Day 3 Royal Ascot: Countess of Wessex

Royal Ascot  The Countess of Wessex attended Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot today in a hat described by the designer as an “elegant sinamay cocktail hati with fan twists”.

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Jill: Although not my favorite, I like that the Countess of Wessex is having fun with her hats. The colors are very pretty on her and it is a lovely tonal match with her outfit. The combination of textures is very nice as well, I just don’t think it is the most flattering shape.

Fiona: I am loving her colour scheme today, but I think the whole look is not sharp enough for ladies day especially the split neckline on her blouse. The shape and size of the pillbox is beautiful and I quite like the bouclé- type fabric covering, but not sure it is blocked so neatly. The trimming just doesn’t work – the fan of jinsin should have been a huge statement or not at all and the skinny jinsin knot looks like an afterthought. The concept of the hat has a lot of merit but I don’t think it was executed so well.

Christie:  I think the concept is right, the colours are there but the finishing is just not up to scratch.  The base piece is puckered at the front and there is a thread hanging on the Countess’ face, the pleated jinsin bind seems to have flopped forward and the long jinsin drape just doesn’t work at all. What a shame! This could have looked beautiful if more time and effort went in to the design and finishing. I do love what the Countess is wearing today.

Royal Hats: I think a lot of us have been waiting for Sophie to bring a major statement piece of millinery to Royal Ascot and I’m so sorry to agree that this one falls short (ironic for such a tall hat). I just can’t unsee that hanging thread.

Designer: Jane Taylor. It is the “Vermeer” design from SS 2016
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Jane Taylor London Vermeer SS 2016

Photos from Getty as indicated and Jane Taylor London

21 thoughts on “Day 3 Royal Ascot: Countess of Wessex

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sophie in peach and it’s beautiful on her. Maybe a different design but in the same colours? A gigantic picture hat covered in roses would be so pretty with this skirt!

  2. I always look forward to Sophie’s Ascot outfits, but this year has been a bunch of duds so far. I hate the midi length dresses and skirts on her. Very unflattering and she has such a cute shape to show off.

  3. I like the peachy coral shade on Sophie — she’s certainly out there taking risks on art work in hats over the past 2 days. This one might be a little too heavy in the upsweep part – that said, I applaud her for her courage.

  4. The color and the fan twists are so pretty, but I agree that the execution seems a little off. I vote for it to go back to Jane Taylor for a little bit of remodel so we can see it as an improved repeat.

    This ties with the blue for Sophie’s best of the year, but nothing compares with any of her toppers from last year!

  5. Not my favourite look of Sophie’s. I think the skirt is fabulous. But the blouse is a bit of an afterthought. The hat itself, well as everyone says, the colour is fab, but e pleats have flopped. I just think it’s got too much frolic for the base and it’s not supporting it. This hasn’t been Sophie’s best Ascot after a run of amazing years…

  6. I just noticed that British designer Amanda Wakely wore the original black and grey version of this hat, on the same day. What do you think- doest the design work better in a different colour? I’m not convinced.

    Embed from Getty Images

  7. It’s a bloody good try – the coral is a great colour for Sophie, really interesting shapes on the hat … and how good would aquamarine jewellery have looked? She gets an A from me even though the hat isn’t perfect, it’s a darn sight better than some others adorning royal heads today – and it actually complements her outfit (which is lovely).

  8. I agree that bigger fans would have been better to balance out the width of the skirt, but I was so excited when I first saw this hat! I just love the unusual hats. I also love the different shades of coral and agree that Sofie looks fantadtic in this color.

  9. Overall, the entire outfit is so lovely, it raises the hat to acceptable and interesting. It also raises the question of ‘what if’ — because a more thought through version of this hat could have won the sweepstakes. Unfortunately, it ends up looking more like something from the Yorkie Princesses discard bin of a few years back. Still, the Countess manages to make it work. Good show.

  10. I am no expert so perhaps should not comment at all but whilst I adore the colour scheme of corals and cream- The Duchess of Cambridge wore one of my all time favourite hats in these shades (when in Belgium, last year I think)- I just can’t bear how it has all flopped forward…what it must look like from the side and behind, I can’t imagine. It looks like a cross between a closing clam and a gramophone horn. It should be up loud and proud!! But I’m no expert as I said. Haha.

    • You don’t need to be an expert to comment here! Your description of this hat is spot on- I couldn’t have said it better myself.

      I think you’re referring to this one of Kate’s hats and I agree, it was stunning. What I like about both hats (Sophie’s today and Kate’s in Belgium) is the mix of coral shades- on Sophie’s hat, this tied so well with her skirt. My beef wasn’t with the colour but with the shape and execution. Any hat that can be described as either a clam or a gramophone (and fit both descriptions!) has issues. And that hanging thread- well, there’s no excuse for that.

      Embed from Getty Images

  11. Sophie looks wonderful today, glowing and happy. The orange and white colour scheme looks lovely on her. Strange how they all have some bit of orange on, there must have been an orange memo! I am not always a fan of Sophie’s midi length skirts however today it looks youthful and crisp. Her hat looks fine to me. Well done!

  12. I rather like it. I do not have a professional eye.
    I saw more pictures of the Queen and I now do like her orange hat.

  13. Peach, dark coral, and ivory are absolutely the best colors I’ve ever seen on Sophie! It brightens her face and her coloring just glows! The hat shape is okay, but not her best. Overall, I was glad to see a color that brought out Sophie’s coloring. She usually looks a little pale with certain colors, but not with this color!

  14. Really love this color scheme (coral is a gorgeous color for Sophie!), but this hat also falls a bit short for me. I think if the fan on the right side of her head (her right) was the same size and angle as the left, it would feel much more balanced, especially with the jinsin loop running through the middle. The only thing I really dislike are her earrings, which don’t seem to go with this ensemble at all.

  15. Love this whole outfit and thinks she looks fabulous! The colour choice, in view of The Queen’s outfit, is a touch coincidental? I have always loved her fuller skirts and the top is sweet.You would think someone would have done something about that hanging thread, though………….

  16. I love the skirt. The hat is fun, but not my favorite. The final photo of the Countess is so gorgeous. She looks so lovely.

  17. I’m with you on not unseeing the hanging thread, but otherwise I like the hat fine. And, I adore the dress (top and skirt?) the length and fullness and color of the skirt are glorious and I love the neutral cropped style top

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