Day 5 Royal Ascot: Wrap Up

Royal Ascot  As the gates on Royal Ascot close for another year, we can’t bid farewell to these iconic races without a look at a few more royal hats. Here are the top hats worn today by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales:

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images  Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Princess Alexandra’s granddaughter, Zenouska Mowatt, attended the races today in the same white pillbox with yellow butterflies that milliner Lady Laura Cathcart wore earlier in the week. I love this hat’s pairing with Zenouska’s floral dress:


I know there are some non royal hats that caught your fancy today that you are waiting to share- please feel free to post them in the comments. I have a few to share of my own and will be back tomorrow with a final index of all the hats we saw at Ascot this year and a royal wedding!
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24 thoughts on “Day 5 Royal Ascot: Wrap Up

  1. Thanks again for your fabulous Royal Ascot coverage HatQueen! There have been some beautiful hats this week and of course the usual shockers that get all the press coverage…. A few of my favourites:-

    Charlotte Elney Britton from @sloanesboutique (instagram) wearing @laylaleighmillinery orchid hat. Orchid from the superb Spriggs florist @sirspriggs – Royal Ascot 2016 – Day 3.
    I’m not sure if the orchid is real but I love the purple!
    Embed from Getty Images

    These ladies were interviewed by Gok Wan and are the wives of Irish Jockeys! I especially like the pink hat by @aislingahernmillinery and the black hat.

    Finally, I think Nazer Bullen’s outfits have been fantastic!
    Day 2 – @edwinaibbotson

    Day 3 – @stephenjonesmillinery

    Day 4 – @harvysantoshats

  2. More good hats from yesterday
    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

  3. Thank you so much, HatQueen, for your wonderful coverage of Royal Ascot. Could I ask a question regarding rules for clothing in the Royal Enclosure. I noticed that a couple of the young ladies wore tops that were low cut. Is that allowed in the Royal Enclosure? It surprises me if it is since strapless is not. Anyway, I just really love this blog and come every day since I found it.

  4. I love these non-Royal hats, but if we’re doing “who wore it best” on the pillbox with butterflies, I’m for Laura Cathcart.

    And are we getting more of a report from our man on the scene?

    • LOL! I’ve made a few comments this morning (just returned home yesterday so have some time at the computer). But stay tuned – enough stories coming to really bore you!

  5. Charles look amazing, and it was a nice change to see him in a black morning suit rather than his usual grey.

    Many, many thanks @HatQueen for your wonderful coverage this week. All of these hats were a nice distraction from what has been quite a depressing week otherwise in the aftermath of what happened in Orlando. Thank you again.

    • As everyone knows (and is definitely bored of hearing) I was there this past week. I’m sure there were criticisms of the family attending but I saw nothing in papers or online. There was plenty of criticism of the Queen due to having a horse fall and have to be put down. The non-horse folks really had lots to say about that.

      That said, there was tons of coverage of both the Jo Cox incident and the Orlando incident. I was actually surprised and very touched to see how heavily the US attack was covered in the UK. And the memorial service on the streets of London for Orlando was amazing.

    • Thank you, Chuck/Charles. I was having second thoughts about asking since this isn’t really the right forum. I apologize and ask you all to kindly disregard. And HQ, I understand completely if you’d rather delete the comment.

      Chuck/Charles, you are NEVER boring! I appreciate your reports, and look forward to hearing more!

      • It’s fine, Mitten Mary. These royal events all happen in a larger context. Did any of you notice that the flag at Buckingham Palace was lowered to half mast? I understand also that the Queen sent a personal letter to Jo Cox’s family.

        I think Ascot is such a tradition that not attending might have made larger headlines than attending as usual.

  6. HQ, since you mention the two royal toppers – it seems the Duke of Edinburgh prefers his gray topper to his black hat. I say that because by my count her wears it more frequently. This habit could very well go back to the days when he was a young man and new to the Royal Family when the majority of top hats at functions like Royal Ascot were gray. But, of course, then many, many men in those days had multiple top hats – for business, formal events, and sporting events like Ascot. I noticed that at least twice this week the Duke didn’t wear a buttonhole in his lapel. I wonder what that was about.

    The Prince of Wales looked great in his black morning coat and dress. However, his black top hat looks like it has been damaged and needs some careful attention. In both the photos you posted you can see that it seems a bit “ragged” at the corner where the crown of the hat meets the top of the hat, directly above his right ear. I’ve never seen his top hat look anything but polished to perfection in previous wearings. I wonder if he bumped into the top of the carriage or car as they were embarking (the carriages for the Royal Procession are covered when they first embark, then the tops are lowered just before they move into the Ascot grounds). Notice the satin piping outlining his morning coat lapel and the white slip under his waistcoat – very nice touches!

  7. I am also very taken by this hat

    Embed from Getty Images

  8. I don’t know who she is but the lady speaking here with the Queen has a wonderful white straw hat with navy crin ring trim

    Embed from Getty Images

  9. RuthDrury- here are photos of Clare Balding’s hat today. Her hat is by Bundle MacLaren and it’s wonderful!

    Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

    • Thank you – what a wonderful hat! I did see it on the television yesterday and thought it was super. Clare said next year it will be a completely different team doing the Ascot coverage – what a shame as I’m sure many people will miss her not least for her lovely clothes and hats!

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