Day 2 of British Visit to Northern Ireland

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh enjoyed a second day of engagements in Northern Ireland today which included visits to Giant’s Causeway and the village of Bushmills, where the Queen unveiled a statue of WWI Victoria Cross recipient, Robert Quigg. For the second day in a row, the Queen gave a gentle nod to the Irish with her clothes, this time debuting a new ensemble in frosty lime green.

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The new hat design features a tall hourglass shaped crown with Pork Pie domed top in the same wool as Her Majesty’s coat. The hat is finished with a paler yellow-green straw upfolded brim and trimmed with a large white silk peony and green silk leaves.

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Citrussy hued ensembles can be tough to pull off (as evidenced by Princess Sibilla of Luxembourg recently) but this one works. There are several details of the hat that I’m not fond of (the hourglass shape of the crown  and the very plastic-y looking green leaves) but these are dulled against the overall picture of this piece- a picture that shows a light, bright and most lovely hat on the Queen.

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What do you think of the Queen’s new green hat in Ireland today?

Designer: Looks like Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Photos from Getty as indicated

27 thoughts on “Day 2 of British Visit to Northern Ireland

  1. Magnolia? I think perhaps a peony, but that’s in the eye of the beholder …

    I like the colour on HM and I like the flower on the hat.

    But I don’t like the leaves and the straw/wool contrast on the hat. I don’t like the exaggerated lapels and buttons on the coat and … this is strictly for HM … if you’re going to wear a dark foundation my dear please run it further down your throat! The jawline ‘border’ between skin colours is, politely, dreadful. (Oh dear, I’m going to have to go and lie down. Please forgive such temerity.) And yes, I know it won’t change now. 🙂

      • But a magnolia doesn’t have individual golden stamens as the hat flower does. A magnolia has one large, central catkin-like stamen. I’m not at home so can’t easily find a pic of a peony and attach/embed … but it could well be something else again. I’ve just been drooling over peonies blooming in gardens in SE Alaska so may well have them on the brain! 🙂

      • Having been born in “The Magnolia State,” I’ve sniffed and seen a many a one up close, and I have to agree with Sandra that the flower on HM’s hat is indeed a white peony. However it is one of the single variety and not the much fuller double form most associate with a peony. See pics below.

        I really like this hat, which is rare for me and an AK design. I like the way the large flower offsets the asymmetrical crown.

  2. I love the color and the hat shape is ok, but as others have said the trim is not right. That flower is too large! Thank you for the photo of the dress underneath, that gathered neckline is so different from what HM usually wears. It competes a bit with the pearls but still flattering.

  3. I like this whole ensemble very much. I think the colour scheme works well, and I like the toning colour and the up-swept brim of the hat. I have no problem with the bold and sometimes exaggerated hats the Queen often wears, as I think they are fulfilling a very specific brief in terms of making her visible and recognisable, and I would just say that it is so nice to see the variety of hats the Queen is thus able to wear which most people don’t have the occasion to. In this case, I think the size of the flower actually requires the presence of a decent number of leaves to balance it, so at least from a distance, I think it works really well.

    But I do hope we see the Rachel Trevor Morgan hat again at some stage, as it was one of my all-time favourites.

  4. I would remove the yellow centre out of the white flower — to stop the flower looking so huge and being the focal focal point of the outfit (which distracts from HM’s face when seen from front on- pics 2 & 3). Then I’d change the costume-y lapels and the creasy fabric of the coat (pics 2 and 7). But overall, a very lovely hat and outfit.

  5. This outfit verges on costumey to me because of the exaggerated shapes of the hat and coat lapels. I would also remove those two leaves sticking out of the top of the flower–they don’t look right at all. However, the color scheme is gorgeous, and I really love the magnolia flower against the green.

  6. That’s interesting that the dress is the same as the D-Day one. She doesn’t normally mix the dresses up, but two days in a row she’s done that now. I prefer the D-Day Outfit, but this one is still a winner. The colour is great, and I don’t dislike the hourglass shape. The flower is a good feature, I guess my only concern would also be the fake looking leaves, but I think I can handle it all. It’s a good look.

