Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Remember Battle of The Somme

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh atteded a service last night at Westminster Abbey marking the eve of the centenary of the Battle of The Somme. For this event, the Queen repeated her charcoal grey wool embroidered coat with matching hat in grey flannel and pale blue straw.

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From the side, this hat has a much more austere look to it than most of the Queen’s hats, thanks to the tall crown and lack of embellishment. It’s when we see a view of this hat’s crown, as we do above, that I think the design really comes to life. The swirling movement of the crown around the hat’s simple, grey domed crown is incredibly striking.
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Designer: Angela Kelly
Previously Worn: June 26, 2015
The additional views we see of this hat have made me much more impressed with its design and I thought the colour and tone of the Queen’s ensemble last night hit just the right note for this reflective and sombre event. The first time we saw this ensemble, I loved the coat but had reservations about the hat. This time, my admiration extends to both pieces. What do you think of this hat on this, its second outing?
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14 thoughts on “Queen and Duke of Edinburgh Remember Battle of The Somme

  1. I’m still not a fan of the brim on this hat, and seeing this hat closer makes me agree with @VGrF that the hatband is rather messy. But the rest of the outfit is great and very appropriate for this event. And how about that brooch!

  2. I’m impressed and delighted with the elegance and appropriateness of the Queen’s entire ensemble. There’s a touch of lightheartedness in the multicolored embroidered dots that relieves the wintery look. The hat really is a marvel of sculptural hat construction! This is the first time I’ve seen the outfit and it is just lovely–especially with that marvelous brooch!! 👑

  3. I too love this whole look; especially the way the hat design relates so well to the coat and dress, without being too predictably matchy.
    And it’s a pleasure to see HM in a coat made of proper suiting fabric, in the correct weight. This fabric drapes softly, it folds elegantly without creasing, and the shoulders look more rounded and soft too, as they should. I bet it feels nice to wear too.

  4. The charcoal grey/powder blue combination is awesome! HM always looks so appropriate for any given occasion!
    I still want to see the coordinating yellow/grey hat/coat that was so well received last year.
    Who could believe her engagement schedule — she’s ONLY 90!

  5. I’m very happy to see this coat again. It’s exquisite. The hat is a good pairing, but the details are slightly off.

  6. Since its initial wearing I have thought this to be on of the Queen’s very best coats. The workmanship on the coat is beautiful. In the third picture the hat actually looks amazing too, an inspired design. Whenever she wears this hat, I suggest the Queen enter with her head bowed.
    Perhaps a replacement could be made to the bias tape-like hatband. The design’s no the problem; it’s the workmanship.

  7. I really like this hat and coat combination. The coat is so different from her usual; it seems fresh and modern. I agree that the swirl at the top of the crown is quite a nice feature. It would have been good if that fabric trim could have been replaced by some sort of swirl in the construction where the crown joins the brim as well. I can picture it but not describe it too well.

  8. I think that the Queen’s ensemble is absolutely wonderful! I like the simplicity of the hat in balance to the detail of the coat.

  9. The silhouette of this hat is lovely. Well done. But gasp – the hatband ruins it. It looks like bias tape used in dressmaking; they ran out of it toward the end, folded it under and glued it down. What a shame for what could have been a glorious hat. Maybe HM should give some other milliners a chance and retire some of her current ones.

    • You’re right- the hat band is a mess. I seem to be seduced by the beautiful shape of the top of the crown.

      When one employs milliners on staff as the Queen does, retiring them and going with others is a much more complicated endeavour.

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