Day 1 Royal Ascot: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot  We can not conclude our look at the hats worn on the first day of Royal Ascot without including the fine toppers worn by the royal men:

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Ascot is also a time to see some of the lovely hats worn by members of British nobility who we don’t usually follow. Lady Carolyn Warren (wife of John Warren, one of Queen Elizabeth’s racing bloodstock consultants, and daughter of the Queen’s longtime racing manager the 7th Earl of Carnarvon) wore a large cream hat with flat crown and exaggerated cartwheel brim, trimmed with large straw bow loops and worn ant the jauntiest of angles.

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Viscountess Petersham and the Duchess of Argyll arrived in the final carriage in today’s opening procession. Viscountess Petersham (whose first name is Candida and is married to Viscountess Linley’s brother William) topped her pink boucle suit with an off white straw percher hat trimmed with large pale pink silk roses and a white net veil designed by legendary milliner John Boyd. Eleanor, Duchess of Argyll, wore a very pale grey straw beret cocktail hat with side straw twist which set off her purple suit.

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And finally, the Duchess of Gloucester repeated her raspberry pink straw hat with gently curled brim and net tulle hatband, tied at the side. We have seen this hat several times at Ascot before and while it doesn’t hold a candle to the other British royal hats we saw today (or stand up to serious millinery review!), it was certainly worth a mention. I particularly like the angle she placed it.

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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: May 12, 2016June 17, 2015June 13, 2015June 17, 2014

That wraps up coverage from the first day of Royal Ascot! I know many of you would like space to discuss other, non-royal hats at the races- feel free to share them in the comments in this post. I’m curious- which was your favourite royal hat on Day 1?

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20 thoughts on “Day 1 Royal Ascot: Wrap Up

  1. I adore Carolyn Warren’s shoes. I could wear those without falling over 😀 She looks lovely and John Warren always looks so happy at this event. Love seeing him with HM, plotting their strategy. Special shout out to the DoE and his lovely ties! Charles is always elegance personified in morning dress. I love seeing which buttonhole he has chosen. It looks like Harry’s hat has been polished. Last year it looked a bit rough. And no yellow waistcoat. Thank you Harry!

  2. The men’s top hats look like they could be 3-D printed, although the shine and finish may be hard to duplicate. Are there designers out there who are experimenting with printed hats? Last year I read about printed shoes. .

  3. I would love it if the Duchess of Argyle’s hat had a pair of slim purple feathers shooting through the loops.

    • I agree, the hat as is seems too small for her; it would be more flattering with something added to generate more height or width.

  4. I appreciate the pictures of the men they look fantastic. I love that Charles added a pink tie to compliment Camilla’s outfit. It is also great to see some of the little people, okay not little like me but smaller than the royals.

  5. I think Prince Phillip DoE is wearing different grey topper than normal – I seem to think the brim on this one is more usual that the rather angled brim her often wears. However doesn’t he look fantastic?!!

  6. Prince Harry wears his topper more naturally than any other gentleman photographed–in fact he looks as if he walked out of the late 19th/early 20th century (in a very good way!).

    • His hat and Prince Edward’s both seem to have a more angled swoop on the brim sides than the other top hats in the pics. That wave shape certainly adds an air of jaunty liveliness. Thanks to his sharp hat style, I vote Prince Edward equal first with the DOE for Best Dressed Gentleman.

  7. Philip is in a league of his own when it comes to royal men and their sartorial expression. Always so well put-together.

    Harry was my personal favorite for the men; he wears his top hat well (although it could use a bit more brushing, but maybe that’s him expressing himself haha), and I loved his slightly brighter blue waistcoat.

    Charles is always reliable in his all-grey morning suit.

    Carolyn Warren, Viscountess Petersham, and the Duchess of Argyll all looked lovely, although I’m not 100% certain about Candida’s unstructured coat (for the shape, not the color/material).

    Finally, I think this is the best angle Birgitte has ever worn this hat at. I still think it’s too casual for Ascot (and seriously, how many times will she wear it at Ascot?), but it’s definitely a nice hat for her. I love the berry color of the hat combined with her sky blue dress and coat.

  8. Could you comment on Clare Balding’s hats as she is in her own right ‘racing nobility’ and wears some lovely things when she commentated on the television?

  9. Of the top hats, I prefer Prince Andrew and Prince Edward’s smooth black silk hats rather than Prince Harry’s furry black hat, but the grandest looking royal gent of all is the amazing 95 year old Prince Philip.
    Of all the hats and outfits of Day 1, Lady Carolyn Warren’s is my favourite; I love how the woven pattern on the underbrim of the hat (unfortunately not seen in the above photos) ties in with the pattern of her skirt.
    I think both Viscountess Petersham and Duchess of Argyll both look very stylish. I would love to see a full length photo of the Duchess of Agyll as I suspect her patterned skirt beautifully complements her purple jacket and grey hat.
    Whilst we have seen the Douchess of Gloucester’s raspberry hat many times it gave her an excuse to incorporate multiple pieces of jewellery with red stones into her outfit, and that is not a bad thing!

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