Day 2 Royal Ascot: Princess Haya

Royal Ascot  While Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein’s hat yesterday was all about lavish trim, today’s hat was a complete change of direction toward the stark and sleek. For the second day of Royal Ascot today, she wore an oversize pillbox hat covered in cream silk.

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Fiona: Wow, love this channelling of the Jackie-O look that Princess Haya has pulled off. The bouclé suit brings her right back to the retro era – though a little uncertain that the shoulder detail on the jacket works. I love that that pillbox is almost too big, it makes it more of a statement, an exaggeration and her hair is perfectly styled to suit it. The hat is impeccably finished and delighted to see that it is not a matching bouclé fabric hat, it is so crisp and clean. Very nice overall look Princess Haya!

Christie:  I love this look! Princess Haya is really mixing her Millinery up this year. I must admit, I would have loved to see some colour and print in a skirt, with a pop of colour in her lips, it really would offset the complete ivory look. The headpiece is beautifully made and looks as if it was finished with a straw cloth or material. The minimalism and finishing of the design speaks for itself.

Jill: Very interesting choice! This pillbox is a lovely shape and it suits her nicely. I especially love the clean workmanship and lack of trim, it’s flawless. I wish she would have pared it with a cleaner dress, the epaulettes on the jacket seem to put a damper on the chicness of the clean lines of the pillbox.

Royal Hats: We’re all in agreement- it’s an impeccable piece of millinery workmanship that Haya wears beautifully. We often think of statement pieces as ones that are covered in dramatic embellishment and I love that this statement hat is all about shape, proportion and polish.

Designer: Philip Treacy (it later showed up in the SS 2017 collection)
Previously Worn: This hat is new

We’re all in agreement in our love for this hat! What do you think of this pillbox on Princess Haya?

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11 thoughts on “Day 2 Royal Ascot: Princess Haya

  1. Love the pillbox hat and the hairstyle complements it perfectly. I don’t mind the shoulder detail as much as I dislike the v neckline of the dress. In white, the v neckline of the dress takes it into the casual territory of a cotton tshirt neckline. It just distracts from the clean lines of the outfit. Other than that, Queen Haya looks elegant as usual.

  2. I think she is channeling more Audrey Hepburn rather than Jackie Kennedy (who did not enjoy wearing hats btw). This is a nice look for Haya, but it is my least favorite of the day. No color, and really it’s not exciting for me, especially since this is Ascot! At almost any other occasion I would enjoy this, but not this time.

  3. A nice, polished look from Haya – although I agree with the comment that the epaulettes could have been lost and it would look smarter. I commented negatively on ankle-strap shoes (Beatrice, day 1), so will say now that this is a good style for people like Haya and me who have short legs. Smart dressing from one of my favourite Ascot royals – and a great hat!

  4. A change from what we usually see on Haya and I love it. I also love that it is not covered in the same fabric as the suit, making it more versatile. Love her shoes too! (I agree with GG on the Sheik’s tailoring :;-D)

  5. Princess Haya looks very chic in her sixties homage ensemble. I know we aren’t meant to comment on this, but I do wish her husband would find a tailor to alter his trousers for a better fit. This is the same with him year after year. Too bad Our Charles couldn’t give him pointers.

  6. Princess Haya is so boss! this royal has the confidence to look beyond current trends for hat inspiration, and the results are very refreshing. Hers are always the hats/outfits I most want to see.

  7. Love this hat, and I’m so glad she switched things up on us! She is so confident in her millinery choices! I agree that the jacket doesn’t need the shoulder detail. She looks lovely overall.

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