Belgian Royals Attend Religious Procession

King Philippe, Queen Mathilde and Princess Elisabeth were in Tongeren yesterday to take part in  Kroningsfeesten, a religious procession takes place every seven years to commemorate the crowning of the miraculous statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. For this event, the Belgian queen repeated her beautifully draped calot hat in royal blue ruched straw. The calot style works so well for Mathilde’s fine features and this shade of blue is so striking on her, particularly in combination with her orange and blue frock.


Embed from Getty Images

Designer: Fabienne Delvigne
Previously Worn: May 20, 2015
Click on the middle photo above to open a small gallery of photos taken at this event. What are your thoughts on this design?
Photos from Getty, Twitter and The Belgian Monarchy as indicated

9 thoughts on “Belgian Royals Attend Religious Procession

  1. she wore this outfit when she opened an exhibition with Queen Maxima, it looks great, I also like that her daughter wears the same color.

  2. So glad to see some saturated colors on Mathilde! The bright cobalt helps make this calot more visible, which is a plus in my book, although I do wish we could see this color in a brimmed hat for her.

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