Day 2 Royal Ascot: The Queen

  I am so honoured to have royal milliners Christie Murray, Fiona Mangan and Jill Courtemanche join me for day two of Royal Ascot. While we did not see as many royal hats as we saw yesterday, there were two major royal firsts and less rain than on Day 1- we’ll call that a success! Leading off our review of the hats worn today again, is Queen Elizabeth. She wore a new hat in pale pink straw with an hourglass crown and mushroom shaped brim edged in a wide stripe of white straw. Pale pink winter berries and white straw curls finish the design.

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Christie:  I love Queen Elizabeth’s outfit today.  I wonder if the trim makes more sense with her dress underneath? I can see that it’s referencing her coat buttons but it feels like a bit too much for me.

Jill: I am not a huge fan of the crown on this hat, it feels a little extreme to me but I applaud the Queen for continuing to take chances on her hat choices. It is nicely balanced with the trim and as always, very well matched with her outfit. I find the trim a bit tight on this hat, I would like to see a softer look to balance the shape of the crown.

Royal Hats: If it weren’t for the wonky shape on the crown, I would love this hat. The colour is so pretty and the winter berries are such a nice change from all the feathers and silk flowers we see.

Fiona: She can carry most colours, though I do find this pink a little pale for her colouring. The hat is beautifully detailed. Those branches of berries in the trimming pick up the pattern in her dress beautifully – they are so realistic! I do prefer an upturned brim on the queen but the white binding on the brim edge softens the down-turned brim, so it works. Loving the vertical edge seams of her coat, that raw edge gives it a nice contemporary twist.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

What do you think of this new hat on Her Majesty?

Photos from Getty as indicated

21 thoughts on “Day 2 Royal Ascot: The Queen

  1. This pale pink hat looks so beautiful on her Majesty! Pale colors look absolutely smashing on the Queen! The pink and white winter berries with the white trim look so summery on this hat. I love the white trim on her pale pink coat, but wish once again, that she had more open necklines so we could view the dress with the coat and hat a little closer than the glimpse we get at the bottom opening of her coat. Lovely, just lovely on Her Majesty! A winner!

  2. I’m not normally a berry-trim fan (can we talk how retro-looking cherries can be, and not usually in a good way?), but this is wonderful. As a D.C. resident, the cherry blossom idea certainly resonates well with me. I love everything about this hat, and definitely think it’s one of her best this year. Angela Kelly did a wonderful job with this one. That rose brooch is also fantastic.

  3. You said it HQ that’s one wonky shape but it works! Love the colors and LOVE the berries. The hat looks so good with this coat and the Queen looks adorable!

  4. I like this a lot. The trimming is lovely, and I don’t have an issue with the hat shape at all. The dress underneath, is it the same one as was worm underneath the pink coat working for Charlotte’s christening? It does look very similar.

    • You’re not kidding! It took me looking large versions of photos (see here and here) to confirm that the patterns are different. That being said- they are about as close as two patterns can possibly be. The colours are identical and I suspect the dresses can be completely interchanged with both coats and hats.

  5. The coat is fantastic: trim, color and fit. The hat berries are fantastic. The hat certainly would look a little more “normal” if it hadn’t been made from that hourglass block, but the heavy berries on the left balance the crown flying off to the right. I think the third picture is particularly attractive. This is a winner.

  6. Love this hat on our dear Elizabeth. The berries are a wonderful choice for the trim – something different while managing to be entirely appropriate and feminine (think arrow-shaped feathers). The crown doesn’t bother me and I think the colour is very nice.

  7. I love the hat – wonk and all! Being picky, however, with so much gobbledygook for trim, couldn’t it have covered the seam in the crown better? Look closely at the 4th picture.

  8. I love this. Like kat, my first thought was that HM was a cherry blossom tree come to life. When I look closer I hate Angie’s wonky crown, so I’ll just stay back here and love it.

  9. I like everything about this hat except the wonky crown, but even that is not too extreme and is offset in part by the spray of berries.

  10. So happy HM wore a new hat and outfit today and think she looks lovely in this soft pink. I generally felt it seemed more Ascot than her outfit from Day 1. I often wish HM would wear other colour accessories than black but I thought they made sense today and tied in well with the black pattern in her dress and the darker tome in the central stripe of the coat trim and the stems of the berry trim on her hat.

  11. I love this hat, wonky shape or not. Those berries look fantastically realistic – I was wondering if a sparrow would not feel tempted 😉 And they are such a fun change from all the flowers (from a distance they do look a bit like cherry blossoms).

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