  7. I absolutely love this! My favorite color in one of my favorite places on earth? No I’m not biased!

    But seriously, I think this is awesome for HM, and glad to see green making more the rounds. Really surprised at how many new hats she’s been premiering this month. It’s always great to see HM and Philip visit Northern Ireland, which is special to me since I spent a semester there in university and really fell in love with it.

    One of her trusty ladies in waiting also wore a fabulous cobalt blue hat (can’t find a good photo of it though), while Theresa Villiers wore a nice organza hat in black with a fuchsia dress, although she looked a bit chilled compared to everyone else who wore more layers.
    Embed from Getty Images

  8. MrFitzroy kind of likes the porkpie detail….if it’s going to be a wonky hat, it may as well be consistently wonky. The disparity between the heavy wool and the straw is a bit disconcerting and the tones between the two materials seems a touch off, but as always that could be light and the photos.
    What can’t be argued is the ridiculous and excessive amount of green leaf trim, which looks very cheap and from some angles jammed in and totally overpowering. What kind of designer’s eye could possibly think that was acceptable?
    A real shame as, once again, Ms. Kelly takes a concept that could have been exceptional, and messes it up. At least in this instance it is ‘alright’ and the overall outfit concept (and, of course, the fact that it is being worn by The Queen) makes up for the slovenly attention to detail….but one can’t help wishing that so much of HM wardrobe could rise above the level of being merely ‘acceptable’.
    (Sorry, MrFitzroy seems to be in a bit of a mood today).

    • I agree with what mrfitzroyobe says: June 28, 2016 at 8:39 pm. I rarely like Angele Kelly clothes and hats. I don’t like this outfit but the colour is good on the Queen.

  9. I like the lemon-lime effect, but the oversize hourglass crown and heavy trim ruin the hat overall. I liked yesterday’s green hat — without feathers — much better.

  10. She looks swell in that shade of green – I would look like death itself in it! The hat is nice except for the wonky crown – but it’s HM and she can wear what she wants — she is 90! She’s not going to change her hat styles much anymore.

  11. I think you are right about the dress but the temperature yesterday in Bushmill Northern Ireland ranged from 10-16 degrees C (about 50-60F) requiring this warmer coat. The maximum temperature for the D Day celebration was warmer which is why the Queen shed even her summer weight coat. Did she wear this dress with yet another mint green coat to Ascot in 2014 or was that another dress? The Queen is going through quite a green phase recently.

    • The Ascot dress is obviously the same pattern as this (they’re the only two examples of it that I can think of), but it’s a different dress.

      Embed from Getty Images

      Your explanation on temperatures indeed may account for the Queen’s decision to wear a heavier coat over the D day dress, but I suspect there’s a dress made for today’s new coat. I wonder why she didn’t wear it today. One really couldn’t see much of today’s dress anyway. Even though this seems to be the third day in the row when the Queen might have worn a mismatched coat and dress set, it’s rare (well, it °was* rare) that she doesn’t stick to a one-dress, one-coat routine.

      • You know. I wonder if this is a new coat. Do we know? How far back do your records go? Maybe the original dress wore out and it’s a new hat with an old coat.

  12. When I first saw this hat this morning, from a distanceI thought it was the recent green Angela Kelly number worn for her 90th birthday walkabout: similar yellow and white flower arrangement on light green. I like the brim of today’s hat, but I think the hat looks better from a distance than from up close, where the trim, especially those green leaves, overpowers.
    What surprises me most of about this outfit, though, is that I think (I’m not positive) that this coat and hat have replaced the wonderful RTM chartreuse D-day memorial coat and hat worn in France last year. One can’t see the entire dress today, but the pictures above clearly show the distinctive neckline of the D-day dress, gathering the fabric in at the neck, and the small green flower in the center of the top the dress above purplish leaves or twigs. Note the full dress below from France

    Embed from Getty Images

    Why wouldn’t the original hat and coat, a marvelous combination, have been worn today? Or do you think I’m wrong about the dress?

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