Battle of the Somme Centenary Part 1

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry were in Thiepval, France last evening to take part in the start of commemorations for the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. For this event, which saw the royal trio look out over ‘no man’s land’ and attend a service which began an all night vigil, Kate wore a new black felt pillbox hat. With an indented crown and straight sides, the hat is finished with a simple bow at the back.

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Perhaps in a nod to the early 1900s, Kate anchored her chignon in a hairnet, something we’ve not seen her do before.
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Designer: unknown
Previously Worn: This hat is new
Events such as these are never about fashion and this simple, elegant hat was perfectly appropriate for the occasion.  I think we’ll see Kate wear this classic pillbox many times in years to come- what do you think of it?
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31 thoughts on “Battle of the Somme Centenary Part 1

  1. This whole ensemble is very elegant and classic. Kate has really been embracing the updos lately and imo everything seems much more polished. I wasn’t sure about the coat at first but it has been growing on me the more I look at it.

  2. She seems to be taking style tips from Queen Maxima, who has what looks like the same hat and very similar earrings, worn together at the Liberation Day service in Amsterdam in May 2015… A future ‘hat twin’ feature?

  3. So chic! who would have thought that a hat so simple could be so flattering? The classicism of this look feels very fresh, especially with the modern fabric design of the coat. I do think Kate carries simplicity particularly well.
    BTW, it’s striking how the white accent provided by her earrings gives the outfit its focus. Although I’m not a fan of the shape of these earrings, without them, I think that the “fuzzy” appearance of the coat pattern would dominate the look – and the hat.

  4. I’m not the biggest fan of pillboxes, but Kate looks stunning her in a very subdued way; so appropriate for this event. Her hairstyle with this hat is excellent, and the patterned coat helps keep this from being too funereal, but still somber.

  5. I love it! I love it! I love it! I’m sooooo fond of the classicly styled pillbox that this was a winner from the get go. It’s a great size, great placement, great hair. It’s a simple but effective hat and the bow is perfect! ADORE it and hope we will see it alot in years to come!

  6. This is a very polished and elegant ensemble – she is really upping her game lately, and the up dos she has gone for are a big part of that.

    I agree this hat will get a lot of wear, as her other Lock & co hats seem to.

    She does look a bit like George and Charlotte have been keeping her up late though…

  7. As someone who wears a lot of chignons deep in the nape I can see why she opted for the hairnet: the coat has a high collar and those normally can (and will) wreck havoc on elaborate chignons. Most of the times we’ve seen her hair in a chignon it’s with a dress and a low neckline. Famous exception March 2013 greeting of the Irish Guard – also known as one of rare bad hair-days for the duchess as the chignon was misbehaving.

  8. Well, I am pleased that the D of C has is wearing an outfit that befits her role and status, looking very elegant. It is all perfection.

  9. Hat Queen I have been waiting for your post on this hat to confirm this is a new hat. It looks so familiar, I think because it is such a classic design and other royals have similar hats, also it is a similar albeit smaller, design to the Kate’s often worn brown Betty Boop hat.

  10. From what I’ve seen of her hair on this trip, I think the hair net might be an attempt to keep this updo safe so she can wear it again the next day…this updo looks very much like a squashed, netted version of the next one.l to me.

    • I also hate to see her looking so tired, but at the same time, it is refreshing to know that it is probably because she is a very hands on mother. Her outfit is really elegant.

  11. Always loved a pillbox & this piece is a classic which will fit many outfits. My only quibble is the size of the ribbon…

    I can’t seem to see that hairnets everyone’s talking about…

    • The idea of a hairnet is to be as invisible as possible in my understanding. It is there, I have enlarged my screen to check.
      I’m not sure that Kate looks tired, rather I think, sombre. Often when we see Kate in dark colours they are jewel colours, whereas the black, grey, silver of this patterned coat is a flatter look. Appropriate for the occasion. There are later photos when her face lights up with a smile.
      The pillbox is classic, I would prefer the crown not to be indented, but that is a personal preference.

  12. I love this pillbox hat and the hairnet is so glamorous. Kate’s hair is such a beautiful shade of brown.

  13. I like this hat a lot, and the coat too. Not a fan of the granny roll hairdo, but altogether a good outfit for a cold, windy day. Kate is looking old and tired. Maybe it’s the dark eye makeup. The conservative, buttoned up style, while appropriate for the occasion, does seem to age her appearance too. Even the earrings, which are similar to many that Princess Diana wore, now seem retro to me.

  14. Very elegant and appropriate for the occasion. She looks marvelous. I wonder if the hairnet was employed because it was quite windy?

  15. Timeless elegance, although I wonder about the hairnet. This reminds me of CP Mary: do you suppose she was the inspiration?

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