie in more with the hat.

  2. The hat is lovely, although it needs a colored, streamlined dress to balance it. There’s too much swoopiness and lack of color in both the hat and dress.

  3. Princess Mary hardly ever puts a foot wrong. Her style of dress is fresh and modern. This hat style with its gorgeous flower embellishment is beautiful.

  4. HatQueen, if its only appearance was six years ago, I wonder how you managed to remember it at all!

    Lovely hat in any color, but wouldn’t the purple have been pretty with the white dress?

  5. question: isn’t it a tradition to wear a hat to a christening of a ship? like a sort of good luck charm? like an unofficial protocol?
    I like this hat, looks lovely

  6. It’s a beautiful hat and Mary looks amazing.

    You’ve no need to apologise for overlooking it – your encyclopaedic knowledge hattery is a thing of wonder – and I think I’m pretty good! (Of course we get our favourite Royal hat test this week – a fastest finger first to see who can identify which year from the 80’s Princess Anne’s hat is from!!)

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