Day 3 Royal Ascot: Queen Elizabeth

  It is my great pleasure to welcome back our three guest royal milliners, Jill CourtemancheChristie Murray and Fiona Mangan, to chat about the hats we saw today at Ladies’ Day at Royal Ascot! We’re going to start again with Queen Elizabeth, who eschewed the odds-on favourite guess that she would wear a blue hat today and appeared in very unexpected orange! Her orange straw cloche hat features a diagonal wrap around the crown and is trimmed with straw bows, orange silk roses and blue feathers.

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Jill: I applaud the Queen for trying new things and continuing to add fresh styles to her repertoire! This is a very fun look and I like the spirited colors. The crown on this hat is very interesting with the inset piece which is fun and different. I love the looser trim on this hat and the overall look is very pleasing and happy.

Christie: This crown shape is a bit different for her Majesty! It references her favourite shape but is achieved through a draped sinamay piece. Clever. I’ve never particularly liked orange on Queen Elizabeth as I feel it’s not the best on her skin tone. But I love her in blue, and the the little burnt ostrich feathers creeping out from the trim balance the pattern in her dress nicely.  I like how the draped sinamay comes out of the flower trim, it is well balanced and elegant. And did you notice that cute little sinamay hat pin at the front? I wonder if it’s servicing a structural or aesthetic purpose..

Royal Hats: This is the fifth version of this unique hat shape Angela Kelly has made for the Queen and I think, the most successful. The trim is fantastic and the balance of colour between the blue and the orange is absolutely perfect- no small feat! Orange is certainly not my favourite colour on Her Majesty but this is a beautiful hat all the same.

Fiona: A really nice bright contrasting look for the Queen today, very fitting for ladies day and for the Gold Cup race in honour of her 90thbirthday. The asymmetrical shaped outer piece over the rounded crown is interesting, though the finish to the inside edge is not very tidy. I would have preferred that there was no visible edge. Saying that, this cleverly finishes the joint of crown with brim very well indeed. I love the sinamay rolled leaves and the blue feathers are wispy and clean cut but the rose is a little meager. Overall her outfit is very cheery and colourful.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

This is one of the bolder new hats we have seen on Queen Elizabeth recently- what do you think of it?

Photos from Getty as indicated

24 thoughts on “Day 3 Royal Ascot: Queen Elizabeth

  1. What is up with all the orange? Was there a memo that went out to the family saying they should wear blue or orange? The only one not in those colors was Haya! So NOT a coincidence.

    Love this hat!

  2. I never liked this style of hat with the 2 competing tops but this time it’s beautiful! This is such a happy hat!

  3. I love this hat. The colour combination is strong, the trim is so well done, and altogether it works beautifully.

    Thank you, Hat Queen, for all your work over this beHatted month, and I’ve enjoyed reading the guests’ comments too.

  4. Wow, I feel like this shape is so much more attractive in sinamay than in it is in heavier fabrics. And to repeat what so many others have said, it’s a real treat to see her choose different colors for coat and hat!

  5. What an unexpected colour combination. At first I wasn’t keen, but the photos are fab actually, and I really like it. She doesn;t colour block like this and it’s fun. the hat is one of AK’s better ones – the execution is good, and the froof is cohesive with the design. Funny how it was an orange day at Ascot with Hm, Bea and Sophie all going for it.

  6. Thank you Hat Queen for posting the link to the 4 previous versions of this hat style HM has worn, I agree this is the most successful, I think that is because you see less of the rounded foundation crown of the hat and because the trim is so exquisite.

  7. When I saw this hat color on Her Majesty in person, as she went by my friends and me in the Royal Procession, I really didn’t think the hat color looked good, and all we could see was the bright blue coat with the bright orange hat – not good! (Plus, I put our collective bet on blue!) Seeing these photos helps greatly. I didn’t go down to the Parade Ring for the trophy presentation because, honestly, it is a mad house because so many people want to see the Queen (and I didn’t have money on Order of St. George).

    By the way, as the Queen’s carriage passed us I yelled “Your Majesty” and the Queen threw up her hand and smiled our way!

    Also, very sadly, at the 6th and final race of the day, Her Majesty had a runner in the race and he tragically went down early in the race and had to be euthanized. While I did have my money on the winner of that race it was very sad for everyone to lose one of these beautiful horses.

