Day 4 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cornwall

Royal Ascot  The Duchess of Cornwall returned for the fourth day of Royal Ascot today wearing another new hat. In faintest blush pink straw, the ‘slice’ brimmed picture hat is simply trimmed with large pale silk roses at the side, beneath the sharply upturned brim.

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Fiona: I am really liking the hat, very sharp and the wide brim trim is a welcome change. I think the flower placement is a little off – should perhaps be a little more to the front but with Camilla’s sweeping side quiff hairstyle, I suspect it could not have been placed anywhere else!.The guipure appliqué lace detail on the coat is very elegant, but again she is wearing that fit (but perhaps not fitted enough) and flare style coat in a very washed out blush colour, I would have liked to have seen some other deeper colour pink or a contrasting colour in there somewhere.

Jill: I am thrilled to see the Duchess of Cornwall in a different silhouette today and this is quite a lovely hat on her. The wide edging on the brim is beautiful and the shading on the flower gives it nice depth. I think the hat could have taken a bit more trim but overall it is very elegant.

Royal Hats: It is a stunning hat and the finishing is impeccable…. but I can’t help thinking it’s another palest possible pink design to add to a shelf that has several others. We see Camilla wear jewel tones in winter and look jaw-droppingly stunning in them. Is she allergic to colour in the summer?

Christie: This is a really beautifully constructed hat with, what looks like a bias linen or material bind? Either way, the finishing is just gorgeous, I’m guessing another Philip Treacy.  From the side views, I’m not sure that it’s 100% positioned correctly on her head, but I’m a much bigger fan of the placement of this large flower than her other pink hat, earlier in the week. 

Designer: Philip Treacy
Previously Worn: This hat is new

This is the second new pink hat for Camilla this week and we’re curious, dearest readers- what do you think of this design?

Photos from Getty as indicated

15 thoughts on “Day 4 Royal Ascot: Duchess of Cornwall

  1. I saw this hat on Mr Treacy`s website and loved it. The model hat it at at a more horizontal position, but it`s quite lovely on the Duchess.

  2. Such a pretty hat. But that coat? It is a walking disaster. Why does her stylist dress her so dowdy? It makes me want to cry.

  3. Agreed that it’s a lot of pale pink for one wardrobe. If she doesn’t want to go into the brights, what about the shade of coral HM wore today?

    I like the crisper look of this hat better than the other Ascot pale pink and her punchbowl hats. This would work well as her default hat style.

  4. It’s a strong look and the coat is fabulous, as is the hat shape.!i just a find that big rose to be somewhat plonked, it doesn’t tie in with the hat and just feels like a hat of its own trying to get out.

  5. Camilla can really do no wrong, hat-wise, so I love it! If she wants lots of pink hats, I’m all for it when they’re this gorgeous!

  6. Another gorgeous look for Camilla! The hat is perfect for her, and the lace on her coat is wonderful. I would also like to see more of a waistline on her, but I’ve given up at this point. The only real change I want is to make this outfit color WAY more saturated; fear not the color Camilla! Finally, I think this is the most appearances she’s ever made at Ascot before, or at least the latest in the week if I recall correctly.

  7. The Duchess of Cornwall sticks to her style, and it continues to work — for the hats. I agree that her coats need to be reydisnged to a more flattering fit. I also agree that she could use brighter colors in the summer.

  8. Much better! The hat, I mean. The coat still fits badly. But as I have often remarked, the Duchess needs a good corsetiere. It would make all the difference and take years off her appearance.

  9. I think the coats could be a bit more fitted and less pale. Looks like she’s going “Queen Lite” with the coats and dresses, but maybe she doesn’t want to compete with QE2 on the colors. Love the hats

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