Day 2 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cornwall

Royal Ascot  Keeping to her go-to pale summer palette, the Duchess of Cornwall was in cream from brim to toe. She repeated her ivory straw picture hat with off-centre peak crown and a wide, asymmetrical brim trimmed in multiple layers of sand coloured straw ribbon looped into a side stylized bow.

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Jill: She looks very lovely, the hat is flawless both on her and with the dress. I wish she had dared to entertain a new silhouette as this seems to be the same shape as yesterday’s chapeau but I can’t fault her too much for that since it suits her so well.

Christie: I know it sounds like I’m loving everything today. But this piece is another ‘love’ moment from, I’m assuming, master milliner Philip Treacy. It’s actually quite a unique crown shape, but is balanced beautifully with the drape of the trim. I love trims that become effortlessly part of the design and the look, and I think that this hat most certainly achieves that. Just gorgeous.

Royal Hats: It’s a beautiful hat but I think the detail is lost in this sea of cream. I know Camilla has a style that she’s comfortable but I would love to see some of her MANY cream hats find new life paired with some more colourful coats and dresses.

Fiona: Nothing to write home about here – a nice safe hat but I do like the mocha jinsin detail. I am not keen on the fit and flare coat which is a style she so often wears and is ageing, I think a straight up and down or form fitted coat would be much more flattering. I also think she is very mono coloured with nothing outstanding in the accessory department so a little more latte/mocha colour in the accessory department would not have gone astray.

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: June 17, 2015June 6, 2014 

It seems that we are all fans of Camilla’s beautiful hat but have mixed opinions about the rest of her ensemble. What do you think?

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13 thoughts on “Day 2 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cornwall

  1. Predictably, Camilla wore one of her big, go-to hats and coats. Again, I repeat, while this style hat is beautifully executed and they suit her style, the coats (called fit and flare someone said) she wears are not fitted to flatter her figure. It looks like she is trying to hide some excess weight around her middle, but given the rest of her body looks just fine, I can only imagine that is not the case. Also, everyone else is right on when they suggest she try for some color. She wore a pale pink ensemble the other day and looked spectacular. Someone in her wardrobe department needs to realize that Camilla needs to wear more color and find a coat style that makes her look less like an old lady and more like an elegant Royal.

  2. Camilla, I love this hat just as much as you do, but if you’re going to continue with your cream/beige hat streak, please put some color into your clothes. Please? Pretty please? I will seriously help you out, at no charge!

  3. I seem to be totally out of step here. Camilla to me looks frumpy. Not sure why you are all so enamored with this hat. The crown is particularly ugly to me. The only thing I like is the trim. The color? Come one, please! And that awful hairstyle from the 70s. Perhaps the weather was unkind and why she looks so drab. I usually love her look so very disappointed on this occasion.

    • YES YES YES. Oh Cams. The hat could be so good but she seriously needs some color (ANY COLOR) not to look so completely washed out. That dress is so so so so so so awful.

      BTW Where are Beatrice and Eugenie? We need them here for some REAL fashion.

  4. I love this hat, especially the folded layers in the trim. Very clever. It is something of a change when the men in the group have more color and pattern going on than the women, but it is good to give the men some attention when their outfits are so fabulous.

  5. I like the hat, but I agree completely with Fiona about the cut and fit of this (and many other) of the Duchess’s coats–this one is among the least flatteringly fitted. She is too elegant a figure to be turned out like this.

  6. I’m more shocked that the Prince of Wales wore the same morning suit two days in a row. Very surprising. Now, to get up and going to prepare myself for Day 3 (Ladies Day!)

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