Day 3 Royal Ascot: Princess Eugenie

Royal Ascot  Princess Eugenie made her first appearance at Ascot this year in a blush pink pyramid shaped hat with relaxed brim in open weave straw. Light cream feather trim completes the design.

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Fiona: What a beautiful dress and the piping detail on the collar and waist is exquisite. The nude buckled shoes are also quite gorgeous. I do like the hat – it is not unlike what Kate wore yesterday. The soft lines of the coolie style lattice straw make for quite a quirky piece and the light feathers set it off beautifully. I just don’t know that I would have put this hat with this dress – there is something about this pairing that just doesn’t sit right with me. I think a small pillbox would have sufficed.

Royal Hats: Really? I think this hat lightens up Eugenie’s dark dress and creates a much more summery pairing! But then again, I dream about going to Ascot and wearing a gigantic, feathered hat…

Christie: I don’t mind Princess Eugenie’s hat, I’m glad that the feather shape works well with the angular lines in her lovely dress. Again, I’m quite sure that this hat was not made for her dress –  as a Milliner I’d be dying to work with the lines and colours in that gorgeous collar.  I would love to see Eugenie in a draped straw headpiece with this look.

Jill: We are seeing so many interesting straws used this season, things I generally associate with more casual style hats and it is nice to see them worked up into dressier silhouettes. I quite like this shape on Princess Eugenie and the feather work is full and pretty against her face. I always like when a platter has trim work both above and below, and this is a great example.

Royal Hats: I also love the feathers placed above and below the brim- the bottom ones frame Eugenie’s face so beautifully.

Designer: Jess Collett
Previously Worn: This hat is new

This hat is a march larger style than we have seen on Princess Eugenie over the past year and while I am happy to see her experience with a different shape, I’m curious- what do you think?

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23 thoughts on “Day 3 Royal Ascot: Princess Eugenie

  1. I’m loving this mini-trend with the open weave straw brims–so lovely and airy and summery! The shape is interesting and different without being weird, and the feathers on top and bottom lends even more lightness and fun to the look. My favorite hat so far in all of Ascot!

  2. I can understand the thoughts about the hat not being the perfect pairing with the dress but I do like the hat and the dress is beautiful. I had not noticed the piping being orange before.

  3. I love this hat! The amount of feathers is just nice, giving a very airy feel…but it doesn’t go with this dress .

  4. This is my favorite hat so far for this Ascot event. I love it without reservation. This is the perfect hat in my opinion.

  5. The mesh baby bouncer – or is it a pop-up jumper dryer :)? – is pretty gorgeous, but it needs a dainty sheath dress, in a light colour with a scoop neck, to show it off to advantage.

  6. Princess Eugenie has definitely stepped up her sartorial game this year. For me this is my favourite royal outfit of day 3. I think the dress and hat look great together. As with The Duchess of Cambridge’s hat yesterday made from a similar colour straw with the same woven feature I think this is a beautiful summery hat with a youthful vibe. I hope we see Eugenie in more broader brim hats in future.

  7. Love the hat – and so nice to see Eugenie in something that’s effortlessly smart, right for the occasion and up to snuff as far as her public profile is concerned. Really dislike the dress though and certainly there’s a disconnect between the two that seems inexplicable (and you know I’m going to say the same things about Beatrice but in reverse!).

  8. I agree with one of the commentators that this loose, feathery hat doesn’t seem to go with the strong lines of this dress. I love both the hat and the dress individually though!

  9. I would like her hat to be a shade or two darker pink. For fun I would like the feathers to be in the combo of colours as her dress.

  10. Thank you for the great coverage on Royal Ascot and of course your fantastic blog is one of my daily go-to sites!

    Princess Eugenie’s hat is by Jess Collett Milliner, see link to her Instagram page

    Also, I think the straw might be a blush pink (most photos have washed out the colour!), I’ve asked the Milliner and will update this post on her reply.

    (sorry about the weblinks)

  11. Beautiful hat on Eugenie. In fact, the prettiest summer one I’ve seen on her. While I like her dress, like the others, I do not like the hat and dress together. This hat calls for something light, floaty, and ethereal, I think.

  12. I think this is an absolutely lovely ensemble, and this hat is fantastic for Eugenie. She has really been on a roll recently, and I hope she keeps it up! Would like to see this return for a garden party in the future. Another favorite look from today.

  13. Love the hat, love the dress but, I also agree with others, that they don’t quite look good together! This hat is one of the best I have ever seen on Princess Eugenie, who I think is beautiful.

  14. I love the hat and dress, and I’m waffling on whether they go together. Incidentally though these princesses also seem inexplicably exempt from name tags. Weird.

    • They are not exempt – Princess Eugenie chose to pin her badge to her clutch bag. The pins are very sharp and there is no rule to say where you should place them!

  15. Stunning hat. I understand the point everyone has about the hat not matching the dress very well, but I think the hat is gorgeous on Princess Eugenie. I covet that hat.

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