Day 1 Royal Ascot: Zara Tindall

Royal Ascot  Zara Tindall certainly drew attention yesterday in an electric blue straw cocktail hat with sloping, tear drop shaped base, looped straw bows and swirling yellow quills, designed by Rosie Olivia.

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Christie:  I love this dress and colours on Zara. I think the elements and colours in her headpiece are really well balanced with her look.  I think that the draped straw trim and ostrich spines are a modern and clean option, I’m not sure that this has been 100% balanced, but it’s very close and looks lovely on her. I would be inclined to leave out the 2 ostrich spines at the front of her headpiece.

Fiona: A nice statement look from Zara with loads of bold colours. Although I am not totally gone on the pattern of the dress, the pleated chiffon cuffs of the dress are beautifully detailed. She is a fan of the beret style hat but perhaps the trimming is a little heavy. Generally, this is a nice overall outfit and I love the canary yellow tote bag and her t-bar patented shoes are a nice finish to the whole look.

Jill: I absolutely love the colors of this hat, completely refreshing on such a dreary day! The shape feels a bit harsh for my taste although the linear lines of the hat are a very good match for the structured lines on her dress. I love that Zara tends to wear hats that are a bit less serious and “out of the box” and this is a perfect example of that. Overall, I think the fun colors and beautiful feather work on this hat make up for the shape.

Royal Hats: While this hat risks looking like an Ikea advertisement from closeup (!), I love it’s light-hearted playfulness and couldn’t stop smiling when I first saw it. The dress is an excellent counterpoint and the two balance, beautifully. It is a lot of look but was by far my favourite royal ensemble of the day. I adore that the designer gave a peek behind the scenes- notice the instructions, “Hat to be worn on left side of head”. Too funny!

Designer: Rosie Olivia. It looks to be a bespoke variation of the “Roxx” design from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new

We have seen Zara wear some fantastic pieces from Rosie Olivia this year and I think yesterday’s design further illustrates how creative and fearless this millinery partnership is. Our guest milliners were full of love for this hat, dearest readers- where do you stand on it?

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21 thoughts on “Day 1 Royal Ascot: Zara Tindall

  1. Zara looks modern and fun! I love this dress and ADORE the handbag. Zara has worn this shape hat a lot lately and it seems heavy in the straw rather than the other wool ones, so that is my only quibble. But it suits her and it’s perfect for Ascot

  2. Oooooo, I *LOVE* this hat!!!!! This is what I think of when I think of an Ascot hat–big (compared to her usual cocktail hats), bold, and beautiful.

  3. …not my favorite hat style – the base reminds me too much of a bean-bag. Having said that, this one is very well put together.

  4. Zara does it again – she looks sensational, and that despite the dress not being entirely right (to my eyes, even though I like the idea of it). She really knows how to do this, doesn’t she? Three cheers for her continued hat success!

  5. Great hat for Zara! We know that she favors this shape and wears it a lot. I think there might be a straw bow loop too many, and a feather spine or two too many, but other than that it looks great. Very Ascot! I like her whole outfit and the hat is beautifully in sync.

  6. This is my favorite royal hat from Day 1! I fell in love immediately from the moment I saw it. I’m not entirely onboard with the pattern on her dress (making her overall look a very close second to Camilla for the day in my book), but I think she still pulls it off very well, and I love her shoes. My favorite thing about this hat is how it is opposite, yet complementary, to HM’s yellow hat with blue flowers (now wouldn’t that be a fun coordination between grandmother and granddaughter if it were true!).

  7. This is my favorite hat of the day. The whole outfit is bright, colorful, modern and young. Perfect for Zara.

  8. Zara looks amazing. She has the prettiest eyes and the blue hats always make them shine. I think this is a bright, fun look and stands out in the crowds of Ascot, without being brash. Wonderful!

  9. I just discovered this blog the other day, and it is my new favorite blog. I absolutely love the British Royal family. I am an American and I so wish we wore hats like the British do. I love Zara’s sense of fashion and her use of color and fun hats. I always love seeing what she wears. Does anyone know where this dress is from?

  10. This is a fab and fun hat. It’s perfect for Ascot. Great colours and it suits Zara’s exuberant personality so well. My only gripe is I’m not sure the dress is terribly flattering, but I’ll overlook that. Good start!

  11. Yes, I agree , I do love this lady! Love the hat & great colourful dress
    P.S. I also have a very soft spot for her Mother !

  12. I love we everything except the enormous yellow handbag. It distracts from everything else. Otherwise I love the youthful verve of this ensemble.

    • Zara looks fabulous. The really nice thing about the hat is it looks good from all directions. Sometimes with adventuresome designers, you lose an angle, sometimes two. I disagree about the yellow bag. I like the pop of color.

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