Day 4 Royal Ascot: Queen Elizabeth

  I am so honoured to welcome back our three guest royal milliners, Christie Murray, Fiona Mangan, and Jill Courtemanche, to share their thoughts on the hats worn today on the fourth day of Royal Ascot! We’re going to lead off with the Queen , who wore her fourth new hat this week in coral pink straw. The design features a slightly indented crown with domed centre, a short upturned brim, straw curls at the side and a sweeping bunch of feathers in mixed shades of pink.

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Jill: Queen Elizabeth looks divine today, this color is splendid on her! This is my favorite hat of the week on her and definitely my favorite hat of the day. I particularly like the trim on this hat, it works beautifully with the angered shape of the crown and the profiled brim. This hat walks the line between tailored and feminine beautifully.

Christie:  I love this colour so I’m already biased going in to this look. What a gorgeous hat. I love her Majesty with an upturned brim, and the feather work is just to die for.  I wonder if they could have snuck the tiniest white accent in to the hat somehow? But otherwise I just love this.

Royal Hats: I also love the colour, the scale and the brim shape. It’s such a fantastic hat and I dearly wish it was shown more effectively with a better tailored coat (a coat with a small collar, please).  This ensemble has potential to be amazing and it’s disappointing to see another ill-fitting coat drag down such a beautiful hat.

Fiona: This is my favourite look of Queen Elizabeth so far, the coral is a great colour on her. Loving the feathers, there’s a lovely structure to them yet they appear to have movement creating just the right amount of drama. Not mad on the spiral of sinamay – these never cut it for me, but the detail on the coat cuffs, pocket edges and covered buttons pick up the elegant patterned dress beautifully.

Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new

Do you join in our collective love for this hat?

Photos from Getty as indicated

21 thoughts on “Day 4 Royal Ascot: Queen Elizabeth

  1. I love this hat for Ascot! The feathers give it that slightly romantic look that seems so quintessentially part of the event! If anything, I’ve have loved it to have a slightly bigger brim although I know there are practical reasons for the favoured dimensions.

  2. I just love this. So fabulous. The trim reminds me of the fabulous purple hat work to open the Scottish Parliament many years ago, it’s a fantastic cohesive trim, and shows that when Angela gets it right she really gets it right. The coat doesn’t bother me either, I don’t find it ill fitting, though I do wish she’d tuck the pearls in.

  3. Two pink hats and no blue as of yet? HM certainly is keeping us on our toes during her 90th year! This is a great hat for HM. I’m not quite as thrilled about it as most people, but only because I think it’s a bit too subdued for Ascot. It will surely become a favorite working hat for HM (or so I hope!). Brava!

  4. The side sweep of the feathers and the angled brim make me think of the Queen Mother, even if the hat style is different. Pretty color.

  5. Hands down, the best look on HM this week!
    How could she possibly look better tomorrow?
    The coral color is wonderful, and the feathers remind me of the lilac wedding fascinator she wore many moons ago.
    Nice touch with the brooch, also!
    BTW, more times than not, Philip’s tie/flower blends so well with his wife’s ensemble. Pretty cool for a 95 year old!
    The next generation has BIG shoes to fill!

    • Jimbo, thanks for mentioning that the Duke of Edinburgh often wears a tie and buttonhole that subtly match the Queen’s ensemble. Never too obvious but just that respectful and loving compliment.

  6. This is the Queen’s best Ascot hat this year. Absolutely marvelous! The coat is perfectly fitted, and I like that its buttons appear to match the dress fabric. The horizontal feathers on the hats make the hat appear unusually wide; without the normal exaggerated height of an AK design, this hat is extremely flattering to Queen’s Elizabeth’s face.
    The only possible improvement to this outfit would have been for the Queen to wear accessories to match the white or off-white of the dress rather than her traditional black.
    I love this hat!

    • The black purse, and shoes bother me too. Yet she always, dare I say, has the black purse and shoes. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am sure whoever makes her shoes and purses could make them in white, too.

  7. I can assure Christie that they did sneak ‘the tiniest white accent into the hat’ – a few of the feathers were pure white and looked perfect in this wonderful hat.

  8. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the hat – not something I would have thought HM would go for but it seems to me she’s getting very adventurous in her old age! As always, I would love a better look at the dress underneath the coat…………..

  9. Love this hat, it looks gorgeous on her. AK has been pulling them out of the, er, hat this week, hasn’t she? Not a fan of the coat, though, but all hail the hat!

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