    My three days at Royal Ascot 2016 are complete. Stories to follow…

  8. Hooray for a color scheme besides monochromatic! I think it would look a lot better with just the round crown and extending the brim to make it larger and more swoopy. Even with the Mad Hatter shape, I love this hat for its color and the big flowers!

  9. As usual, Queen Elizabeth looks spectacular, but for me, the orange and blue combination is not a color that flatters her Majesty. The classic coat lapels look very nice and I wish more of her coats sported this neckline instead of the plain rounded neckline she usually wears. The color of her dress under the coat is much easier to see with this neckline and we can understand the hat colors juxtaposed with the colors in her dress. The hat style is also not a favorite, but do think the trim on the hat is beautifully balanced in shape and color with the rest of her attire.

  10. The first two Ascot outfits this week — the RTM yellow and the AK pink — would make standard working outfits for the Queen. Both hats were exactly what one would expect from RTM and from AK and went beautifully with the coats and dresses.
    Today’s orange and blue hat is so atypical! What a shock! It’s perfect for Royal Ascot. While it’s the standard AK teardrop crown hat, its brim is wider, and the flowers are much wider than normal. This hat makes a statement! The totally unexpected color combination  — a first for the Queen, I think, although there were some turquoise and orange oddities a few years ago — really is a hit. I wish the coat’s labels were wider and the dress were not so off-center on the Queen’s neck, but this hat is amazing. While I doubt it will be become a standard part of the working wardrobe, it’s quite a sensation for Ascot. This hat is memorable.

  11. When I first saw the picture on the TV, I thought she looked awful! But seeing these photos has changed my mind. A very brave colour choice and I love this shape on HM. My only small complaint is the colour of her lipstick with the orange and those white gloves. Note to Angela Kelly: Please ask HM to wear neutral coloured shoes and handbag!

  12. I can only imagine HM, after getting back home from Ascot, sitting down with a gin & tonic and having a good laugh at just how much she surprised us all!

    I definitely was pulling for blue (I did get the pink on Day 2 correct), but she went for a color she almost has never worn: orange! I think this time orange looks wonderful on her, and orange and blue is one of my all-time favorite color combos, so HM works it so well here. The sinamay keeps this hat light and fun, and the brooch is icing on the cake for this whole ensemble. My only complaint is I wish the brim was like 2 inches wider, then it would be absolutely perfect (and one of the few hats I would truly want to steal from HM’s hatboxes). Angela Kelly is not disappointing these last couple days. Brava!

  13. I laughed when I saw this hat earlier today, not because of the design or color, but because I think Her Majesty and Angela Kelly have been secretly watching the poll on this blog about what hat she will wear, and decided to do the opposite of what everyone expects. The fact that she’s 90 and still surprises us is delightful. I think she looks fresh and fun in this. A lovely shape on a lovely lady.

  14. This hat is quite nice, I think the lighter straw is a nice change. Also the V-neck of the coat allows us to see the dress underneath which helps tie it all together. So often we don’t get to see the dress and are left guessing because the trim of the hat doesn’t make sense. The trim is exceedingly well done so I was surprised that it was AK. Good job!

  15. An amazing colour combination – and not one I would have guessed was on the cards. The hat is lovely, which is saying something when it’s AK and the head of our dear monarch! The proportions are right, the trim is restrained and the blue feathers are perfect (of course it helps to be able to see the orange dress beneath). The fabric of the blue coat looks a little ho-hum, but the overall effect is very neat, despite the hat colour coming quite close to something that doesn’t flatter ER. That it *does* flatter I will generously put down to Ms Kelly’s experience, wowed as I am by such a string of hat coverage here at Royal Hats. Three cheers for Queen Elizabeth and three cheers for Hat Queen!!!

  16. Really like the trim on this hat – and unlike many, I do like the Queen in orange/peach if it’s balanced by another shade as it is here with the blue. I’ll never get my way and see her disband this crown shape, so I am relegated to acceptance of it from her. She can put me in her will for that sapphire broach!

  17. I like the trim on this hat. This is better than her other diagonal wrapped crown hats, maybe because the wrap part curves out and so does not stick up as high? I love that her coat has a v neck and shows off the coordinating dress. Bright cheerful colors, and fun that she matched the winning jockey’s colors. Talk about foresight!

  18. Her Majesty looks sparkling. I adore her in this hat. Such a vibrant look. Hooray. Thank you ladies for your terrific input over the past three days. And I know we still have more to come.

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