British Royals Visit Northern Ireland

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh arrived in Northern Ireland yesterday for a short, two-day visit. The Queen made a subtle nod to the emerald isle, repeating her pale green coat and matching straw hat.

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While very few photos were released of this arrival, it was immediately clear that something was dramatically different about her hat since we saw it last.

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I suppose that not all feathers last forever but it feels to me like this haircut has removed most of the character from this hat. Here is a closer comparison:

Queen Elizabeth, May 31, 2013 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats  Queen Elizabeth, June 27, 2016 in Rachel Trevor Morgan | Royal Hats

Designer: Rachel Trevor Morgan
Previously Worn: July 2, 2013May 31, 2013; May 15, 2013; November 1, 2012June 21, 2012May 16, 2012
This beautifully tailored mint coat and featherered hat used to be one of my favourite ensembles on Queen Elizabeth- the wispy feathers added such a lovely contrast to the smooth lines of the coat. The coat is, of course, still a beautiful piece, but the impact of the entire ensemble has the volume turned WAY down. It’s amazing how a few feathers can make such a difference.
What do you think of this millinery modification on Queen Elizabeth yesterday?
Photos from Getty as indicated; Max Mumby/Indigo and Carrie Davenport via Getty

17 thoughts on “British Royals Visit Northern Ireland

  1. The shape of the hat is great and while I love feathers, the first version had the look of having just walked through a big spider web. I prefer the second rendition.

  2. I like the latest version of the mint green hat, but i do love the complexity of the hat in its original form with the full feathers. The white softness of the feathers somehow echoes the queen’s white hair. However, the barbs do look a bit dry and unfresh and tending to clump. If they were stiffened, that might stop them from catching on each other.

  3. I like this hat both ways. My very first impression, however, was that Queen Elizabeth has been on a roll lately with some very lovely hats!! I think Rachel Trevor Morgan must be my favorite milliner for her. 😃

  4. While I didn’t mind the full feathers previously, I think this version is more streamlined and not quite at erratic.

  5. I, too was surprised Prince Phillip’ s valet did not trim his hair, Jimbo! I like the hat better without all the feathers going every which way, but I was surprised that there was no pink in the embellishments. But you, Snug Harbor, have explained this. Maybe something got spilled on the other hat or coat and a quick substitution had to be made or they couldn’t find the right hat and coat in their vast rooms of clothes! 🙂

    • This hat has always been worn with this coat- it’s just the dress that was changed out.

      I think if this hat had been trimmed in pink, it would be most odd (the original dress with this coat was green without a pattern).

  6. This is a lovely shaped hat on HM. I love the lightness of it, the slightly upturned brim and the delicious minty color. However, I am not impressed by the spiny decoration. Looks like something came along and plucked it down to its ribs. Not attractive although I like the idea of something not as fluffy as they started out with. They took it too far the other way. Sigh. Better luck next time.

  7. I rather like the green hat without the feathery decoration. Before, It thought perhaps the cat may have shredded it…

  8. I think I like it better this way. I love the floaty quality of the feathers, but I would have liked the original version better if the feathers were all going the same direction. That circle of feather spine looks better now, in my opinion.

  9. I actually prefer the hat in his new style. It looks polished and modern – the fuzzy feathers reminded me way too much that I still haven’t finished my dusting duties.

  10. I love it when the royal makes a nod to the place they are visiting through the colors or style of their clothes. This was a lovely green for a summer visit. I like the hat either way though the feathers add some pizzazz.

  11. What a shame – I’ve always thought this is one of her best outfits, but as you say the character has been removed from it. I much preferred it before.

  12. The hat was prettier before. Perhaps without the contrast of the older, more elaborate hat, the newer, trimmed version wouldn’t seem so naked. It’s still a nice hat, but the haircut leaves me wishing it that it soon will grow out again. (Do hats do that? Ha.)
    The dress is different too. Originally there was a solid green — presumably same material — dress worn with this coat and furrier hat. Today’s dress is from the following outfit, whose hat obviously was carefully made to match the dress. Why weren’t that hat and coat worn today, I wonder. Perhaps today’s coat is heavier.
    While today’s trimmed hat is an RTM, I believe that the other hat was made by Angela Kelly. So I wonder who made the dress. Normally when outfits are updated, they’re done by the original designer, aren’t they?
    Embed from Getty Images

    • Interesting- maybe the patterned dress was chosen to give some lift to the outfit now that the feathers are gone? Yesterday’s coat is a Stewart Parvin design- I think the coat and dress here are by Angela Kelly. Of course, there’s no rule against mixing coats and dresses by different designers.

      While I would like to think that hats went back to their original designers for updates and tweaks, the practical reality is that Angela Kelly employs several milliners on her team at Buckingham Palace and it would make much sense for this work to happen in house. This is all conjecture- we really don’t know what happens.

    • Snug Harbor: 1. I LOVE your name! It reminds me of a cozy, summery getaway setting.
      2. The hat you selected (above) has my vote – I always liked it, knowing full and well that many hat lovers won’t agree with me.
      3. The haircut on the hat in question today is an improvement to me, and with all due respect, Prince Philip should take notice!

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